January 20, 2015



You can keep posting your Alaska trip photos forever. Your great photos and narrative, make for great posts...


mmmmm...halibut!! and not frozen from the market...but FRESH!!
bucket list...ALASKA!!! one of these years, after i retire...that will be the first place i travel to.
beautiful pic's.

artmusedog and carol

Oh it all looks so inviting as we are expecting snow tomorrow ~ Sat ~ Wonderful scenic photography!

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol


That would have been fun a fishing trip. I love Halbut but you can't get it here. Love the signs. especially no snogging I mean snagging


Beautiful shots all!


I love seeing your shots from Alaska.


Okay, I looked again, and now I see the walkway.


I can tell you are boat people. Love the long gang plank in the first photo. Trying to figure out why folks do when they reach the bottom.


I'd love to catch a halibut. I also love marinas. Great pics of the boats


Dearest Sallie; When I first read the 'halibut fishing charter', I thought it's a name of the kid of boat(^^;) And I checked the picture page; wow it is a big flat fish!!! Must have been super delicious♡♡♡ Love the fish shaped signs as well. I'm happy you got the meaning of 'snagging':-)
Haha, yes your photographs are "Prettier than the halibut" and I'm sure "the fish tasted better!"

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


The fish sounded delicious!The signs are certainly unexpected and the photos lovely to see-as always!

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA

Sounds like you both had a perfect day. Love the rainbow boat!

Barb Behmer

I'm definitely glad you weren't caught snagging, Sallie! I think I like your kind of beach treasures best (though I do like halibut...).

Lady Fi

What a charming place! I really like the harbour.


Your photos are gorgeous Sallie. The scenery in Alaska is breathtaking and I sure do hope we get out there one day. Looks like you had your fun when Bill was out fishing :).


Lovely scenery and such colorful boats! Mmmmmm - I love halibut!


Your alaska images are always so wonderful to view Sallie.

Jenn Jilks

What an amazing view. I love it. Harbours are so much fun.

ellen b

Love all these waterfront signs!

Photo Cache

I gotta ask - what is snagging?



The water does speak to you...you capture the feel and the emotion of the water very well!


Gemma Wiseman

Enchanting view of water, boats and snowy peaks in the first photo. And love the rainbowed effect on the boat hulls. Different and beautiful. But snagging has me puzzled.

Tom The Backroads Traveller

Wonderful shots Sally. Tom The Backroads traveller


This looks so inviting. Lovely!


Love your Alaska views - makes me want to wander up that way for myself.


You caught some great pics there, Sallie! ;-) Halibut is a great tasting fish.


ouch, that harbor seem too busy for my taste. Would want to get out on the water quickly.


I don't even eat fish but these photos make me wanna go fishing! I love the rustic look of the docks and the Charter Boat HQ..and that rainbow colors on the hull...what a great idea!! I wish Alaska was closer to home.


Hello Sallie, Alaska is beautiful. I love the first shot of the boats with the mountains in the background! Halibut is one of my favorite fish to eat, it is tasty! Have a great day!


Alaska seems to be a very beautiful place !


I love your sign posts


I could look at your Alaska images every day, Sallie - and the halibut sounds fabulous.


Love these shots with such contrast between the harbor full of boats and snow covered peaks. I'll bet the halibut tasted extra special having been caught by Bill.

Gail Dixon

Whoa, some gorgeous boats there! How neat that you could freeze, then ship your catch to your desired destination. That old Fresh Fish sign is so cool. I keep telling Double D we have to take an Alaskan cruise!


some pretty colorful boats! glad you were able to catch and ship your fish to enjoy later!


Well, I love boats and water so I really enjoyed these pictures. It's been years since I've been deep-sea fishing, but those were fun times. And halibut is very good eating! That was some trip you had. I liked all of your beach treasures, too!

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