September 05, 2014



Those bears are amazing! Lots of beautiful scenery, too.


Greetings from Greece. Yes I'm on holiday too. IM loving your bears in the rain and those Bison. Catch up with you soon Sallie.


Those are lots of amazing animals. I can't imagine Alaska critters let rain or snow bother them!


What beautiful scenery! I'd love to see British Columbia one day.


That's a wonderful and stunning wildlife.


What an amazing selection of wildlife, and so accessible. I would be afraid to take photos of the bears, I wouldn't have pictured them enjoying munching clover. How funny. I don't think I have heard of Stone sheep, they really blend in with their surroundings. I enjoyed your photos, have a great rest of your trip.


What a wonderful adventure, Sallie! My husband an I are looking at purchasing a Casita travel trailer in the next year - so much more to explore when you wear your home on your back! Have a blessed week! EnJOY the JOurneY!


Wow! These photos are amazing Sallie. How exciting to see all that awesome wildlife. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

jesh stg

I envy your trip - seeing all these animals! Don't know if I would have missed wifi that much:) But welcome back to blogland!

Pete Rainville

great pictures, Woodland Bison and Woodland Caribou?


Hi, Sallie, my Dearest friend♪ One of your friend said that Epic Adventure; I DO agree and happy for your awesome trip continuing wonderfully♡♡♡ Loved to see all the majestic animals. Well, My favorite (if I can choose) is Mom and her baby pic with rain and the clover(*^_^*) SAFE trip ahead!!!

Oh, I'm Struggling with new pc very hard,I was so surprised with the drastic change of 8.1 from the former one(^^;) Might tae for awhie to get used to it.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


So many adventures for you Sallie - wow! All your shots are beautiful and we get to meet these lovely creatures, thanks to you. Here's more power to your travels!

Photo Cache

the wildlife is impressive and varied. did you get to bird watch as well?


That is pretty awesome to see a bear AND her cub! Loved it:)
PS: I love, love, love BC--enjoy:)

Patty Hartley

I'm so glad you did the trip but glad it's almost Florida time , miss you!


Love the wildlife!

bettyl - NZ

Even though your photos are fabulous, I know that the actual seeing of these wonders is so much more majestic! I'm so glad you're enjoying and sharing your journey with us!


Gorgeous wildlife! Your series of photos is amazing!!!


I am very envious right now. Driving to Alaska is on my bucket list.


Beautiful animals and country.


It certainly looks like you had a great time. The photos are amazing. Certainly a place to add to my bucket list. Safe travels. Judy Friend, Fort Myers, FL

Stewart M

I really like the rain in bear and cub shot!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Wonderful photos! I look forward to seeing more pics from your travels.

Hildred Finch

Sallie, you are still a long way from the Similkameen, and I wonder what route you are going to take through British Columbia!!! Chetwynd is familiar, but still a days journey away. I hope you enjoy the Province and our wildlife, - two of our sons live west of Williams Lake, off the grid on a lovely meadow with a creek, a colony of resident beavers and otters, visiting bears and moose and deer and coyotes (the occasional wolf) and great flocks of birds in the summer and fall. Their blogs are on my sidebar - The Homestone and Touchwood Rings. What a wonderful exciting summer you have had - and the marvelous memories you have accumulated are a precious plus.

We are only ten miles from the border going into Washington at Chapaka, and another twenty minutes to Osoyoos....!

Lady Fi

Wow - you really have seen so much. These shots are just wonderful!


I love these images! So good to know we humans haven't wiped out all other life forms!


What a treat to see such diverse wildlife. The bison would have surprised me too.


Yes I'm sure Canada is almost as beautiful as Alaska. love your images even the bear in the rain.


Such a Grand adventure.


Thanks for posting all the photos of your trip and your adventures. It is fun following along with you - the only way I am ever likely to see such sights unfortunately .


Fabulous wildlife shots. Love mama bear and cub.


"Our Alaska Summer" has such an adventurous and romantic sound to it and your pictures all do it justice, Sallie. I especially love the Stone Sheep. Safe travel.


Don't hurry! We are enjoy our (your) trip!



I like the raindrops you caught on film...an interesting composition. We have bison in Va. My granddaughter works summers on a bison farm.

EG CameraGirl

You certainly spotted many wonderful animals in the wild as you traveled!

Deb ~ Paxton Valley Folk Art

The buffalo you saw are a subspecies of the plains bison, called wood buffalo or mountain buffalo depending upon where they are found. Sounds like you had a great trip, safe travels home!


Oh my gosh! We may just have to go to Alaska and Canada! :-) My grandson would have loved seeing this wonderful variety of wildlife! The baby bison just thrilled me to pieces, and then there was a baby bear! You saw caribou, and moose, and it goes on and on....Cannot wait to see all your wonderful posts in the future! Continue safely on your trip!

artmusedog and carol

Fantastic photos of nature's beauties ! Love all them critters!

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

Penelope Puddlisms

Wow … you certainly captured some amazing wildlife shots. I hope the American bison in BC had their passports handy. :) The last picture is haunting … what a lovely atmosphere to have while enjoying dinner!


Amazing shots of wildlife.

ken schneider

What a wonderful adventure. It must be so difficult for you to select your favorites from among all the places and photos. Look forward to hearing more.


loving these! i'm glad you've got lots more stuff to share!


I love these photographs. Incredible. I really like the bear and her cub.


Your Alaska adventure has been the best I've seen blogged about yet!! And you saw more wildlife than anyone else ...Kuddos for y'all! Continued safe Journey!


Wow what amazing shots. You sure are having the adventure of a life time.


This is an amazing tour you are doing. The wildlife is awesome. I am enthralled by your photos and I have to confess a little jealous as well.

lina@happy families

Wow, awesome critter shots. Love them all.
A great tour!


The epic adventure continues-many congratulations on your Alaskan tour.It seems unreal to see all these creatures in open country!!!


It must have been wonderful to see this bear and cub in a field of clover.Lovely photos......

Happy weekend!


Hello Sallie, What an awesome trip. Just seeing the wildlife would be a highlight for me.. I love the bears and bison.. Cool sightings of the caribou and moose.. I assume you only took the ferry up and are driving back. Great series! Thank you for sharing your post with my critter party. Have a happy weekend!

Rainfield M Penang

The last one is interesting.
And you must have a great trip.

My mushrooms are eagerly waiting to say hi to their mushroom friends.

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