October 28, 2014


jeanne stone

What an exciting opportunity to be in this place and see these snow geese. I was lucky last year to see a huge flock of these in a big field in Texas, and got some good shots of them.


Those snow geese are fabulous! I have never seen them in real life. Great photos Sallie!


I would love to one day see a snow goose in the flesh (or, rather, feathers). Until then, thank you Sallie for showing these.


Nice captures for spur-of-the-moment birding! We saw Snow Geese a few Decembers ago, down at Henderson Slough in Kentucky. I'm looking forward to the Sandhill Crane migration, which should be happening fairly soon. :)


Oh how I love geese!...... Michelle

jesh stg

The close-ups of the geese are wonderful! And that sculpture is funny:)


You did a wonderful job with photographing these lovely birds considering the conditions under which you were working! The snow geese are such beautiful avians!


i am in love with geese and will always spin the car around to photograph them. i have also seen some that don't fit the i.d. books description, but who knows what goes on among geese ;)

your images are beautiful, i really enjoyed them!!!

Mary Howell Cromer

First thing it looks COLD, but the birds look so lovely and they also look Cold too ;)


Beautiful pictures, they look all so cute !


So interesting to see similar birds to my geese at the other end of the world. The wind looks a tad chilly but great photos.


So many varieties of geese. I like the snow white ones. :)


I like spotting something when I'm least expecting it. I've never seen either type of geese you photographed. I love the markings on the blue phase ones. I'm really enjoying the photos from your trip to Alaska!

Gail Dixon

Those white-fronted geese are beautiful. The second shot is so crisp. I wonder if the white ones with black bills are juveniles? I have GOT to get to Alaska some day!


Industrial site and birding does seem like an odd combination.

Hildred Finch

Look forward to your wonderful sharing pictures, Sallie, and they are such great captures. They add to life something there isn't much chance of the stay-at-home seeing!!!


Wonderful shots of the geese.


Wonderful captures.


Hello Sallie, cool sighting and captures of the geese. The last shot does look like Snow Geese to me.. Have a happy week!

Jenn Jilks

They are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them!


Great photos and wonderful birds. You have seen most of us have only read about! Thanks for sharing.


Deadhouse must be an unusual sight! It's good to see some lovely sights of the birds-for the workers too.


I'm so happy about the sign! Glad they are careful about the snow geese. You got some great photos!


All the geese are beautiful.


neat geese! glad they can co-exist with the man camps.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

I think they are juvenile Snow Geese. All the geese are lovely.

Adam Jones

It must have been great to see these birds in their natural habitat. Great pictures.

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