August 07, 2014



I'm just stunned at the amazing country you are seeing and photographing. Beautiful photos...


50 feet of snow???..... It is beautiful at this time of year...


You saved the best photos until the end Sallie. The picture of the fireboat practice is fabulous.


Such amazing beauty and impending peril as well, Sallie. I've seen these snow posts, with just their peaks showing, in the Rockies. I can only imagine how much more so the snow would be here. Thank you. I'm loving my bit of armchair traveling with you.

Jesh. StG

wow, beautiful country, Sally - the scenes of the 2nd and 3rd pics are stunning!
Also eyed the animals you posted for Sat Critters -they look dangerous to me - and with a bad temper - I'll only watch those from a distance:)


SO beautiful! The best of both worlds---gorgeous mountains and the lovely sound!


How dynamic these scenerys with glaciers with your own eyes☆☆☆ Great series of photographs for the SWF♪
And it is interesing and beautiful to see the fireboat practicing; sure looks like having spouted water wings :-)
Safe Trip, Sallie;

Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Spectacular shots. It does looks like the boat has sprouted water wings.


Wow, what views. How fun to see the fireboat under wings of water.


Forget Texas....EVERYTHING is big in Alaska!



Love the fireboat. When I am in wild places, I feel overcome, and I miss the human touch.


Oh WOW just WOW. How I would love to see these mountains in real time. But thanks for sharing your lovely photo's cuz I'll never make it there.


Had the pleasure of being in your wonderful part of the world on a cruise. Truly enjoyed it. However, you can see and enjoy more if you were driving. Thanks for the visit.


Look like the boat is going to take off like a bird.


And always fireseeds. I saw a lot of them a few days ago, while wandering with my husband and my son... I though to you and Alaska and all the part of the world where whe can see (and admire) them !

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

The scenery and colours are strikingly beautiful! Seeing a glacier is something amazing too -although winter wouldn't be that pleasant!

Gemma Wiseman

Such glorious countryside. And the fire boat in action is stunning. Gorgeous touch of wild flowers in the last photo.

Reader Wil

Your photos are fascinating. The scenery looks a bit like Norway, which I visited last month. Compared to my flat country it is far more exciting!
Thanks for visiting. I haven't seen a dingo either. He looks like an ordinary dog, but it is forbidden to keep this wild animal as a pet or to cross breed him with domestic dogs. At least I read this somewhere.
Have a nice weekend!
Wil, ABCW Team.

Hildred Finch

Wonderful pictures Sallie, and an exceptionally beautiful country. Your picture of the fireboat is really stunning.

Peter B

You must admit this is beautiful country! Excellent photos.


Sydney – City and Suburbs


We just got back from an Alaska cruise and I am already wanting to return for more photo ops. It is an amazing place. Thanks for sharing your images.


Wow! What a fabulous place to stay. Your photos are brilliant. Love the fireboat one.


Oh Sallie, you two must be having a truly wonderful time! :) These images are wonderful and those views, magnificent!

Photo Cache

very scenic place. thanks for sharing.


Thank you, Sallie, for sharing these beautiful photos. Hard to imagine snow that high! Love the fireboat pic, too. You're having way too much fun!! :)


Yes, this was really a beautiful sight! Great pictures to present the landscape!


Sallie, You're getting some amazing photos! I see the Fire Weed is blooming there, too.


What superb captures of the skies in Canada!! I know you must be having a wonderful trip!! Thanks for sharing the beauty!!


A wonderful area, like the glacier.

artmusedog and carol

Gorgeous shot of a beautiful place ~ for SWF ~ Enjoy!

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


Beautiful post for SWF!
Well done!


Amazing!! I would have a hard time staying in the RV, too, but if one was forced to it wouldn't be a bad thing at all. Love that boat with the "water wings."


just stunning views!


More gorgeous scenery y'all are experiencing!! Awesome trip I'd say!!

Lady Fi

Great shots of the fireboat and those majestic mountains!


You do have a lovely view from the RV Park. The fireboat practicing is a neat sight.. I love the mountains and glacier, great shots.


A beautiful landscape! All the mountains around ... impressive!


A lovely site for an RV park! Back in civilisation? Enjoy your continuing travels.

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