September 24, 2014


orchid Miyako

Oh, I LOVE the beautiful colorful little flowers in front of the fence♡♡♡ I think I've never seen sign about spitting but some dog wastes. Yes, fining is funny way to let people know p:)

So sorry for me belated comment, Sallie. I am So behind for commenting as my new PC took much of my time(*_*)゚゚ I gave up fixing the problem about the width of my page in Chrome...

I DO hope you are having relaxed and restoring energy days.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


One of those less known village ordinances that the homeowners' used, perhaps? I think it is not only funny, but, rather needed. I cringe when someone spits hereabouts, Sallie, especially out of a car window. Yuck.


It's kind of funny but could be needed too.


Spitting is such a disgusting habit, I don't blame these people for having this sign!


Charming scene with the flowers and fence and great vintage sign.


hehehe, what a find, pretty fence, beautiful flowers!!

Carola Bartz

When I lived in Taiwan spitting was a major annoyance. There are places where it is completely forbidden and I think fines are also enforced, like in Singapore. I hated the spitting - they did it even on the bus. Yuck!

Hootin' Anni

LOL on the sign. But I guess this is serious stuff. Can't help but be reminded of Tom Sawyer with your fence photos tho.

EG CameraGirl

The fine for spitting needs to be MUCH higher! People in some places really do spit, I'm afraid, so it may be funny. Or not.

ellen b

Very nice fences with the lovely flowers. Great sign. I do hope people comply. That's a lot of visitors in the summer!

Ida P. Krause

Now that was a funny sign on the fence. One never knows though as there are some obscure laws out there. Pretty little flowers too.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Love the pink flowers at the bottom of the fence

Ruth - Utah

LOL. I missed fences when I was in Skagway years ago.


I had to laugh...I like to pretend I'm not one of the tourists when I go somewhere too. :-) My camera though usually gives me away. :-) Nice fence, and interesting signs. Love the rest and be thankful sign!

Penelope Postcards

Wow … 900,000 visitors! That could lead to A LOT of spitting. :))


beautiful fence and flowers. Even if it was meant to be funny it could lean toward reality too.

Karen, Pixel Posts

I love the little flourish of bachelor buttons in front of the fence!

Lady Fi

What pretty flowers by the fence.

Hildred Finch

Love the benches - think the signs are partly to entertain the tourists! There must have been lots of spitting in 1898, but doubt if it was 'agin the law'!!!

Rainfield M Penang

I love humor.

In fact, the people over there love this more than me.


My town experiences that phenomenon twice yearly, in Spring the Carolina Cup Horse Races, and in Fall the Colonial Cup Races, people come to the tune of 60,000 souls many arrive in tour buses from hundreds of miles away. They tailgate and drink and then leave... we locals stay home and avoid the routes and areas they will be in, amazingly its over and they are gone by nightfall! Most locals have not attended a race in years myself included.
I love the no spitting it shows how quaint the town really is.


I certainly wouldn't think of spitting on their fences! :) But I would sit on the bench.


That would be hard to hide from the tourists. I was one of those a few years ago.


Spitting is disgusting!


Not a good reflection on the (cruise ship) tourists!


Funny but with a point maybe. Great fence photos Sallie.


I wonder how much of a sense of humor they can have during the long winter! It must be odd living there. You have to survive the long long winter and when the weather becomes nice, there are so many tourists around, you can't do much.
Nice photos!


An amusing sign. Living in a city which gets plenty of tourists, they're certainly appreciated, but they can certainly get annoying at times.


too darn cute! and i think they're holding back on what they'd really like to say. ;)

those flowers took me back! i don't know what they're called, but the moment i saw them, i remembered my mother grew some! thank you!

Gemma Wiseman

Sad that a spitting sign - funny or not - is required at all. Love the sign on the bench - be thankful to sit or be thankful for the view (or both). Either/any way is good.


My boys (when they were younger, years ago) had a terrible habit of spitting. We had so many arguments about that. I haven't seen them do it in years, so hopefully my nagging worked its magic. Ha! Sorry I am so behind. Good to see you again!!! I so enjoyed your Alaska posts.

Photo Cache

the penalty ranges from 5 to 100 dollars - does it depend on what comes out with the spit, LOL!

Tom The Backroads Traveller

Now I'm not one for spitting, but fines from $5 to $100 seems a bit strange. $100 that must be for a huge spit! Tom The Backroads Traveller

Taken For Granted

That looks like an antique sign from an era when spitting was more common.

Lee Ann L.

Spitting is actually a minor crime in many place. It's just not enforced.


I've missed seeing your posts, Sallie! This was a good one.


Tourists...can't live with them, or without them either. We are happy when the tourists go home every fall. But they'll be back.

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