January 09, 2015


Joe Todd

You sure do get around and that is a really good thing...


Huge and beautiful animals! Love these photos. I haven't seen one in person for quite a while. Thanks...
"(mooses? meese?)" So funny!


O love moose in any way or coloration and these are quite magnificent specimen. Unfortunately I have only once had the pleasure of seeing them in person in a Swedish forest.
Thank you Sallie for being my friend and leaving me comments when I was in no great frame of mind.

bettyl - NZ

What awesome creatures these are!! Great shots.

Joe Todd

Must have been a real fun time

Freda Mans

Wonderful and big moose! Love them. We have lots in Canada too.


I love your photo series! AND I enjoyed the Honeymoon Hotel..what a hoot!


Clair Harris Zarges

You have the best adventures! I clicked to look at the mother moose and her baby and would have thought that was the most unusual moose series, but the moose family on this page is wonderful, too.


Great to see your photographs of the CO wildlife.


The elk and moose are all magnificent. And I love your previous Alaska post too - whimsical indeed!

Jenn Jilks

Aren't they beautiful? And majestic and huge!

Lady Fi

Wow - what a magnificent elk! Fabulous shots.


Oh wow, how gorgeous is that bull elk. the moose aren't too shabby either.


Amazing pictures.

artmusedog and carol

What a place and wonderful critter photography!

Happy Weekend,
artmusedog and carol

Linda W

Wow - how great is that to see a entire family of moose? Great photos - you must have been very close.


Nice photos. The only moose I have seen are in Yellowstone and never in a group except a mom and her calves. Great shots.


I love Rocky Mountain National Park - and I love these photos. Gosh, Sallie, excitement at its purest.


The elk is very handsome with his antlers. I love the moose. We had lots of them where we lived when I was little.


oooh they look like such big fellows!


Lucky you spotting all these gorgeous creatures. That elk is huge! I've never seen an elk or a moose in southwest Colorado. I know there are elk in that area, but maybe not moose!


The first moose outside of a zoo I saw near the Yellowstone Park and my American aunt thought it was a bear, she didn't have her glasses ! Your photos are beautiful !


great photos, the elk particularly is magnificent


They don't seem impressed with the humans taking photos.


oohhh what an impressive critter!!!!


The iconic Rocky Mountain Elk looks very grand.


WOW that elk is a beauty and the CO moose too, what a treat eh? We saw moose in Denali and I saw some in Yellowstone, but that's been a long time back!! What I remember about my July trip to RMNP is... it snowed!

EG CameraGirl

They look like a healthy family. I guess they are finding lots to eat, which is good news.

Alexa T

Wonderful critters in stunning photo shots!! Thanks for sharing them and Have a sunny weekend of january!


Hi Sallie, I love the moose. It is cool you saw a family of moose.. Awesome sighting.. I love the Rocky Mtn Natl Park...it is a beautiful place.. Wonderful series of photos..Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!


What such great photos. How lucky to see a whole family. Awesome close-ups and loving Mr Elk too, he looks so close.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

How exciting to see these beautiful animals and you captured them so well. Have a wonderful weekend.


Dearest Sallie; Wow, How gorgeous they look and must have been facilitating to see your own eyes♡♡♡ Great photographs of exciting animalLOVE the family scene♪♪♪
PS> So sorry for my absence, dear friend!!! I promise I'll be more faithful this year.
Hope you had a wonderful head start of the year 2015☆☆☆
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Great photos of all the animals and I especially liked the Moose. I saw a moose many years ago while canoeing in Canada. It was pre-digital days! and you wouldn't believe the amount of film I wasted while I was slowly getting closer!


Fantastic!!! Their coats are so shiny and they look very healthy looking. Very exciting to come across that many. And your elk photo was impressive also. Quite a rack on that big guy. Great captures Sally, and have a great weekend!


How exciting! Love the photos. I've only seen moose once in Yellowstone and not very close. Magnificent animals.


Gorgeous animals! I love that area of Colorado:)
Blessings, Aimee


They are big beautiful animals. The family group is a keeper.


Great photos of the moose Sallie


These are amazing animals! Gorgeous shots!


gosh, their coats are so thick and look so soft! beautiful!

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