November 18, 2014


Jenn Jilks

We still have mosquitos in the house! Silly...


That is one funny sign, yes, they must be all married then :)

Great camping site as for the view is magnificent.


Most definitely worth the annoyance of some single-minded mosquitoes, Sallie.

Gemma Wiseman

Such grand landscapes in Alaska. Adore the mosquito sign. I just wonder "married to what"?

bettyl - NZ

I'm loving that sign! That's some awesome scenery, too.

Gail Dixon

Great sign! Those views are something. It would take a lot of will power to leave there and return home.


Ha, great sign.


lovely views!

here in Scotland we have midges, which can be a real menace...

Su-sieee! Mac

hahahha. Great sign! I'm glad it didn't keep you away.

Penelope Postcards

Yes … when you cannot change the facts you might as well get a really good laugh. What a clever sign and very informative about what to expect!


Another brilliant sign you found Sallie. They should maybe add "but although they are married they do like to play around at times".

Re your comment on my blog - from Wiki - The tits, chickadees, and titmice constitute Paridae, a large family of small passerine birds which occur in the northern hemisphere and Africa. Most were formerly classified in the genus Parus.

These birds are called either "chickadees" (onomatopoeic, derived from their distinctive "chick-a dee dee dee" alarm call) or "titmice" in North America, and just "tits" in the rest of the English-speaking world.


Thank you. The sign gave me a laugh.


Gotta' love it!

Lady Fi

Ha ha - brilliant sign! I can imagine the mosquitoes are huge in Alaska!

ellen b

I have heard of the bug problem in Alaska. I wish I didn't know about it...I'm a wuss when it comes to bugs...I know the views are amazing.


I LOVE the sign!

Photo Cache

LOL, now that is very nice of them to tell you about the absence of mosquitoes.



well there are pretty much mosquitoes anywhere. pretty scenery.


I didn't know that....lovely scenery


what a beautiful view!!! I like a good sense of humor!!!!


Fun sign. :)

Tom The Backroads Traveller

In the Adirondacks there are mosquitos and also black flies! The saying goes...There are two seasons, when the black flies and the snow flies! Tom The Backroads Traveller


They are nasty varmits! Beautiful area though.


Lol! And the scenery is beautiful.


LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! And had to laugh at the sign!



I have heard the mosquitoes in Alaska can carry off a child. BIG! Beautiful photos.


Married huh..lol SC lifted the ban on same sex marriage yesterday I wonder if I could marry my sister then be added to her health insurance? I could see people "hooking up" legally just to make life easier...heck if its legal why not? anywho...OH the mosquitoes in Alaska came from Texas they're so big!


oh, that made me laugh!


Funny sign and beautiful campground. The photo to which you referred in your comment was taken awhile back. It's 34 degrees at the moment! I'm going to have to move to a warmer climate for sure!


I've heard the mosquitos will carry you away if you let them!


Thanks for sharing the sign, it's a hoot and I love the sense of humor. Beautiful scenery. Would dearly love to get up to Alaska one day.


I had heard that there are a few mosquitos and black flies in Alaska. The Inuit have the right idea, dressing the same in summer and winter. Great scenery.


Great sign. If open only for 4 months-weather permitting-they go to a lot of trouble!

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