January 14, 2015


Stewart M

I'd love to see a manatee - what a strange and wonderful animal.

Work and summer holidays have calmed do now, so it should be back to business as normal on the blogging front - now all I need to do is catch up on the comments and visits!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Oh sigh.... Lovely


Dearest Sallie; Wow, all the pictures made me jealous p:-) Especially, being able to see Manatees swimming☆☆☆ I LOVE the pictures of "Butterflies on bright red blossoms"; oh,around this time of the year. Thank you SO much for making us feel warm a little♡♡♡

ps. I was SO pleased and appreciated with your thoughtful comments for me. Your words made me feel so rewarding, dear friend♪

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


I love the mosaics and sky shots.

Mary Howell Cromer

One month from now I will be seeing gorgeous sights like this. I am so hoping for perfect weather when I visit family in Deerfield Beach next month...yay for blue skies~

bettyl - NZ

The world is such an amazing place no matter where you are and your photos are wonderful, as always :)


Here we just saw yesterday the first primrose : really early ! Have a nice week, Sallie and thanks for these beautiful shots !


It's gorgeous! We have a little snow left, but mostly it's been wet and grey and quite depressing really. Enjoy your Sunday!


I thought manatees before I read your words. They are so hard to photograph. The birds seem to be stirring up the mix of blue and white.


Till den varma tiden längtar jag med nu i regn och rusk,blåst och kyla som vi har i Sverige
Ha en skön söndag


so lovely and beautiful! love to be there :-)

Tom The Backroads Traveller

Such a wonderful collection for us. Tom The Backroads Traveller

Hildred Finch

Oh Sallie - these lift the heart - thanks for beautiful warm pictures!


Lovely shots Sallie! Now if you could just send me a little of that warmth and some blue skies!

Gemma Wiseman

The views of the mangrove swamp are so beautiful. Especially love the water view of the manatees.


the words mangrove swamp make me cringe thinking of what may be iiving in there :<))


and that's January? Wow!

Mind you, we do get January blue skies here, but they come with freezing temperatures!


You see what I am seeing now.

I am looking around, but cannot find you.


You have captured well the reason(s) I live in Florida! And during this time of the year, you area is even more beautiful than ours...and warmer!

Alexa T

So beautiful images! Lovely blooms and nature around! Have a sunny weekend!


You have the right idea moving south for winter.


Such beautiful pictures ! Just what I need to cheer me up !

Peter B

I love the sky shot with all the birds.


Beautiful photos! We don't have those exact same things in January, where I live. But close to it! As a friend of mine, used to say... "If palm trees don't grow there, don't go there!"


I've just added mangroves and manatees (in the wild) to my bucket list. Great images.


I don't see those things where I live in January (or any time of year) - very pretty!


I always like to see the trees with the spanish moss on them. It all looks so warm and sunny.


Mmmmmm that sunshine and warmth just what the body needs during a cold miserable winter. Maybe I need to spend January in Florida. What a bonus to see a manatee.

Behmer Barb

Sallie, What a great capture of the Manatee! I love all the reds, blues, and yellows. It's pretty white here...

Photo Cache

one of the sights i like is oaks with dripping spanish moss on a foggy day. eerily gorgeous.


The skies are so beautiful in winter.


Ahhhh! Love your shots for the day!! Oh, yes! Enjoy the warm beauty for me, too!!!


Aw, lucky, lucky you! Enjoy the warmth and the sun for me also!!!!



OK, so maybe I'll have to explore FL more one of these winters. I love the mangrove swamps and manatee. Plus I do know a few folks in FL.
Warm and windy in the desert today.


How gorgeous-and warm looking!
We had 2 sunny days-but a temperature of 41f., in the UK Midlands :)
There is a gales force wind too...

Lady Fi

How lovely and warm!

Mama Zen

Look at all that green! I'm jealous.


how awesome! i feel the warmth. :)

(the manatee is cool!!!)

EG CameraGirl

It looks so bright and cheerful!


A warm and delightful treat for me to see these sights this cold and dreary morning, Sallie. Thank you.


We havent seen blue skies in over a week now Im so ready for it...Love all the subjects in your photos today...Im ready for spring this has been a very bleak winter gloomy and dull!


Hello Sallie, beautiful flowers, butterflies and birds. The skies are lovely too. What a pretty day in Florida.. Have a great day!


You're going to turn me into a southern girl yet Sallie! Or at least a snowbird:) Surprisingly we have had sun and blue skies the last two days. Not surprisingly there's rain and gray in our future. Shockingly some of our roses are STILL blooming!
Blessings, Aimee


Oh wow, thank you so very much Sallie. Your flowers are gorgeous and so are your other photos. Really appreciate you linking with Today' Flowers, big smile here :)))

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