October 09, 2014



"Photographer in pajama" eh, I once went out alone at 4am to catch the sunrise. It was near the volga river where I had to pass a house with some angrily barking dogs. I bravely did because I did not want to miss the moment. It was my first sunrise, first sunrise shot in Russia.

I love your pictures especially the last one. They are so vivid, stunning and simply delightful. Great shots!

Gail Dixon

Wow wow wow. These are ALL stunning shots! Would love to experience that in person.


I would love to sit with coffee there

Gemma Wiseman

Glorious colours over the water. I would be out there too in all manner of gear to take photos like this. I used to worry about what people think. Now I don't.


Lovely photos! Very serene.


A beautiful Sunrise!! Wonderful photos!

NatureFootstep Memes

aa very beautiful morning. Can almost feel the fresh air of it too.

Peter B

Wow, the last shot is fantastic! Would look great printed and hung on your wall.


Love these beautiful photos! What lovely sunrises to start the days. Yes, we actually did see some elk finally, and that post is upcoming. It just wasn't the truly wild encounter we had hoped for. And I had to laugh about your "pajama-clad" comment! The day I took the shots of the coyote on our street, I was wearing my nightgown! :-) I heard a car coming and had to run!

Hildred Finch

Oh my Sallie, that last one is a humdinger!!! We are also having beautiful Indian Summer weather, and wouldn't it be nice if the whole summer was like this and not so dreadfully hot.....


let'em think what they want, they are missing the beauty!!. I love the last image Sallie.


Amazing photos! It's nice to have great scenery right were you live.


WOW! What a beautiful sunrise! Helps to not miss Alaska. Not raining there...it has been here.


JM Illinois

I'm glad that pj lady caught these sunrise shots. Made my day. What a way to start a day.
JM, Illinois

Penelope Postcards

The transition from beginning to end is like a flower unfolding from bud to bloom.

Rainfield M Penang

How good if I can take the picture of a crazy pajama-lady photographer with beautiful sunrise in the background.

She may wear red pajamas.

Red is the colour of wedding, joy, happiness, prosperity and all other good things.


Wow; My morning pajama lady, Sallie; how BEAUTIFUL these morning photographs♡♡♡ Awesome orange view of rising sun☆☆☆

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Perfect, the. Photos and the crazy pajama lady.


Beautiful shots, Jammy skyshots are my favorite.


What a beautiful sunrise and the view is super.


Wonderful photos! You are so right--the weather in Oregon has been rather amazing:)
Blessings, Aimee


What better to take such lovely photos in the morning than pajamas? You could leave them off and really freak out the neighbors. Glad you can enjoy this late summer.


Beautiful scenes.

Lady Fi

Gorgeous shots! (I'm known as the crazy-dressing-gown-lady!)

Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh, three lovely views! That last one is awesome!


That is a very pretty morning, such a soft sunrise.

Jenn Jilks

Oh, yes. Happy you liked the recipe.

Jenn Jilks

I can so identify with this! I'm just glad we don't have neighbours!!!!

Photo Cache

Yes not that these scenes are missing anything, but a good strong cup of piping hot joe would complete this experience.


So very glad that there is at least one other pajama clad lady taking photos in the morning. Beautiful, Sallie.


Magnificent shots. So soft and lovely.


Sallie, lovely captures of your sunrise.. It is a beautiful way to start your day, along with the coffee. Have a great weekend, Happy Skywatching!

artmusedog and carol

Magnificent sky and ocean shots! ~ Great weather at the moment!

Happy Weekend to you!

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)


We have had some gorgeous ones haven't we, Sallie!!! Hey, that's a great way to give the neighbors a thrill!! PJ Sallie!! I love it! And your captures are totally awesome!!


These photos exude serenity!


oh, just love that last one! beautiful! (at least you wear pajamas...)


Yes, gorgeous sunrise! We are shivering at 12C, grey, wet and windy!!!u


I know I would be joining you in your pajamas for views like these. Absolutely exquisite photography Sallie.

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