October 08, 2014


Coloring Outside the Lines

Looks like a pleasant little spot to camp at- shame they want to sell it. Those scales are neat and I still see one every once in a blue moon.


looks like a lovely place. pretty views. maybe you should have thought about buying it....grin.


I barely remember seeing those old scales and never being allowed to play. Nice find!

McGuffy's Reader

There is a local restaurant that still has an old scale like this. Love it!


A great place to visit, I'm sure.
I do remember the scales...I am very very olden. :)
Guess not much else can be done with all the old machinery..it's always sad to see them rusting away.


Sorry the post above is mixed up. I enjoyed your post and the flower bed.



A fun post, I.

Diana enjoyed the flower bed


I have put many a penny in these in my younger days. First I have seen in awhile.


I certainly do remember those penny machines. There seemed to be everywhere back in the day. I never tried one out though. Gorgeous place!

Hootin' Anni

What a beautiful....and I bet quaint, area!!


I don't remember those scales... I was born in 56..


We have scales in almost every public bath but have I seen outside., haha. Fortune telling as well; very interesting, Sallie. Tolsona Wilderness Campground looks really wonderful place and lovely flower bed. But the owner
must have been very discouraged p;)

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Love the flower bed, of course, and yes, indeed, I do remember penny scales. Fun shots, Sallie. Thanks.

Karen, Pixel Posts

So many interesting sights! I love that flower bed!


Neat place! Love that scales. I do remember those!

Lady Fi

What a charming place!

Penelope Postcards

It would be hard to resist the temptation of getting your fortune told along with learning your weight. But sadly pennies are also of the past and no longer produced in Canada.

Stewart M

It's late at night here and I missed the flower bed first time - I had to go back up and look again! Very nice!

Now to my bed for me!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


I love the "flower beds" and I haven't seen a penny scale in years. I don't need to own stuff I just want to take pictures.


I don't know anyone who likes to weigh themselves. So I don't know why someone would pay to do it! But I guess things were different back then. :)
Nice sign in any case!


I too remember the penny scales. You'd have to be hardy to own this place.


Pictures are easier to own! Personally, I avoid knowing my weight - it might keep me from eatng a double dip (which I just did).


Oh yeah, I remember them. Today, it would be a quarter machine (if they still them. Did this thing work? It looks like a nice place to stay at.


Told your weight and your fortune too right? I do remember those. I love spots like the one in your post homey and filled with flowers and other interesting things.


I love that old antique but I would have been happy with the photo, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks Sallie :-)

NatureFootstep Memes

this place seem to be worth more then one nights stay. :) So much to check out.

Thanks for the nice comment at my place. :)


Sallie, what a neat campground.. The flowers bed is cute.. I do not did to know my weight, I avoid scales. LOL!

Great photos, thanks for sharing.


There used to be two of these in downtown Delta...I always loved putting in my coin and getting my weight to come it. I wouldn't do it today...my weight would frighten me. :)



That scale brought back memories. In Canada there are no pennies in circulation any more. The government stopped minting them.


so, did you get on it? :)


great scale


Love this! And oh yes I would be curious enough to try it ;)


A great sentiment. Photos are enough these days!

Tom The Backroads Traveller

I would just as soon not know my weight, thank you! Tom The Backroads Traveller


I'm sure it is a lot of work making a living on this place.
But it does have character!


I remember those scales, Sallie!
Your link on Signs, Signs seems to be weird.


Lots to make one smile! And it looks a delightful spot.

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