December 28, 2014



Wow, the bromelid tree is gorgeous! I've never seen anything like it.


Wonderful shots of the garden and tower.

Mary Howell Cromer

Beautiful Sallie, loved these! Happy New Year to you! I wanted to reach out to each of you, and say thank you for giving me such a beautiful friendship across many miles. It has been a difficult month for me. If I sit to use the desktop, within a minute, or two the nerve compression pain begins. If I lie down, and prop up my laptop, which is very slow to run, as I am doing now, I have pain relief. Thus said, I am going to copy and paste this message to you wonderful people who encourage me to keep moving forward in this amazing blog world, otherwise, I would not be able to greet each of you at this time. I cannot tell you enough, what having you as friends has done for me...just wonderful blessings! Hugs from afar~ Mary


Such a beautiful tower and the red and pink flowers are simply gorgeous!


wow beautiful. i've never seen a bromeliad tree :-)


what a beautiful place. Totallöy enchanting. :)

Blo-Ma took 2 weeks off. :) Will be back next year. Sounds like a long time, don´t you think? Next tuesday.

But if you want to link up you can do that in Catching light.It is open. There is lots of light in your images :) Both memes at http://nfmacro.blogspot.se/

Wishing you a Happy New Year :)


How lovely your photos are...such beautiful places....


I think you can enjoy these sunnier climes much more when you have the comparison of time spent elsewhere. The gardens look beautiful and I like the idea of being able to listen to the music no matter where you are.


What a gorgeous place! I LOVE the charge Bok was given by his grandmother! What a lovely place this world would be if everyone would do that:)
Blessings, Aimee
PS: I still had roses blooming this weekend--can you believe that?? Sadly, low temps in the 20s will put an end to all that.


The sound of the Carillons must have been magical Sallie. The bromeliad tree is gorgeous! Wonderful place to walk around. In case I don't get back to your blog in 2014 I would like to wish you A Very Happy New Year to you and your family.

Hildred Finch

Lovely post, Sallie - would like to hear the carillons too! Certainly a place of great serenity. My best wishes for your happiness in the new year, and safe travels....

Photo Cache

the flower mosaic is amazing. happy new year.



Donna@Gardens Eye View

What a beautiful holiday display!


Oh if only my bromeliad would look half so good....


WOW so many flowers makes you feel great to be around all that beauty I bet!

Penelope Puddlisms

This magnificent tower is testament to a grandmother’s good advice to her grandson. But making the world a more beautiful place is a noble cause for all.


What a pretty place. It amazes me to see anything blooming this time of year!


How beautiful ! and all these flowers ! I wished I had spent Christmas there instead of grey Amsterdam !

Lady Fi

Wow - how gorgeous and festive!


The detail is magnificent on the tower made even more special by the concerts.


I think Bok succeeded.... Beautiful


Beautiful images. The bromelid tree is gorgeous.


Whoa! These beautiful pictures bring back lots of memories. We were there in 1988 with some friends; took a bunch of pictures (film, not digital!) and I've got them somewhere around here. That is a rather special place. We enjoyed it then and I'll bet it's even nicer now.

Where did you go in The Villages? We were down in Lake Sumter Landing about two weeks ago. Took some photos. It's a fun place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there!


Florida is a largely unexplored place for me. BOK gardens is now on the list of stuff to see.


Wow what a beautiful place. The Bromeliad tree is a great idea. I have lots of bromeliads in the garden and don't think of them as a house plant. I think we have similar plants in Queensland as you do in Florida. Similar climate too I suspect.

Laura Hegfield

Wow Sallie, what a beautiful place! Thank you for taking us on a tour with you. Wishing you a happy, healthy, peaceful New Year:-)


Such beautiful photos with a very christmas feel. Hope you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year 2015.


A beautiful place and a really great idea to leave your own special place more beautiful then before. I love the bromelids and had them growing very successfully in my garden until my dog liked them too well and chewed them to pieces :-( Great photos.


The Bok tower and moat look like a beautiful place to visit.. I love the poinsettias and the tree. Lovely post and photos, Sallie Enjoy your week ahead! I wish you and your family a happy & healthy New Year!

Lavender Dreams

We would love to drive over to Bok Tower! I know it is beautiful and love seeing your photos. My little poinsettia is blooming in my flower bed. Love your mosaics! Sweet hugs, Diane

Cathy Keller

How very beautiful!!! The Poinsettias are just gorgeous!!1 Happy New Year!!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

The singing tower is fascinating, gorgeous made out of the pink and gray marble. Thanks for sharing this lovely place, and past links at Mosaic Monday.
All the best for 2015!

Dina Johnston

Beautiful shots! Love the ones of the tree in the visitor center. Too funny. We missed you by a day. I was there Saturday with my sister from South Dakota.


what a nice legacy! a lovely place.

Mama Zen

What a beautiful place!


These are so lovely, Sallie - hope all is well with you.

Jenn Jilks

This is beautiful! What lovely travels. I hope your cold is better!


Very interesting and looks a delightful spot.
I was snowed in yesterday and today-2" solid frozen snow on some shrubs, and a skid-pan of a road :).

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