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September 16, 2014


Joe Todd

Enlightening perspective on Skagway.. Thanks Sallie... Always enjoy all your posts


sure looks like beautiful territory. Those ships are rather huge.


Great mix of shots.

Hildred Finch

I said to myself - Gosh, look at the size of that cruise ship!! And found that others were as amazed as I was. What I know about Skagway is what is in our family genealogy and stories about Charles' grandfather who jumped off from Seattle to Skagway and over the Pass to the Alaska Gold Rush in 1898, and it certainly wasn't like modern day Skagway, but probably just as busy with starry eyed prospectors. I would prefer Haines too!

Sharon Wagner

No locally owned stores? For shame. But what a good time you must be having up there.


MAN! That ship is HUGE!!!



I just do not like the way these gigantic cruise liners over power every city you see them in. :(

Rainfield M Penang

I love this journey and am expecting to see more.


I think my parents may have gone to Skagway when they took their Alaskan cruise years ago. I wouldn't have been interested in the jewelry shops either, but would have enjoyed the historical buildings:)
Blessings, Aimee


I have never been on a cruise ship and it amazes me how big they really are! I guess the tourists at least spend a lot of money in the town.


ooooooo, can't wait for the rest of the story, Sallie.
Wow! Your photo of the cruise ships really does illustrate how much they are akin to a big town.

EG CameraGirl

WOW! Those cruise ships really DO take over, don't they?


I agree with you about Skagway. The town is spoilt with artificial tourist shops. The fun starts when you get not he White Pass train.


Wow, look at the size of the cruise ship☆☆☆ Interesting to read about the town Skagway; it sue looks like the town for cruise passengers especially fro the first picture! And LOVE the driftwood covered building, SO unique♬♬♬
Great endless ADVENTURE, Dearest Sallie♡♡♡

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


That's interesting about the cruise lines "owning" the town. We used to have one line that docked in Norfolk (VA).


too many tourists makes it hard to enjoy the small town...those ships are huge!! What do all those people do when they arrive? I imagine its a great spot in winter when no one comes off the ships!


Despite being overrun with cruise ship tourists, it looks like a nice place. I love the driftwood covered building. Very neat!

Lady Fi

Gosh - the cruise ship is bigger than the town!


those floating cities are something else. i kinda feel sorry for the locals who just wanted things to stay the same. :)


Those cruise ships present a double-sided sword, don't they? Makes an interesting photo, however. I wonder how the larger ship makes it into that small place. Must be more folks on the ship than in the town.


Sallie, the ferry sounded like a much faster way to travel from town to town.. I am sure the cruise passengers enjoy these little towns and the town can enjoy the revenue generated from the cruise ships. Great shots!


Those cruise ships are HUGE!I don't think cruising from place to place would be too enjoyable for me but I really like the sound of traveling around the way you have by RV. Oh well - I can always dream!!


I had no idea there was so much to see and do in Alaska-and the stunning variety! The info with the lovely photos is fascinating.I was amazed about the cruise ships.

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