March 02, 2015



Happy to know your trip was fine and safe. Here more and more sun, less and less snow, and the first, very little spring flowers...


Nice looking boat. I grew up boating on rivers and kind of miss it. What a wonderful adventure to go 65 miles.


A very nice trip to a lovely location. Thanks for sharing it.

Su-sieee! Mac

Enjoy, enjoy! One of these days, I'd like to have a boat adventure.
Take 25 to Hollister


Dearest Sallie; I googled picture page of 'flotilla and pontoon boat' p:) How fun it must be to enjoy boat trip♡♡♡ And safe trip home without any trouble is the most important thing, isn't it☆☆☆ Great to read you could enjoy seeing orange groves and their sweet smell as well♡♡♡ And yes, I also am looking forward to see the birds pictures.

I REALLY loved to read your thoughtful comments, Dear friend.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I did not know that Lake Okeechobee was the second largest freshwater lake in the US! It looks beautiful. I would have loved to smell the orange grove.

Gail Dixon

Oh I can't wait to see the birding photos from your trip! Your boat is awesome and I'm glad there were no issues. My uncle traded in his houseboat for a pontoon boat and personally, I like the pontoon so much better. We're all on the same level and it's completely open to let that wonderful sea (or bayou) breeze through. Great post!


Great shots! What a fun place to visit.


cool boat trip!!!! :)


How fun that must be! Ive always wanted a pontoon boat just to laze around on and watch birds (they seem to tolerate boats), my X had fishing boats and he would sometimes take me along for ballast..lol

Stewart M

Those shots look a lot like some parts of Queensland (but without the 'roos!)


Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


oh how lovely! looks like my sort of place to visit


What a beautiful place !


I would LOVE to visit an orange grove--I can only imagine how wonderful the fragrance would be! Nice trip!! Blessings, Aimee


This looks to be super fun. And you and your boat look to be so dashing. Thanks for this delightful blog post - great stuff!
It brings out the shanty-er in me....

♫ A LIFE on the ocean wave,
A home on the rolling deep,
Where the scattered waters rave,
And the winds their revels keep....♫

Have a great week.

Lady Fi

What a lovely trip - great way to travel!


65 miles is a pretty good distance for a boat. It looks like a great adventure.
I remember as a kid in the mountains of Arizona we would go to Phoenix and stay in trailer parks where there were orange trees. They did smell nice.


Refreshing lake pictures!


That sounds and looks like such a delightful trip. I'm living vicariously through you, Sallie.


Your trip sounds wonderfully relaxing. I wish I could smell those orange groves.


Oh...I wish I was with you....lovely


Beautiful shots of the place. The lake is very much inviting.

Reader Wil

Wonderful boat trip! you are such a lovely lady to say that you had lots of troubles some years ago, but you hoped that it won't happen to anybody else
Have a lovely spring day and week, Sally!
Wil, ABCW Team.

Photo Cache

the names of these bodies of water are tongue twisters.


Great shots and sounds like so much fun!


Oh! What fun! You always have the best adventures!

Linda ♪♫❤


What a wonderful way to view the wildlife.


Loved hearing about little man. :-)

artmusedog and carol

How blessed you are ~ Wonderful photos and so inviting from here in MA ~ with all our snow!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol


awesome way to travel. if your boat fails you, others can jump in to help!


Sallie, this boat trip looks like fun! I would enjoy seeing all the birds along the way too. I am sure the scenery is lovely like the orange trees.. Great post and photos.. Have a happy new week ahead!


Oh, what a fun trip!! You always have the best!! Thanks for sharing, love your photos for the day!! Hope you have a great new week!!


Great Shots, Looks like a great trip


Looks lovely. I am so glad you enjoyed it. We had a sprinkling of snow today, with more promised during the noght😊.

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