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September 12, 2014



LOVE this caribou post! How did I miss it on Saturday? Great photos. I want to get to BC so badly! :-) Hope you do come through Bend this summer and can stop at the Tin Pig. It was so sweet of you to say you will try! It's on Arizona Ave. right next to Tokyo Starfish and behind Immersion (where our SIL used to be an executive chef) Tell them you are one of my blogger friends and you heard about the Pig on my blog! :-) Maybe we will be around the day you come! Have an awesome week, and blessed Easter!


Oh, yes, they're beautiful creatures! I love watching them move from one mountain to another. It's just amazing!


Would LOVE to see them! Got to get up to Denali some time. I also want to go to Vancouver Isl BC.

Litte Wandering Wren

Isn't it incredible that they will just eat their way around any problem, I would love to go to A;aska!
Wren x


Fascinating, Sallie, and the photos are superb!
I did not know that the females grew antlers. Those racks are amazing and must be even more so to see as close up as you were.


Santa better get to renaming his reindeer more feminine names right away. LOL:)
Blessings, Aimee


What a beautiful sight to see! I so enjoyed reading all the facts about them. I did not know that the females grew antlers! I'm also impressed that the caribou were not frightened of the pipeline and just worked around it. Good to know!


Interesting how animals can adapt. At one point, Vail was considering building a bridge over the Interstate for the deer/elk to cross safely. Can't imagine that expenditure would be necessary when children are starving, but just my opinion...Those horns are big!


Gosh, the look sort of on the thin side. Makes me want to worm them...I think they need it!



I didn't know that..interesting post and photos. Is this for the next Nature Notes?... I am going to guess that it is..Michelle....


Hi Sallie, I love journeying along on your adventures.. this time with herd of magnificent caribou.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by n leave a comment.

Be well, be happy.. Be safe out there :)

Stewart M

Great looking animal. Even if I have already seen some eider, I still think I should go to Alaska!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Such magnificent animals. Wouldn't it be awesome to watch their migration?


Wow ! They are so gorgeous ! Great pictures !


Great shots of the caribou. You have been catching so many great wildlife shots. I'm jealous!

bettyl - NZ

Wow! They are so amazing to see. Your info about the pipeline is quite fascinating.


Lovely animals! We call them reindeer in Finland. I've heard the tale about Santa's reindeer being female.


amazing critters.


Managing herds of prey animals is critical for the environment. Fortunately, a few predators are also around to do their job. Yes, the pipeline causes no issues for these herds. I have heard it said the animals even like to nuzzle the warm pipes in winter.

Interesting post which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks


Those are amazing creatures - your first shot is very impressive, you really captured his grandeur. I wouldn't want to get in the way of his antlers!


I'm so glad the Alaska Pipeline people were sensitive to the needs of the caribou. Interesting that they don't even notice the line...like a big tree fell down in the way, so go over or under! :-) I always thought reindeer were smaller than caribou so I learned something. They are beautiful animals! The male looks a little thin. I hope he fattens up some before it gets TOO cold!


Amazing creatures. I always wonder if they get headaches from carrying all that weight on their heads.


Huge headgear on those males...very informative post too...lots of stuff in there I had no idea of!


Great place to see these animals. Wonderful shots of antlers.


Hello Sallie, the caribou are cool critters! I am glad the pipeline has not bothered them. Wonderful photos from your trip. Thank you for linking up, enjoy your weekend!

orchid Miyako

Oh My!!! What an interesting post, Sallie. I thought only males grows antlers and the story of reindeer of Santa's sleigh was fresh surprise p:)
Wonderful and Amazing pictures, the antlers are really huge never expected that size. Oh, I wonder what hollow hair really means. Kind of 凹, haha.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


I wonder where you are now-still in Canada? :)
The photos are unbelievably good and I too had never heard of hollow hairs. The antlers are enormous. I love the last 2 snaps.


Interesting post and great shots of this majestic animals. Such big antlers.


Those caribou have amazing antlers. Great job on the photographs Sallie, I have thoroughly enjoyed all your adventures. Have a great weekend!


pretty amazing creatures.

Rainfield M Penang

A well explained post.

And I am astonished by the hollow hairs. Never heard before.


What beautiful animals!

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