November 11, 2014


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Such delightful birds. Sallie! I do not see many birds here in our area in Colorado, besides the magpies that are everywhere. I'm sure if I put up a bird feeder that would change. Maybe next spring I'll do that!


Awww...I love my bird friends and you arranged everything so beautifully Sally... Michelle...


Cute little birds! :)


Wonderful shots of the birds. I must have missed them when I came by for sky watch. I'm glad I looked down your posts.

Reader Wil

What cute little fellows these birds are. I don't know their names but they are so pretty!
Thanks for sharing!
Wil, ABCW Team.

Mary Howell Cromer

They are lovely wee ones~

Lavender Dreams

How wonderful to see the migrating pelicans and I love your sweet little perching birds. Try to get down here soon...it's getting COLD up there! Sweet hugs, Diane


lovely photos, the towhee particularly! I love the small birds...

Lady Fi

What adorable birds!


You have some beautiful frequent flyers, many I see here at my feeders!! Those first two images with the fall leaves are so pretty. Our goldfinches are gone as well, smart birds....I have never seen a towhee, it's a beautiful bird!!


Pretty birds and pretty photos! As you go back and forth each year, do you recognize any individual birds?


your images are stunning. I love them. You have learned so much about what great shots is all about :)

I give you the link to my travelblog today. :)

Ida P. Krause

Lots of great birds. I really liked the Spotted Towhee, so cute.


Perhaps the Pelicans are trying to beat you to FL? You're lucky to have these small friends just outside your window, Sallie. I put some crumbs out yesterday for the gray jays - we've gotten about 10" of snow in the past 2 days. I bet your family here in CO has some, too.

Gail Dixon

Love the term "frequent fliers." :) The Spotted Towhee is beautiful, as are the Goldfinches. Wish I could help you on the Sparrow ID, but I am hopelessly confused when it comes to them.


I think the unidentified sparrow is the female White Crowned Sparrow.

EG CameraGirl

It's hard to beat the sound of happy birds!

cranberry morning

Love the little frequent fliers. :-)


The white crowned on his lovely leaves is beautiful ...

And, off you go with them.... migrating ..... I guess you will see lots of different birds in the south.... don't forget your camera.....!


Interesting to see both Lesser and American Goldfinch side by side. Not sure about that sparrow as with that head stripe it looks more like a dull juvenile White-crowned rather than a House Sparrow, but give it a month or two and it will surely look better.

I feel so sorry for you having to endure that Florida sunshine with vultures overhead. As you say, keep moving around just in case.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Some of my fave backyard birds here! The grounders are common house sparrows, but I think they are cute.


Such pretty birds, and lovely leaf colors in your first image, in particular.

I keep waiting for the Sandhill Crane to fly over. We had them in early November previously but also late November. Our temps are dropping into the 30s for highs and teens for nights now, so I expect we should be hearing them soon.


Oh I love seeing birds... I like how you arrange your photos in your posts..... Michelle


What delightful beauties these are! I love the white crowned sparrows. We get plenty of sparrows here, but, not these princely ones.


wonderful birds in your bushes there!! OUr bird numbers are dropping for some reason...and our fall migrants are late this yr...Im looking forward to seeing them arrive!


When are you flying south? It should be getting close to the time!



A beautiful collection.


Lovely close-ups of the "garden birds". It must be lovely to see and hear them so close!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

These all look lovely little birds and you are fortunate they come to your garden. I love the way you have presented all the bird shots in this post.


Cute little birds. It's always a joy to see birds even if they're frequent flyers.


Those little birds are all so beautiful. Great to wake up to bird song and to be able to watch them up close. The Goldfinch are especially beautiful.


i think your unlabeled is a 1st winter white-crowned. :) love the cute sparrows and finches. would love to see a towhee!


Your frequent flyers (love that phrase here) are very cute, especially the Towhee. I had some last winter and hope I will this one.
I should know the name of your sparrow but it's escaping me at the moment so I'll have to come back and see what someone else knows.
Lovely mosaics!

Adam Jones

The Goldfinch are so colourful.

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