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September 26, 2014



No wonder it is called the corpse flower!

Your capture of the orchid is stunning!


Such a beautifully unique plant- and, I guess after needed so much time to grow, it deserves it's foul scent to protect it from predators and distinctive moniker to remember by. Lovely.


How interesting! I've heard of this flower but have never seen it. I must say it looks very phallic!

Lee Ann L.

That is interesting. The smell is the reason for its name. Thank goodness I have never seen nor smelled one. :0)

Lavender Cottage

I have heard of this flower from many gardeners, never smelled it myself thank heavens. The macro of the orchid is gorgeous.


Gorgeous white orchid! Interesting about the corpse flower, and it's stink, as well as the huge tuber, and the infrequent bloom. Nature is always amazing!

Sharon Wagner

I don't think I've ever seen or smelled one of those!

Sherry in MT

I love that flower and honestly how soft and sweet is that last photo!!! Great shot, texture, depth of field - everything!

Lady Fi

What a rare and beautiful plant.


places like these, are my favorites to visit!! rare plants, lot's of great information and beautiful images. the last image is stunning!!!


Hi Sallie, I've heard about these rare plants before but not seen one so close up n personal. I'mighty glad there's no such thing as smell-o-vision snicker snicker :)

57 happy years.. wow! Be well, be Happy :)


I've heard of these...how very cool to get to see one!!!



This is amazing! I have heard of plants that bloom very infrequently and I find them fascinating. But this one takes the cake! I bet you are thrilled you got to see it. Wish I had, too. And the orchid is so lovely.


wow, that´s a special flower. I have heard of flowers like that but can´t remember seeing any. Thanks for sharing it.

And now we seem to be back both of us. :)

Reader Wil

A very unusual flower indeed. Fancy the time the owner has to wait before it starts flowering.
Your photos are great, especially the orchid.
Thanks for your kind comment , Sallie! I wish you a great week.
Wil, ABCW Team.

Jenn Jilks

That is amazing!!!


I've read about the corpse flower and how much it stinks. Great find.


That looks like a beautiful place. I've always wanted to see and smell one of those corpse flowers - they sound really, really bad. I don't think it's something to walk up to and sniff!


the orchid is beautiful. Not sure I'd want to smell the corpse flower, but it must have been interesting to find it in flower, since it does it so rarely!


What an amazing flower! Sometimes it would be nice to share smell virtually, but not in this instance......thanks for sharing this and the beautiful orchid....

Laura Hegfield

How remarkable to see such an unusual flower bloom for the first time. That orchid is exquisite. I'm glad you will be linking up with I Heart Macro later this evening:-)


Although the corpse flower is spectacular, personally I am not into sniffing corpses but I absolutely adore your shot of that glorious orchid.


Never seen a corpse flower in my life ! Your photos are beautiful !


The corpse flower is spectacular, but I'm glad I can't smell it!


Stinky or not, I would definitely want to see such a unique plant in person too:) Beautiful photos!


Orchids are so beautifully special. I wonder if that Corpse flower only blooms once.

bettyl - NZ

I've heard of this plant but have never seen one for myself. It's weird and wonderful!

You wanted to know when Wednesday around the World opens: I have figured out that it opens (most days, as I don't set the time) at 11AM on Wednesday AUCKLAND time. That should make it 6PM on Tuesday in Miami--I think! Hope this helps.


These images are poems in themselves. You take some amazing photos.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog.


How cool that you were able to see this rare flower in bloom. For a flower to have a noxious odor seems contradictory, ha! The last image is simply divine. An ethereal and beautiful image.


what an interesting looking flower.

the orchid is gorgeous.

Karen, Pixel Posts

I've heard of the corpse flower, gosh it's odd looking. Beautiful orchid shot!

Rainfield M Penang

Beauty, but a beast.


The Corpse Flower is a new one for me! very interesting, but I'd rather not go near one.......


i think i'll skip that bloom and its aroma. :)


What an interesting plant and flower.


Thats a huge flower!! Very unusual...


Amazing that something so large thrives in a pot. The orchid is fabulous.

Mary Howell Cromer

Wow very COOL plants! Very neat!!


What a interesting flower and name.. It is pretty up close! Great photos, Sallie!

orchid Miyako

OMG; Corpse Flower!!! Its name sure tells or insinuating the smell the gorgeous looking big flower has. First to know that flower:-)
And thank you SO much for the amazingly pretty orchid flower placed to close you post today, Sallie♡♡♡

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

lina@womens perspectives

Awesome shots. The corpse flower is one of the weirdest flowers on earth. The Botanical Gardens in my city has this flower too.


Isn't it the most weirdest flower? Huge and smelly. Love the orchid shot.


Thanks Sallie, so sweet of you to include Today's Flowers and very much appreciated :) Great photos! I have heard of the Corpse Flower before but have never seen one. Striking and extraordinary! Beautiful macro of the orchid. Have a great weekend!

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