August 29, 2014



That looks like a very long footbridge, Sallie. I imagine much thought was gathered for a trip into town, for whatever goods gathered would need to be hauled back down this bridge. It looks so majestic, and the fireweed - will, just glad you are "getting' out while the getting is good".


That is a massive glacier and covered in gravel, that's different.


Fascinating wilderness Sallie and a very enjoyable post. Happy traveling!

Lady Fi

Stunning scenery!


Your trip is stunning and fun and ever so full of new and lovely things!



Such a fascinating place! Love your photos, especially the view out the window. I'm glad you have been enjoying my Colorado posts. Glad to hear you always enjoyed Mt. Evans. Sadly I wasn't able to access your link, however.

Mary Howell Cromer

Lovely shares and it looks overcast, but you made them shine~

Michelle RW

wow....beautiful trip Sallie

Joe Todd

A grand adventure for sure...

Lady Fi

What majestic scenery!


Such beauty you've discovered and shared with us.


What a landscape!


What a beautiful place! Must be breathtaking to walk around there. I am not ready for winter yet though!!!


Oh My! You might have got stuck; so happy that you could head out of there, Sallie. There must be a little risk to travel in Alaska. However I appreciate the great picture tour with you♡♡♡ The Fireweed is BEAUTIFUL, only 6 week before winter... Wao!!!
Take Care and Safe trip, my friend.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Hmmm - I'm going to have to look at our fireweed more closely. But, if the gentians are any indication, we'll have snow soon enough. We've certainly had plenty of rain this summer. Perhaps another snowy winter is coming (we can only hope...). The photos you've taken are incredible, Sallie - good memories.


This place looks so peaceful. Like that view from the window.


These are all wonderful shots. The glacier is incredible looking. Such great sites you're seeing.

Stewart M

Remarkable looking place. Clearly, you are having a great time!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


This is such a fabulous trip you are doing. I am enthralled by the scenery as it is so different to my world. The photos of the fireweed look very similar to our rose bay willow herb. I must post a picture next time I see some and see what you think. Thank you for all your comments on my blog.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Only 6 weeks till winter? I'm not ready! I do love the fall and I hope it is a mild one. Love all your wonderfull adventure photos of Alaska, Sallie

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

Beautiful and interesting scenery and history.

Hildred Finch

I keep thinking the same thing, Sallie - what a marvelous adventure you are having this summer!!!!!!

Karen, Pixel Posts

Thanks for the lovely scenery!


Six weeks until Winter!!! I guess that I won't move to Alaska anytime soon.


Very glad you two headed out of there when you did and did not get stuck like the campers you show in your first image! You've seen a lot of amazing sights this summer!


more beautiful images. hope the flooded motorhomes got out ok.

ah yes the termination dust will soon be flying.


A trip of a lifetime!


A scary thing to be trapped on an island due to flooding. As usual your views and captures are superb. I too have heard that about the fireweed. Time to head south.


Good idea to vacate the mountain. The temps this summer have been cool..and we're in the South. Thought about you today and wondered when you would head back to FL.

Peter B

Wow, great photos of a beautiful area! From your thumbnail (the shot looking out the window), I thought that was a TV screen!!


I didn't know that Alaska was home to the USA's largest national park--makes sense though with how large the state is and how many wilderness areas are there. Beautiful place!


Gorgeous view of the mountains. I've enjoyed your previous posts as well.


Great views of the national park, very picturesque.


You guys have had an amazing summer!



What an amazing place. I also love your previous posts - that old copper mill looks very historic, and I'm impressed that you climbed up it!


Sallie, these are lovely scenic photos from Alaska.. What an awesome trip. The Fireweed is pretty, I hope winter holds off a little longer than 6 weeks. Have a happy weekend!


that's some remote territory! i'd hate to be an rv-er cut-off from a route out. the outhouse story is unique!

Rainfield M Penang

Such a broad view of the beautiful place.


John Denver loved to go to that area where you are, he often wrote of it...
That outhouse lore was pretty disgusting..but they used to dump chamber pots out of 5 story windows on the streets of NYC back in the day hence the term "watch out below" splash!!!
Gorgeous area and the fireweed is all done so time to vamoose!

Gemma Wiseman

Beautiful views of this country. The glacier and gravel surprises me. I just thought of ice and earth.


You find some wonderful camp sites, always with stunning views! There seems to be something new to discover on every part of this adventure-and you make the most of every moment.


Fantastic scenery and great photos again. I have read about fireweed but don't think I have seen photos of it before. My mental picture of it was quite wrong!!

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