December 08, 2014



Stunningly beautiful. And those blue skies....

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Sallie, it has been unusually warm all week here in the Denver area--in fact I did not wear a coat yesterday! True to Colorado our temperatures are supposed to fall by the weekend and we might have snow.

Glad you had a nice visit with your family and are now back in Florida. Enjoy that beautiful state!




Colorade is also on my wishlist. And certainly after seeing your post. :) My camera might end up too hot to handle :)

Glad you are safely back in the warmth.


That is what I say, go outside every day. You are making the most of it.

bettyl - NZ

You're right, the scenery is amazing! I am truly intrigued by the fox.


lovely photos, wish we got snow here!


Colorado is gorgeous as always.


A gorgeous place. I have a granddaughter living there. Hmmmm.


Well now I'm thinking I need to visit you guys in Florida. Let me know when you've got the boat in the water.
We both enjoyed your visit very much!

Hildred Finch

Ahh, now you are nice and cosy, but how wonderful that you went through Colorado and all that gorgeous winter scenery. A beautiful State.


i love colorado too, was there a long time ago and met such lovely people!
greetings from far away germany anja


I SAW YOU WAVE!!! Did you see me wave back??? Now you are warm and we are well, we are in Colorado! Tee Hee



amazing landscapes there! Glad your trip went well.


Colorado is a beautiful State. Gorgeous photos Sallie!


Surprises come from all corners and all seasons.

They are in everywhere.

They are beautiful surprises.

Traveling Cats

Breathtaking. There are no other words for it.


Amazing landscapes. I like those snow covered mountains.


The presence of blue sky alone is enough to make my day up and alive. I've always been thankful to a beautiful weather. How are coping with temperature fluctuating like that? When it hsppens here, I get a terrible headache for days.

Love thst waterfall btw. Very nice photos, as always.


from what I see on Pat's blog Colorado is a beautiful state and your photos show that too. Certainly a nice place to stop over to see family and beautiful vistas


Colorado is my favorite place in the world, and you described it well. Lovely photos!

artmusedog and carol

Gorgeous photography and beautiful country side!

Happy Week,
artmusedog and carol


Love the look of that waterfall with ice and the fox sculpture is stunning. All nice shots. Welcome to your FL home.

Photo Cache

I can imagine with Colorados natural beauty, the photo op is tremendous. Great shots.

Valerie, Australia

Fantastic shots - Winter gets my vote every time!!


gotta love those blue skies we had half a day of sun in over a week now its getting depressing...NOW both my sisters own homes in CO will I be next?? Who knows! I do love it but Im more a red rock Utah type of expat.


What great scenery.


Your post made me SO happy today! Colorado is ALWAYS in my heart--both due to family connections and sweet, sweet memories made there! THANK YOU for making my day Sallie--looking forward to your posts from the sunshine state:)
Blessings, Aimee

Hootin' Anni

I grew up and lived in Colorado for over 40 years...this was like going home for me. I'm lovin' it.


Wonderful shots of beautiful Colorado. I love how you cover the country and next will be having new FL shots.


Welcome home, I am glad you had a safe trip and enjoy your visit with your family in Colorado.. Lovely images.. Enjoy your new week ahead!


many thanks for your very kind comments today. when you get to Washington, Gaylord is a must.....and the botanic gardens in d.c. are amazing!!!


WoW, what beautiful views for the ride!!!! looks like mittens were a must have!!


So thrilled to see shots from the Colorado leg of your trip, Sallie. Oh, those Colorado skies!:)
I'm sure you are enjoying some warmth now in Florida. Brrrrrrr - cold here.


I'm glad to hear you are back home safe and sound. Colorado is wonderful and now I'm wondering if it's time for a trip to see our daughter in the southwestern part of the state!

Re your comment on the Intercoastal House: If you had heard about the Intercoastal 20-30 years ago, you would have too young to drive a boat! :)


Hi Sallie, Thanks for your wonderful remarks about my beloved CO! I don't recognize anything but the mountains - love that waterfall. Bob and I walked in downtown Breckenridge this afternoon - temps near 50, and the snow melting (too) fast. We need another big storm. Glad you're safely home.


Such an impressive landscape! The mountains and the snow against the blue sky is breathtakingly beautiful.


Oh, how beautiful indeed, Sallie!! But I know it's good to be back in Florida and off the road!! I do love that waterfall and the snowy mountains!! Superb captures as always!! Have a great new week!!


great shots have fun

Lady Fi

Colorado looks so gorgeous!


glad to hear you're getting re-settled in florida! yay! and happy to see these lovely views on your mid-country stop-over.


Lovely photos! Congrats on your amazing Alaskan adventure-hope you get straight soon and continue to enjoy Florida.
(In Uk Midlands, it is cold, grey and freezing every night! I am cold with whole house heating set at 70F.).

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