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December 10, 2014



Wonderful images! The deer are gorgeous animals.

Sharon Wagner

I heard you had some great herd shots!

Ida P. Krause

Now that's a view from behind a fence that I wouldn't mind seeing. Super cool to see that many deer at one time.


And a good time was had by all!!! Love that DOG!


Mary Howell Cromer

We absolutely LOVE colorado and you got some treasure in the image captures. Love the der sleeping so peacefully~

ken schneider

Great window views! Those big mule ears and black-tipped tail that contrasts with the rump give them away!

Jenn Jilks

The dog is priceless!!!! I think they are mule deer, too. HUGE ears!


Oh, deer!

Very nice. They might be mule deer, by the way.

When white tails have their tails down, you don't see much white at all. But mulies have the large circular patch of white on their rumps.


Your photos of Colorado are beautiful. Being so close to a herd of deer is certainly a photo opportunity, and you took it…


That is a lovely view. They are very lucky to live in such a place.


Pardon me, but we need more wolves. Deer are so destructive. Reminds me of Hitchcock's The Birds..only in this case there will be no birds after the deer eat all the habitat.


What a splendid visit ! I'm happy to know you are back in Florida ! "Bon courage" for all the things you have to do. Amitiés.


omgoodness!!! what a score!! a fence and some lovely bambi, reminds me of my contribution this week but your fence is actually beautiful!!! I do adore bambi!!!


Great shots of white tailed deer from the backyard.

Stewart M

Thats a great thing to see from the back window!

I have a person campaign to remind people that there is (much) more to the UK than just London! Although I have to say we did have a good time there this year.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Hello Sallie, awesome critter post! The deer and Cody are pretty. Thank you for linking up your critter post, have a happy weekend!


Wow, Sallie. I won't complain about my resident herd here, which must be cousins. These Coloradan white tails have bigger ears, but, from the looks on their beautiful faces, the same attitude. Great photos - and i love the one of Geoff and the shepherd.


lovely deers :)


Oh, my deer.


how lovely to have these beautiful deer visit you!


One of the great things about Colorado is the abundance of wildlife...we always see lots of deer in the southwestern part of the state - mostly mule deer, I believe. But to have them in your backyard is quite special!

Traveling Cats

Ooh, those deer look just lovely. Have a lucky Friday.


Very nice! I love seeing deer. One of places we go to, deer always come out in the late afternoon and they hang around for a while.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

We live near the open space of the Colorado foothills, so we have deer in our backyard almost every day. I think they are beautiful, even though they like to snack on all my flowers in summer and shrubs in winter...lol!


What a great post...beautiful deer...
and that photo of your man and the dog is just priceless...I'd
be tempted to have it enlarged, do in black and white and hang it on your wall....so so cute


What fun to see - we certainly have our share of wildlife around here.


What a treat to see all those deer.


I really enjoy watching deer

Lavender Dreams

How amazing! We love seeing deer on our hikes here in Florida but this is a nice view of them. I looked at your other CO photos and they are great, too. What sights we see when we are blessed to travel! Holiday hugs, Diane


That is what I call unusual neighbours! Great shots, Sallie!


How lovely to see the deer from the house-great photos too!
We are experiencing just the fringe of the storm surge.

Karen @ flamingoks

Soulful looks in those soft deer eyes.

Penelope Puddlisms

I like the butterflies on the fence. Were it not for the lack of antlers, I would say this could be Santa’s backyard just before his big liftoff in the sled. :)


Must be great to live in a house with such
a great view :)
Have a fine day

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

The deer are really lovely as is this fence they are behind.


Love the shot of Geoff and Cody checking out the deer.


LOVE! All your photos were great (I love deer and never tire of seeing photos of them) but I am particularly fond of Geoff and Cody--great photo!
Blessings, Aimee


They are pretty deer! I guess they feel safe there.. I like the shot with the dog.. I am glad you had a great visit in Colorado. Enjoy your day!

Reader Wil

Wonderful to see wildlife so near your house or place where you are staying!
Thanks for your visit and comment! The facts I wrote about toadstools are all from Google, so my brain does not deserve so much praise. Besides there's a lot more to tell about this subject.
Have a great weekend Sallie!
wil, ABCW Team


Dearest Sallie; Oh, sure sweet scene with with lovely deer♪ And I also LOVE the shot with the dog peering out p;-) And the butterfly ornaments on the fence is cute as well.
I SO appreciate your kind visit, dear friend.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Lady Fi

How lovely to be able to see the deer up so close!


So nice to see the wildlife comfortably close.


Fantastic and so close! They are sweet animals and you captured them beautifully Sallie.

EG CameraGirl

How nice they live in a place where they can see such interesting wildlife.


What a sight!! Our dogs would go crazy.


the deer are so pretty.


how awesome! loved the shot with the dog peering out, too! :)


I love Australian Shepherds. Such smart dogs! I like that backyard wildlife, too.


Hey!! Those are lovely deer, love the doggie scope shot too..haha.

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