November 09, 2014


Jesh. StG

Even though all the buildings are in demise, it gives for interesting pics!


Seeing the rest of the mine site, I feel better about the ruins! :-) They do need to fence it off better, but I too am glad they left them for people to see. Loved all the photos!

Ida P. Krause

What a great part of history this place is. The ruins seem sad and yet strangly fascinating.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Even though the last shot probably is dangerous, it is a marvellous shot.


I loved the earlier post on this great place and I love this one also. The history of this place is amazing. It is also great that so much of it is still standing. REALLY nice photos!


I love looking at old mines and old buildings and wondering about the people who lived and worked there. Great shots!


bettyl - NZ

I find places like this quite interesting. There are many places we have walked that I jokingly tell Hubby, 'There would be a fence there in America!' (mostly drop-off into water). So, here you can fall to your death by misstep but the government will stop you from smoking. Strange.


I love this old mine! Interesting history and beautiful scenery, too. Great post! Thanks for linking up!


Terrific shots, Sallie!

McGuffy's Reader

What cool shots! I love photos like this. History captured!


Wow! I love history. These photos are great.


That last building sure is coming from together!!!
I think it is the most fascinating of the bunch!!


Dust to dust...but it looks dangerous.


Not an occupation I would envy.

Jenn Jilks

You are so right. How dangerous!
It is poignant.
My brother works in a fly-in gold mine in N. Ontario. He lives in B.C.!

Mary Howell Cromer

Great shots, but I would hate to get too close to those mine shafts.

Stewart M

I surprised that they are not fenced off. My wife would have been telling me off for getting too close!!

Please send through the pelican poem!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Lady Fi

What a mixture of the run-down and the lovely! I really like that white building.


Have to be careful there


I love to visit old mining towns. The old buildings are so neat. Its great to see how they lived so long ago.


A great place - I would love to explore it. And incredible scenery!

Photo Cache

Interesting and historical post. I like seeing the ruins too.


Wonderful captures and such an interesting post for the day!! I do find it amazing that the ruins have been left as they are! A dangerous area it is indeed for those who don't take care in visiting a place like this! Thanks as always, Sallie, for sharing!!


Great shots and interesting history.

Dina Johnston

It is really cool to see the old buildings. Otherwise, it would be just a field of grass. Love that last shot.

artmusedog and carol

Great shots of a fascinating place and great post too!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol
A Creative Harbor

Coloring Outside the Lines

Wow- that is awesome. I wish I could tour the park before it completely falls into ruins.

Cranberry Morning

I agree. It would be a shame to have torn them down. I bet it was fascinating to visit! It's almost hard to imagine what a bustling site it must have been.

Gail Dixon

Ha, one hard blow and the walls would fall over. I love how you used "elegant" to describe the ruins. I have to agree!

Sharon Wagner

I think it would only take a feather to fall on it to implode!


I hope to one day visit Alaska. There is so much about the state I find appealing. I would really enjoy exploring around the mining towns. Such a marvelous history there! I really liked your phrase "elegant in decay." It surely is!


Yes, seems like there's be a big wall or something around it...or that they would fix it up! :-) Great post for Rubbish Tues and Good Fences!

Tom The Backroads Traveller

What an interesting looking place. Mining is an industry where they dig up wealth out of the ground and leave a mess behind. The American Way!!! Tom The Backroads TRaveller


Now you see it, now you don't.


Could fall at any minute...so you got to see it while still standing!! I'd love to sang some of that weathered wood..awesome!


This is a marvelous place and wonderful photos. Very interesting history also. Thank you Sallie and have a great week!


Does look a bit dilapidated.


I come upon these mining remains her in CO and can hardly imagine the hard work and hazards of such a life. These are great photos, Sallie. They show such detail of the old structures.


they are pretty amazingly decrepit! and i can't imagine being that supervisor - talk about bringing your work home with you!


Nice shots, those ruins look like they could collapse any time.

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