January 02, 2015


Susie Clevenger (@wingsobutterfly)

Such beautiful, pink flowers. I always think of blushing when I see pink. Gorgeous shots!

Villroses hage

Oh! What beauties :-)

Freda Mans

Beautiful blooms!


Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing these Sallie, they are absolutely gorgeous! The bumble bee was very cute. I love bumble bees though I have never been stung by one.


Love the bumble bee burrowing his way in



Oh, how I love these - especially that plump honeybee.


I agree, this is perfect :)


Have a wonderful week!

Gemma Wiseman

Such a glorious range of enchanting pinks. The peppermint candy camellia looks so romantic and soft.


Love love love the pink

bettyl - NZ

What wonderful blooms! The soft colors are really beautiful.


it's gray and raining here at the shore.....these are a beautiful sight to my "need for color" eyes!!!!

purple is my favorite, but pink is a very close second. these are all gorgeous!!!!!


Gorgeous flowers! Amaryllises are my favorite Christmas flowers.


Dearest Sallie: Oh, PINK is my favorite color♡♡♡ They really ARE beautiful and with the colder weather than the normal year we are having, they made me feel warm♪♪♪

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Pink in January! Thank you for the gift!


Fantastic sugar-pink flowers! Love seeing these in December. You got some awesome photos! I wanted to tell you, I have posted the verdin before, both stills and video. I know you missed the video because I looked to see if you commented. They are barely bigger than the hummingbirds and they fuss at me when they can't figure out how to perch on the little feeders out front so they can drink the nectar! :-)But they visit the feeders in the back yard too where it's easier.


Gorgeous - flowers in January still seem very strange to me. Happy New Year!


these flowers make me yearn for spring!! My Mom loves amaryllis too she bought one for the holiday and it's giving us a second blooming!! First time we've had one do that!


Oooh. You made me blush!


Oh, how pretty! The amaryllis always cause me to think of my mom - how she loved those. The bee is sure enjoying the peppermint candy camellia. :)


Darn...that's Brevard County.


You are lucky indeed. My friend of many years recently movd back to her old home in regard County. I'm saving my pennies to visit her next winter. Sill broke from house repairs this winter. I think about you and your traveling life when I pay a repair bill. ha ha!e


Very nice, Sallie! It's been warm here, too. The grass is greening up again, my shrubs and bushes are sprouting new leaves and summer flowers are popping out of the ground. But we'll still have a couple of cold spells which will turn things around.

Spanish Springs is nice, but next time be sure to spend some time in Lake Sumter Landing. That's got the most to offer of the three "Hometowns." The lake is nice, lots of great restaurants and shops. The hotel on the water, the Waterside Inn, is beautiful!


You are lucky. And these pinks are all gorgeous!


Oh my these are gorgeous. that first one is a double beauty.


Oh my goodness! You captured some beautiful blooms! I've not seen the peppermint camellias before. I have the solid pink ones in my yard. I'm going to look for the peppermint ones for the spring. It is nice to live so far down south that things are still growing and blooming. Now if this Seattle-like weather would just go away...


Wow ! what beautiful flowers ! Makes me dream of summer time !


Those are gorgeous pink flowers!

Coloring Outside the Lines

Wow- gorgeous pinks- beautiful!


Oh my, absolutely stunning Sallie! Thank you for linking your post with Today's Flowers. Your photos are lovely. Happy New Year!


Sexy colour.


gorgeous! nice to see blooms right now!


I'm ready to head to Florida. Dark, drizzly, and miserable here.


I love that bee butt in the camilia!!! Sometimes I miss bugs...


Lovely shots of lovely blooms in winter. Actually we have similar ones bloom in our winter too.


Gorgeous pink blooms and lovely images, Sallie! Happy weekend!


Beautiful flowers. I love that peppermint candy camellia! With all the pretty sunshine we've had lately and your floral themed post, you have me looking forward to spring:)
Blessings, Aimee

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA

Lordy, these are so beautiful. Sallie, thank you for your comment about gray Seattle. That is definitely the most difficult part of living here. It does make you appreciate the occasional sunny skies, that's for sure. Glad you are in Florida, though. Someone's gotta be in the warm sunshine...


love Camellias! we get alot of them here flower over winter and spring :-)

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