December 15, 2014



I jusat hate it when people walk on ice. Especially when it might be to thin. :(


Wow! This is beautiful scenery.


Dearest Sallie; How beautiful Bear Lake is with the winter view☆☆☆ Oh, there must be a bit of danger being on the ice of the lake; surly cation sign doesn't seem to be working. On the other hand, I LOVE the beautiful blue sky with the ice and mountain range

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


It's good they give you the indications so you can make the right choice. I've always loved hiking, but my husband finds it boring.


Thanks for coming over and visiting my blogs and commenting. You asked about drilling a hole in the ice to see how thick it is. We usually travel the backcountry by quad with our friend. He is prepared with all kinds of tools. To check the depth of ice, he uses his pick ax and just uses big blows to break through the ice with the pointed end. Nothing fancy. - Margy


So many lakes. And so many lovely names :)


The sun shining on snow makes for a beautiful day! I wouldn't be out on that ice though.

Taken For Granted

Years ago we walked to the top of Flat Top Mountain. Is was suppose to be a warm up walk for climbing Longs Peak. Flat Top was enough, never went up Longs Peak. This sign brings back good memories.

Tom The Backroads Traveller

The 256' hike sounds good to this old and out of shape guy. Tom The Backroads Traveller


Lots of walks to choose from. Beautiful scenery!


The short hike was absolutely the right length for us too. Well, for me anyway.


oohhhhh it's just beautiful but I would need a swift kick in the butt to do any of those ;)


Lakes in our backcountry freeze, but you do have to be careful about breaking through. It's a good idea to chop a hole to see how thick it is before going on it, and to keep eyes open for cracks and holes. - Margy


Looks like a wonderful day out!But would be frightened to walk on the ice. I think Bear lake sounds tempting!

Chris Rohrer

Okay.....I love the cold.....but not that cold! Lovely area! No walking on that ice. Two men had to be rescued in my hometown in Wisconsin because the ice cracked and broke apart from the main chunk. Scary!

EG CameraGirl

It's a beautiful place! I would be tempted to walk many of these trail!


I would have taken the short route too. :)
Still beautiful to see.
As much as I would have wanted to walk out on the frozen water I wouldn't have. Call me chicken!

BTW- it would nice if you were related to those Sharp families here in WV. You could come and we could get an inside tour of the whole farm!


I would have chosen the same route, Sallie. :) Rocky Mountain National Park is one of my favorite spots to be (silly to call such immense beauty a spot) and seeing your photos brings such a joyful feeling to me right now.

Glad you didn't attempt the ice.

Penelope Puddlisms

The soft covering of snow hides the dangers and gives people a false sense of security. We often do not pay proper heed to signs along the way, especially when they are nebulous.


I think that simply names of those walks would make me spoilt for choice. I must say that Nymph, Dream and Emerald would win the day as they are so descriptive and who would not want to see and dream about a few nymphs on their way to view an Emerald Lake?


It sure is pretty but freezing cold. I don't think that I would ignore those signs.


I would have loved to get to see all lakes.
Especially the Bierstadt (beer city in German) :))
And I never go on ice unless there is a sign
saying that it is safe to go on it.
Wishing you a joyful holiday season too :)

Traveling Cats

I'm in awe looking at those pictures. Beautiful.


Now that's my kind a hike! 256' even I could manage and enjoy into the bargain.
Beautiful country Sallie but then, that's what one expects of the Rockies.


That's the one I would have chosen


Deathly afraid of falling thru thin ice...scary..
Glad you had fun in the snow...brrrr...


Amazing place for a hike.


I'm glad you got to play in the snow, Sallie.


Very beautiful! This time of year the ice is probably pretty safe.


To them, "“sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand”.


beautiful bear lake.

too bad those folks don't pay attention it could cost them a dunk in the icy lake or their life.


That could be a fatal mistake. It sure is a pretty spot..


Bear Lake is a place I recognized from my trip to Colorado. Your photos with the snow and ice and beautiful. It is a lovely park for hiking and scenic views.. Great photos, Sallie.. Enjoy your week!


What beautiful scener.y


Beautiful shots. Looks like a great hike.

artmusedog and carol

Gorgeous photography and what a place ~ Beautiful!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol


Beautiful scenery but I would want to be very sure how strong the ice was before venturing out on it. It always amazes me how people don't seem to pay attention to signs. I hope you had really warm clothing!!


Such a beautiful, snowy place and worth getting cold to visit!! Have a great week, Sallie!!


I love the empty slate of snow.

My grandson play war and there was one in The Nutcracker!


I was told by a park visitor, "Only 10% of people read signs."

Short and sweet!


lovely view, looks chilly though

Gail Dixon

I would have chosen the same hike! lol Such a beautiful area to explore. The Thin Ice sign would get my attention and I would not take any chances.


20 degrees sounds like Ocala these days. This is the coldest I remember it in 10 years - down in the 30s many nights so far. Crazy. I think we may have to move back further south but then climate change is already causing flooding in downtown Miami so that's not good! :)

Re thin ice: I seem to recall numerous occasions where I heard the words: "Be careful, you're skatin' on pretty thin ice here!"

But I wasn't skating and there was no ice around. What do you think they meant? :))

Thanks for your comments!


I would HATE to fall through ice...you go down and come up some place else UNDER ice...never a good thing. Ever.



a bit too nippy for me, too! :)


Gosh, you must be hardy! But it is perhaps clear and crisp, as opposed to the cold, damp we get in UK Midlands.

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