February 15, 2015



Mmmm I think I could cope with strawberries morning, noon and night

Joe Todd

Makes my mouth water LOL.. Heading south tomorrow Orlando for a week then east coast for a week.. Very cold here in Ohio


Dearest Sallie; Oh, Harvest season already. Looks really Fresh and Delicious♡♡♡ My retired uncle's hobby is growing vegetables, he'd jealous and wish your warm weather :-)

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


harwest? o, dear, that is not fair!
My world, grey,wet,dirty.......


Same for S AZ and S CA. Love your photos!


We're getting the Florida produce into our markets up here. Great stuff.

Barb Behmer

I'm trying not to be jealous of all that fresh produce. Our winter shipped tomatoes are seedy and watery replicas of tomatoes.


Very pretty - only four months until growing season here!

Some of the trails on the Academy grounds are open to the public during visitors hours. The one I blogged about is not open to the public at any time, although it used to be, several years ago.

Su-sieee! Mac

Strawberries all day and night long. How fortunate!
Take 25 to Hollister


Oh! Yummy-yummy for you! Lucky you! Lucky your tummy!

Linda ❤⊱彡

Jenn Jilks

The colours are amazing! Everything is so whiter here!


Sliced garden tomatoes - be still my heart. :)
We have had some fairly good strawberries in one local store lately but they aren't the fresh juicy ones.

Sharon Wagner

They look so tasty. Enjoy!


Great post. It is amazing how the growing season never ends some places.


florida has the BEST strawberries!! i used to live in Plant City, and go to the strawberry festival every year...right around this time!! AND the 'pick your own' in the fields!! :)

Mary Howell Cromer

I am looking forward to fresh produce and seafood when I get to FL. It was to have been today that I head there, but the state of KY was declared in a state of emergency yesterday and so I have to wait another week. Ah, yet soon enough, warm weather for a bit~


I love seeing all the summery colors here. Brighter days are just around the corner!

Photo Cache

Oh gimme some strawberries! We've been having April weather in February lately. Hope we go back to some foggy, cooler weather very soon.

Worth a Thousand Words


Oh, this is such a feast for the senses! Green, green, green. :) Fabulous photos and your layouts are wonderful, Sallie.


The strawberries looked so good today that I bought another carton even though I have one at home. I would make jam but I still have some from last season. At home, in Paris, when my mother found tasty strawberries she served them in a little red wine with sugar, have you tried that?

bettyl - NZ

All those strawberries can't be bad!!! Love your mosaics.

ann nz

what green veg is growing from the plastic?


Kind of looks like some of the fields in southern AZ. And the strawberries I just bought are the size of small apples. Love going to farmer markets and have a chance Friday in Borrego Springs.

artmusedog and carol

Beautiful series of mosaic photography of the 'harvesting' beginning ~ love it all!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol

Gail Dixon

This all looks so healthy. I wish we had a farm like this close by. Chard is something I have not tried yet, but want to. It looks super fresh and good for you.

ken schneider

We tried tomatoes but the ducks, worms and birds got them. I will settle for mangoes and avocados!

Laura Hegfield

everything looks so yummy Sallie… thank you for your loving comment on my blog post, you truly touched my heart.

Jesh. StG

Wow, that looks so inspiring! Never knew I had it so good in Southern Calif. with Growers Markets around - where I live now around Sacramento, we do have the veggies but...expensive! Do you have a good recipe with Swiss Chard - I like to know it:) Have a great week!


MMMMMmmm! Looks delicious!! As you know, we're having unbelievably beautiful, warm weather for this time of year, but I'm surely not complaining!! Great post/photos as always!! Enjoy your new week!!


I love fresh vegetables and fruits!
The fresh strawberries will be here in June !
Fantastic photos !


Wow fresh abundant harvest. I can't wait for spring and summer to come for berries anf flowers to bloom. Your pictures made me more excited of the coming of spring.

Donna@Living From Happiness

looks wonderful...looking forward to growing veggies and fruits here in a few months.

EG CameraGirl

Those strawberries sure look good!

Lady Fi

Harvesting and strawberries already! How lovely.

Penelope Postcards

Wow … an overabundance of strawberries would, indeed, sound like a fantasy to dreamers experiencing the full blast of winter right now. Year-round fresh food would be heaven.


OH my I need to move I want to garden year round!


Oh, I could do strawberries morning, noon, and night!

Life Images by Jill

it looks like a bountiful harvest. I haven't grown strawberries for years. I really should. Have a great week.


Your quiche sounds fabulous and those berries look amazing! No crops here yet, but my plum tree has started blooming and we actually had our car's A/C on for a few moments today on a trip up into the mountains.
Loved your pictures today!
Blessings, Aimee


That's interesting. I never realized there would be different harvesting seasons in warmer weather. I just thought they'd be3 able to do it all year long. Now I know about it.


The Jersey fields were just ready for planting to start last week :). I did have a gorgeous fresh (?) strawberry meringue desert though.....I love fresh salads.


Seeing all that green is a delight for the eyes! The strawberries look wonderful!

Mama Zen

Wow! I am so jealous!




All the fresh fruits and veges look delightful. You certainly have the best of all seasons by moving between Oregon and Florida.


Beautiful shots from nature.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

We bought strawberries from Plant City and fresh tomatoes at the flea market last weekend and were they ever tasty. Where is the farmers' market that you buy from? I am going to hate to go back home to cardboard tomatoes and white strawberries. :-)
Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.


My family have just returned from Florida. I should have asked them to bring fresh produce with them. Yours photos tell the tale, I especially have my eye on those strawberries.


I love everything about FRESH foods. Although we depend upon the Farmer's Market for most fresh foods....I usually do can or put up lots of fresh peas. The picture of your fresh tomatoes looks yummy! Even though the seasons have changed a lot here in TEXAS, a good garden can still be grown between the months of April - July.
Enjoy your Sunday evening...


i tried gardening in texas a few times after moving here from wisconsin. i could never get used to the growing season(s) they have here and all my veggies got seared in the heat as i tried summer growing. ha!


Sounds yummy and I love strawberries.. I wish is was spring growing season here.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week ahead!

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