February 01, 2015


Muhammad Khabbab

Beautiful orchids. And i love the bauhinia, it is almost native to our region and used for culinary purposes here.


My goodness, how gorgeous and thank you for doing the research Sallie. Very interesting. Thank you also for linking to Today's Flowers. I am doing the happy dance.


they really are so beautiful!!!


well, that is a nice surprise. Loved to see it. :)


Very pretty orchids and great photos of them! Way back in the day, when I was unlucky enough to spend quite a bit of time in a certain Southeast Asian country, I occasionally saw orchids growing up in the limbs of trees.

Coloring Outside the Lines

Very pretty. I am sure I will forget too-these sorts of facts don't stick in my brain very long. But it is interesting to read about them. I think it is amazing to see them in basket in a tree!

Jenn Jilks

It saddens me, but I never went to a prom!
I'm happy to share your flowers, though. Love seeing the colours. We're so frozen in the snow!

Hootin' Anni

Just one word...well, a few more than one...but, STUNNING comes to mind, and wow---they really thrive in tree baskets?!!!

Reader Wil

I thought that wild orchids always grow on host trees. My daughter in Australia has several trees hosting orchids. They are not as beautiful as yours!
Have a beautiful week!
Wil, ABCW Team

Barb Behmer

Well, I just checked mine, and they aren't showing even a hint of blooming. I carried orchids (pure white, of course), in my wedding bouquet. However, I don't think they like living (even inside) in CO. Or, maybe it's just my care they don't appreciate. Smell the orchids for me, Sallie.


Those orchids are gorgeous with such deep, rich colors!


Both kinds make me smile, too. It's nice to see these colors today. :)


Very pretty - I've never lived anywhere orchids would grow outside. Here they're hard to keep alive inside because it's so dry!


Stunning! Orchids are amazing. My friend calls them parasites, and I suppose they are, but they sure do live beautifully!


Orchids have so much personality. Interesting idea to wire a basket to a tree. May have to try that one.


I love orchids!

Photo Cache

I was born and raised in Asia, in tropical weather. The only way I knew orchids grew were from a tree :) Nice to see orchids growing hanging from a tree again.


Beautiful delicate orchids.


Wonderful shots of the orchids.

bettyl - NZ

The things we learn! They are all so pretty!

Joe Todd

Beautiful photos Sallie.. I'm going to go back to the Franklin Park Conservatory to see some local Orchids.. We are one day closer to spring LOL


From a bush
From a tree
Whatever they be
They stand alone
In dainty beauty!


Aren't they beautiful and so varied.


Orchids are fascinating with all their different shapes and colours.

Villroses hage

Fantastic colours on the first one!

artmusedog and carol

Oh I could use some Spring time flowers ~ Thanks for your magnificent floral photography!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol


I can only repeat what everyone else has written, these are SO gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty!! Hope you have a great new week!!


The Bauhinia tree is really beautiful, as are the frilly orchids, how special to be able to grow them outside. I suppose here I could grow orchids outside in the summer then bring them in, but there is always the possiblilty of bringing in aphids and spider mites at the same time, so I mostly just leave them on the windowsill.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

Stunning orchids!


These orchids are so beautiful! Amazing colors!


Lucky you! Lucky,lucky, lucky YOU! Orchids for February....perfect!

Linda ❤⊱彡

Laura Hegfield

Thanks for sharing the beauty with I Heart Macro Sallie:-)

Lady Fi

How beautiful! And a lovely sight since we're in the middle of our third day of snow and no sun.

Sharon Wagner

I love orchids. One of mine just bloomed twice in a row. And I'm eagerly awaiting the other. It's late...

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

I'll be looking for baskets of orchids growing in trees on my walks - isn't that something?
Thank you for the botanical info on the orchid tree - something I won't remember either but I just love finding what we have for houseplants growing outside as huge specimens in a warmer climate.
Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Sallie.


They are all incredibly beautiful!


Haha, I know there is at least one person who are so forgetful as me.
I tend to forget names of birds and mushrooms a day later.
I give up to search for the scientific facts and names now.


They make me smile too :)
Blessings, Aimee

Gemma Wiseman

These gorgeous colours set in green leaves are stunning. Amazing the variety of colour and pattern.


Both are beautiful flowers whether they're blooming from the tree from before or growing in a basket in the tree.


How beautiful ! Orchids I only see in garden shops !

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Orchids are such beautiful flowers, and their variety is amazing to me. I look forward to an orchid plant that I have in my home to begin to grow its flower stem soon. It always blooms in spring.


Those are some fancy flirts in petal skirts!


Learning is fun, but appreciating for intrinsic value may be better. Orchids are always pretty and you are lucky to see them right next door.

Freda Mans

I've never heard of orchid trees till now. Well, not that big anyway... they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


well now that is interesting


it is amazing I couldn't grow an orchid if I tried Im sure!


They are beautiful.


Great photos of the orchids and so good to see them growing out in the open like that. It sounds to be the same kind of climate as here - all the orchids need is a bit of shade and some water.


How pretty to see them growing outside like that! I have an orchid that I have done quite well with, but I have to keep it inside because it gets a little colder up here.


You sound like me when it comes to names of flowers and birds. I'm hopeless but they all make me smile.

Sharon @ Faith Hope & Cherrytea

waking to -27 degrees this morning, I revel in all the floral collages today :)

Michelle RamblingWoods

Sallie..this is a beautiful post for Nature Notes.. It doesn't have to be all about my garden...really.. please link in...Michelle

Penelope Puddlisms

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is a well-known phrase that came to mind reading this post. Orchids, like orchid lookalikes, have a sweet sophistication about them, in my view. :)


These are amazingly beautiful flowers,spreading happiness to all!


They are gorgeous. Thank you too for the info: I had never heard of an orchid tree. They would not grow in UK. ( -4C tonight).2


just gorgeous and so tropical. nice to see blooming color in winter!


You are lucky to have the weather to grow the beautiful orchids..Or at least share your neighbors orchids.. I am sure they do not mind..Lovely photos.. Have a happy new week ahead!

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