February 10, 2015


David Gascoigne

I think that Anhingas sort of personify the Everglades for me. You wonder whether global warming is going to cause that entire area to get permanently submerged.


Beautiful shots !

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Wonderful...wonderful water birds!!! We have them all here, but sadly this past year, the Anhingas have not shown up. I don't know why, but I do hope they return....they're so beautiful with their feathers/wings open. Great images.

Once again, thanks for taking time to add your link to share your birding post at I'd Rather B Birdin'!!!


The only blackbird I see, here, at this time f the year is... the blackbird (merle, in French). They come at the beginning of the day to eat the apples I cut for them and put on... the snow. Yes, we have snow now ... and blckbirds on the snow, are beautiful ! Have a nice week, Sallie !


Beautiful birds. I like that first shot.


These are great shots! How interesting that they don't have oil glands.

Liz Needle

Thanks for that info about the cormorants and Anhingas. I had no idea about their lack of oil glands. We get cormorants and egrets a plenty, but never anhingas that I know of. Great shots of the birds.


Hello Sallie, just stopping back to say thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy Valentine's Day weekend!


You'd think that oil would be good.... Neat captures Sallie


beautiful birds both of them :)


I never, ever tire of seeing these birds, Sallie. The first shot of the anhinga is exciting to see. Hope you see, and photo, even more.


That first shot just pops out at you - terrific capture Sallie! I want some of the sunshine he's enjoying. We woke up to snow and 25 degrees.

Lady Fi

That first shot is just gorgeous!


What great information and photos!


Amazing, stunning shots :).


Wow! I'd be in heaven if I saw all of these water birds at the same place. The anhingas do look a lot like cormorants, but I see the difference in the beak. I remember being so excited when a pair of cormorants began visiting the small lake I used to hike to.


Hi Sallie, wonderful photos and I enjoyed reading about the birds. Thank you :)


lots of wonderful birds pics.


Great shots of the birds and interesting information. I wasn't familiar with the anhinga.

Hildred Finch

Love your bird pictures, - I would send some in return but they would be mostly sparrows and chickadees, with the odd blue jay thrown in for colour.

Reader Wil

Thanks for this informative post! I learn so much from you!
Have a great week.
Wil, ABCW Team.


Excellent! I love watching them on the logs!

Linda ❤⊱彡

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Fantastic close up shot of the first image although all are good.


I always learn new species of birds on your blog !


Super post - informative, great pictures, delightfully presented.

We see a lot of egrets too, but have yet to get close enough to snap anything more than a dot-in-the-distance photo of one - so well done for bashing off your superb pictures.

I've just woken, got up, made a cup of coffee and started surfing the net. I immediately came upon your "girl fight" comment on my blog..... and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed!!! Thanks for giving me such a wonderful witty fun start to my day.

I wish you a great day too.


Considering I only see an egret now and then out of this group they are marvelous to see.


awesome bird photos...I enjoy all the water dwelling birds.


Beautiful shots of my favorite subject, birds! I love watching them drying their feathers like that Anhinga in the first picture.


Love that Anhinga drying its wings.

Barb Behmer

I had no idea that's why cormorants hold their wings out. I thought they were just putting on a show!


I love Florida's birds. In Ft. Lauderdale we lived in a condo on a canal and would watch the anhingas fish...such great fun. They'd dive and then surface 20 - 30 feet down the canal, then dive again.

I've never been able to tell a cormorant from an anhinga so the curved beak info was helpful. Thanx.

But you are "unbearable." Yup, the bear was Photoshopped! Heh, heh.


I learn something from you whenever I check in. Thanks.


I love the photo of the anhinga drying its wings.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh what a great series. Love the Anhinga's drying technique!


A great series of photos - I especially lie the Anhinga - I had one drop off a perch into the water in front of me at the lake last week - and totally disappear! Or at least I couldn't see it again!


LOVE the anhinga shot! so sleek!

Lavender Dreams

I was looking at the egrets and then I realized the Ibis were mixed in. Looks like a happy flock! Enjoy your day. It's a bit chilly here today. Hugs, Diane

Mary Howell Cromer

Lovely share Sallie. I might get to see a few birds like this, or sort of next week in Florida. We have Cormorants that travel through and I have seen them drying their wings like this. Happy week~


Hello Sallie, wonderful collection of birds and photos..The Anhinga is a neat bird. I like how you did the black/white theme. Have a happy day!

Adam Jnes

A great shine to the Cormorants back.

Mama Zen

That first shot is so cool!

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