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September 25, 2014



I'd like to take that train trip one day. When we were in Skagway (fun town) we drove up the road to the border. The landscape is really interesting, rather desolate. Your photos show it well. Looking forward to part two!


there is nothing more comforting then the sound of a train whistle....and the thought of happy people, coming home!!!

Donna@Gardens Eye View

I love exploring historical areas and I love old trains...this is so interesting.

Jackie Smith

I love trains and this is absolutely my kind of trip! Great photos and a post of such strong temptations for travel!!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow

What a fun post and I enjoyed the gorgeous scenery! :)

Lavender Cottage

Stunning scenery. This brings back memories of our trip out west a few years ago and a train ride from Skagway as well. You are pretty brave to ride a train knowing one went off the track previously.
Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.


I love old steam engine trains. Gorgeous views! Happy Mosaic Monday!

Alexa T

I love train travel, too! Gorgeous views captured! Have a sunny autumn!

Mary Howell Cromer

Just fantastic, such beautiful scenery and riding on a train, how grand that had to have been. Looks like a memorable part of your lovely journey!


SO gorgeous! This is definitely the kind of landscape my heart longs for and seeks out. Thank you SO much for sharing!

orchid Miyako

What a BEAUTIFUL scenery along the train trip. You (I hope that is you standing on the deck) look really enjoying the nature you showed us in this post♡♡♡ Your pictures are wonderfully arranged, Sallie.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Gemma Wiseman

A train trip without worrying about directions and just concnetrating on the scenery sounds wonderful. I came close to Yukon territory when I was in Canada many many years ago, but didn't have the time to go further.

Ida P. Krause

How exciting. I would love to travel on a train like this. The scenery is gorgeous.


Oh .. I am glad your trip was safe


How truly beautiful! Great photos! I would LOVE to go on this trip!


Gorgeous views! What a trip you all had. I would have preferred taking photos rather than listening to the narrator. But that's just me! lol Besides, I probably wouldn't have remembered much the way my memory retention has been lately. I hope you have many more stories of your trip!


Nice shot of you on the car platform. A wonderful way to travel too.


I love trains. Looks like there's plenty to do here!


What a magical journey this must have been!


love the beautiful blue green of the water, such gorgeous scenery. thanks for sharing your great images.


I'm anxious to see part two, Sallie, and enjoyed this post immensely. What a thrilling and romantic, in the historic sense of it, this ride must have been. I can almost hear the click, click, clack of the train on the tracks - and can't imagine standing on that platform, alone, in the darkness of the tunnel. You really did have an adventure this summer.


More awesome Alaska sights. I really like the shot of the 2 flags, never seen that before. I bet it was scary in that tunnel!!


Hi! Nice captures. Your photos are very beautiful. The snowplow is very impressive for me. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


Sallie, the train ride looks like fun. Beautiful scenery along the way. Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing your trip! Have a happy weekend!

jesh stg

Looks like a trip for adventurers:) I don't know if I would have one on that train. Have never seen a train with a snow plow (they probably needed it!)


I love great train journeys and this one had the added bonus that you could be outside(tunnel and all) to take photos. I would have loved going on the steam train, coal dust in the eyes notwithstanding and even though it takes me back to my war-torn childhood.
A wonderful adventure to enjoy.


Amazing ride!It's great to see so many pictures and detail.


I love to travel by such railroads!


Nice to take a train ride with beautiful views and someone else doing the driving.


Amazing Photos...:)


I love train travel!! And what a great trip!! Terrific captures!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Enjoy!!


Beautiful pics, I love trains and photos of trains also.


eek! being out on the platform in a tunnel. glad you made it okay.

the snow removal thing - i just saw it on another blog this week - i think it was from a locomotive museum in france. :)


Oooh, what a fabulous trip this must have been!
Imagining what the new scene as you come out of the tunnels would be like must have been an exciting prospect.


That is spectacular scenery - I'd love to take that trip.




What a magical experience! Beautiful and scenic route.


I'd love to go on that train trip.

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