January 27, 2015



I've never seen, or even heard of that bird (on the left), in the first photo. Nice pics!


Beautiful birds! The sleepy squirrel is sure cute!


Love those turtles. Looks like that raft is very popular with the critters!


Hello Sallie, I am stopping back to say thank you for linking up your critter post. I enjoyed all the birds and turtles..Have a happy weekend@


I wondered what kind of heron that was


Dearest Sallie; Haha, I had to check 'anhinga' and he sure must have been scare the blue heron away :-) I LOVED the turtles' reflections in the reed. Lots of bluish creatures from slough(*^_^*) Nap time squirrel is located sweetly in between, my friend.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Wonderful shots of the birds and I love the one with the lecturing heron.


Lovely! What is always fun about your blog posts is the fact I see animals and birds and other wild things that I never would see here in our tiny part of the world.

I link back to you today on my post!

Linda ❤⊱彡

Barb Behmer

The turtles are my favorite. You're lucky to have wildlife so close.

Lady Fi

Amazing shots of the critters. I just love that first one!


Fun collection of Florida avians. In that first shot - I'm pretty sure they're married and the old man (anhinga) isn't listening to a word his wife (heron) is saying. That last shot is a little scary as it appears a gator may have been fishing for little birdies. We saw a gator attack and eat a bird in the canal at Shark Valley. What a racket - sounded and looked like the end of the world!

Thank you for your very generous compliment today!

EG CameraGirl

I enjoyed seeing all this wildlife!

Stewart M

Really like that last shot - its a great looking bird!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Excellent photos. I have nature preserves close to me too, but the animals stay mostly hidden. I'd love to be able to see birds and turtles in some of them. I see more in the countryside outside of the preserves.


What a great place - I love that first photo. And the tree in the previous post is perfect!


An absolute treat for my eyes this evening. Lovely, Sallie - and thank you.


Thought about you when I heard the announcement about the creation of a Wilderness Area in AK.


looks like a nice place to go and relax...and spot the wildlife! great shots. my favorites are the turtles!! and the snoozing squirrel!! well, the birds are all pretty cool too!


The turtles and the squirrel are so cute ! We once had a turtle in our yard which "ran" behind my mother's red food nails thinking that they were strawberries, probably, lol !

Mary Howell Cromer

Oh they are all just wonderful birds and I know that must be a fun place to visit~


Wonderful photos! I love the napping squirrel, so cute.


Nice spot to watch wildlife! Sometimes birds of a feather are a little indifferent about flocking together..lol Great shots, I love turtles too...they are so smart!!


Great photos! Love the discussion of the birds on the raft. And thanks for your comment on my recent post as well.


Great photos Sallie! I loved that first one and am dying to know what Mr. Heron is telling his "friend" :)
Blessings, Aimee


Love your photos!
Have a wonderful day!


That is a fun preserve. Lots of critters. Ours are pretty quiet this time of year.


these are wonderful Sallie. The squirrel is so cute.


What a lovely collection of photos! - and I thoroughly enjoyed your captions too.

The little blue heron and anhinga shot begs a speech bubble, though I'm pleased that you restrained yourself from adding one on this occasion.

Have a nice day.


Great sightings and marvelous captures. Love the sleeping squirrel and turtle's reflections.

Reader Wil

Hi Sallie! Your photos are as always crystal clear! very beautiful! Thank you. Have a nice week.

Wil,ABCW Team


Wonderful shots.

Lavender Dreams

That little blue sure is pretty! And I always love seeing the turtles. They seem to get along well, don't they? lol Hugs!


Sally,the photos are stunning, especially the heron and Anhinga at the top!


just love turtles! they make me smile every time! and the first scene made me jealous as i've never seen either of those birds in person. :)

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

A lovely selection of birds and Turtles in this post.


A great series of photos. I especially like the turtles and their reflections.


Splendid photos Sallie! You have shared my favorites today, as I love all these little critters. Have a great day :)


Hello Sallie, it is nice to have these preserves and parks close by.. The Little Blue is one of my favorite herons.. And I love the turtles.. Great post, enjoy your day!

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