September 14, 2014



Wonderful to see the wildlife fishing.....and no big box stores in sight

Stewart M

Great images - love that row of Mergansers.

I may have picked it up along the way that you have a fondness for boats!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


What an amazing setting they have. But I think the isolation would prevent me from living there.


Amazing shots, especially of the eagle!


I've never had a yen to go to Alaska until recently when I note that everyone who goes there raves about the journey.
Your photos are wonderful!
Please come share here:

Mary Howell Cromer

Love those Bald Eagles!!!

Adam Jones

Wonderful Bald Eagles.


Great shots and awesome animals.


Beautiful area! The eagle is very handsome.

Chris Rohrer

I love places like that as well. Hope it stays away from the tourism and that the wildlife can roam freely!


Magnificent photos of all, especially the bald eagles. I love to be in towns that haven't been invaded with chain stores. :)


Just enjoyed a lovely catch up here, stunning photos as always. also thanks so much for your lovely comment recently on my Travel Tales Blog which was so much appreciated.


Wild birds, baer, Bald Eagles and great views; such gorgeous plac with enature,Hainesis♡♡♡ I especially wish to see proud looking Bold Eagle; for me only TV documentary creature p:)
Your paragraph secound from the last made me think back my chldhood days visiting local store with sweet owners. Please take care for the coldness, Sllie.

ps. Now I finally feel secured having extra pc for my husband. Smiled that we share the same scramble for pc, haha.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Reader Wil

Wonderful places you showed us and great wildlife too. Thank you! Thanks for your comment. Leo Jongenotter is a local artist and therefore we chose him to use our church as his exhibition space. He is not known abroad.
Have a great week.
Wil, ABCW Team


You even saw a bear ? Must have been very impressive !


I love little, out of the way places that still have real grocery stores. I confess I am an addict to their hardware stores and have found any number of useful items to take home.
So good to see you both enjoying life Sallie. I would have loved to go there and fish too, even with a bear or two.


How absolutely fantastic to see the wildlife that you have seen on your trip. Your photos have been an absolute joy, thanks Sallie!


LOVE that bear and the bald eagle! And the scenery? Wow! Incredible.
Blessings, Aimee


Gorgeous Eagle shots!! AND the bear is a plus too---Haines sounds like a great town!!


Wow that was stunning! To see a Bald Eagle up close and personnel is dynamite!



Great photos and the mountains are magnificent. The eagles are too and it is wonderful to see them so close.


Such terrific captures, Sallie!! I love the eagles and the bear! What a great trip you guys are having!! Thanks so much for sharing the fun and the beauty!!



Oh, wow, the eagle shots are awesome! You've seen more wildlife on your Alaska trip than I've seen in my entire life. Amazing. The city collage is very well done.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

A beautiful wild area with so much beauty...great mosaic of the bald eagle.


What a beautiful country that is. It sounds so natural and friendly to me.
Have a nice week


Wonderful shots! A gorgeous area!


Looks like a fantastic place to visit. I am impressed with your wildlife photography.

Photo Cache

wow that's a nice place to spend a few days and just be with nature.

Lady Fi

Wonderful shots. I'd love to see bald eagles that close up.


What a wonderful little town! This would be a dream place to live...no chain stores, no touristy shops, just a sweet little town. And near are the bear and bald eagles and other wonderful wildlife. I bet everyone knows everyone else. Ahhhhhh.....


Wonderful to know that some places remain unspoiled. Our neighbor just returned from an Alaska cruise. He's an older fellow and still makes the trek north. He's the guy I mentioned who had " climbed " Nanatuk.

Green Tomato

This post is full of interesting and fantastic photos. The bald eagle is capturing my eyes. They are so beautiful in their colors of black and white
and its yellow beak.

Jenn Jilks

My late ex-husband was born in Haines Junction, Yukon. They had few photos. His father was the RCMP. It's quite the place, the north.


Sallie, the town of Haines sounds wonderful.. I do not like the big cities or the real touristy places..The wildlife is awesome, I love the bear and eagles.. Great post, thanks for sharing. Have a happy new week!


Sallie -- Haines look marvelous! And the amazing wildlife. Wow! Good for you! Happy Mosaic Monday!


You are seeing some amazing wildlife. It sounds a nice town. Your vacation seems to be going forever. So much to see and do. Lucky You.


Fantastic and a glorious area-an ideal spot to get "the feel" of Alaska!
I wondered if you are still in BC sallie????

Hildred Finch

Wonderful to see these pictures of Haines, Sallie and glad to know you made it across the border! I rather expected you would make your crossing to the west of us...... Enjoy the autumn beauty there in Oregon - what a lot of great memories you have accumulated over the summer!

Lavender Cottage

I wish we had of seen more of the Alaska mainland when we were there for our cruise.
It is exhilarating to know there are still some towns without chain stores, allowing for shopkeepers to make a living without that kind of competition.
Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday and sharing Alaska.

Rainfield M Penang

Bald Eagles migrate into Haines in late Fall.

Do you?


I would happily brave the cold to attend that festival. So many bird festivals, so little time...and money...


it looks and sounds beautiful! yeah, except for maybe that cold thing... :)

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