October 05, 2014


Mary Howell Cromer

Gorgeous, these are gorgeous!


Beautiful flowers! Just beautiful!


California poppies are my favorite flowers. Pretty photos.


I'm missing my flowers all over again!


NatureFootstep Memes

so lovely to see it. There will be 6 month before they comes again.

Jesh. StG

I envy your daughter's yard! Yes, add that the Californians are tired of fires too, lol:)


enjoyed your spring bouquet. thanks for posting. really like the forget me not's


A wonderful collection of flowers from the transition period from Spring to Summer!! I particularly like the orange poppies, such a warm colour :-)


What a nice flashback. It´s raining here and it is cold. I enjoyed your bouquett very much. Have a nice day!


I love spring into early summer flowers and California poppies have always been a favorite of mine! Pretty!!

Donna@Gardens Eye View

What an amazing array of flowers in their garden to look forward to seeing again.


Sallie, I wish I could flashback and start Spring all over. It was a treat to see your pretty flowers.. Lovely images.. Have a happy week!


A bank of California poppies in bloom is awesome. Nice photos you've shared. And although they are gone, the should not be forgotten. Thanks.

Karen, Pixel Posts

A lovely assortment of blooms. The poppies are my fave.


California Poppy's are so pretty :)


I never get enough flowers. Gorgeous blooms in your daughter's yard.


Oh, your daughter's yard must be a paradise of flowers in spring and fantastic collage of BEAUTIFUL flowers, Sallie♡♡♡
I was glad to find 'forget me not' as the Japanese name has same Chinese Character in its name p;-) I love that flower♪

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


A beautiful collage of flowers!

Stewart M

Nice pictures - looks a little like this time of year here!

P considers a dirty car some form of blank canvas!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Lovely collage,filled with sunshine!.......Happy October!


They are so pretty. Your daughter has a lovely range of flowers. I have seen Californian poppies in San Louis Obispo. They are a beautiful colour.

Reader Wil

Thank you for these spring flowers! They are a promise to new life and we know that they will return after the winter we are expecting now.
Thanks for your comment. Yes I agree with you that it is unpleasant to have a handful of coins after each journey and not being able to spend them. I always give them to somebody at the airport who assists me or to the man or woman who sells coffee or tea.That's why I am glad to have the euro.
Have a great and happy week.
Wil, ABCW Team.

Denise at Forest Manor

Your mosaic is just beautiful! I love all the different flowers pictured here. We have some beds of the orange poppies growing along our highways right now (planted by the DOT of North Carolina). They are truly beautiful! I love your photo of Forget-Me-Nots; they always remind me of the country house we stayed at in England years ago. The Peonies and Roses are lovely, too. :)

Visiting from Mosaic Monday -- have a great week.


Lavender Cottage

It is so nice to see a mosaic of pretty spring flowers at this time of year. Thanks for sharing them and linking to Mosaic Monday.


Those are pretty flowers. And I love your tern post below!

Jenn Jilks

I remember May!


Lovely memories of days past. The California poppies are making their way over to our Island, too. They line the roadways in spring/summer with bright flowers. One found its way into my tomato patch this summer and I've left it flourish there.


What a welcome flash back for me to see on a cold and rainy October day. They are beautiful bouquet of remembrances, Sallie. Thanks.


A wonderful collection.


I just love the CA poppies. My own poppies were't as prolific this year. I may have to revamp the gardens a bit in the spring. For now, the perennials all have seed heads - I'll enjoy the colors you've posted. Where are you? I'll have to read past blogs and find out! I wonder if your Denver family got the hail last week?


A gorgeous collage of the prettiest flowers Sallie. Thank you bunches for linking with Today's Flowers. Those California Poppies are always a treat to see as the only time I have seen them was on a trip to California a few years back and then in a garden in France more recently. Red ones were everywhere but those orange poppies, I only ever saw them in the garden of a friend I made on our recent trip. Thanks again and have a great week.



Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

I always enjoy flowers, so your sharing this weekend put on a special show for me.


Lovely share of spring flowers as we approach winter from fall. Even in Yarnell I sometimes see a few of my favorites, the poppies.


Wonderful mix of beautiful flowers.


Wonderful spring flowers!


Lovely to see, now the UK Midland weather is turning wintry!


flowers don't go stale. :)

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