May 18, 2015



This is such a beautiful spot. You sure make Florida appealing.

Jenn Jilks

It is an interesting way to live!


The "Snowbirds" is an interesting and descriptive term. I'm guessing it refers to people from the north of America migrating back to spend summer in the north? Like you I think I would be very tempted to hang around in Florida and take advantage of the peace and quiet.(And get some birding in). As long as the temperatures didn't get too high.

Michelle RW

So peaceful..so glad the repairs are done... Michelle

Penelope Postcards

The last photo is a picture of serenity. I can imagine the only manmade sound is the steady hammering and sawing of your Bill rebuilding the dock. I am impressed he can do that. :)

jesh stg

Yeah, any kind of building creates a lot of noise - same here for the last months. Great to have a boat though - you are living the good life:)
And beautiful reflections:) (hope you're gonna link to weekend reflections (Friday: weekendreflection(dot)blogspot(dot)com

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

It does look quiet and peaceful there, Sallie! Does someone check on the house boats of the people who travel back north for the summer? I will have Florida house guests in June. My friends from Coral Gardens will be visiting. I hope our weather improves--it has been rainy and gloomy here for week--so unlike Colorado!


pretty views. love that last image Sallie.


What a lovely place! Glad you stay on after most people have gone, and get to enjoy the peacefulness.


Oh what a truly lovely location you have.

Clair Z.

So lovely and tranquil.


Building a boat dock is a huge job. Well done. I'm good on the dummy end of thins also!


NatureFootstep Photo

quiet in every way obvoiously. :)


I love to watch men at work. Have done so all my life. Learned a lot by never lifting a finger. Beautiful photos of a wonderful place. I am so envious!!

Sharon Wagner

My goal is to live on water someday soon!

Reader Wil

Thanks for your delightful post! And also for your comment. I didn't know that steles were to be found in the Maya culture as well! That is very interesting as there was no communication between the ancient European cultures and the Ancient Americans. At least that is what I always have thought. Now I have learnt something new. Thanks!
Wil, ABCW Team

Gemma Wiseman

The little dock is delightful. How wonderful to be able to step out of your home onto a boat.
P.s. The "wire" by the lake is a lake monster made of lots of twigs.


LOL. I handle the "dummy" end of the tape measure too:) Yea on finishing your boat dock! Looks so peaceful...
Blessings, Aimee

Carol Carson

What a neat blog! You and Bill chose a beautiful life. The dock looks great now. I looked back a post and love your Blue Jay photos. As for the mockingbird, I've never seen one, so that those photos were a treat too. Continued happy living to you both!

bettyl - NZ

That looks like a lovely place to live. You asked when Wednesday around the world opens, to be honest I don't know--one of the original members of Communal Global authors it from Hong Kong and it's not always the same time each week. I publish it at 3AM NZ time--if that helps.


Must be a relief to have a shipshape dock again :) it all looks so pretty down tiger with the water and the boats.


Lovely shots and that sign gave me a smile.

Su-sieee! Mac

Dummy end of the tape measure. LOL. The Husband and I vie for that position. Not much handy work gets done in our household. It must be awesome to live on such a beautiful canal.
Take 25 to Hollister


You have your own little piece of Heaven, Sallie! How I love imagining you there, soaking up the warmth and once and awhile holding the tape measure.


You live in a beautiful spot! Glad to hear about the dock, though. I'd hate to hear you stepped on the dock, felt a shock and dropped into the sea. Then everyone would look around, say, "Now where can Sallie be?"


Sounds like a nice spot, and the dock looks plenty sturdy. Sounds like you did something similar to us. We traveled on vacations until we just landed in Powell River and found our float cabin. Fell in love, bought it, and that's where we are the happiest. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my rain bubbles. - - Margy

Coloring Outside the Lines

Oh what a gorgeous place- so calm and peaceful. I'm glad you got your dock fixed.


What a beautiful view! So calm.


Such a serene place. How on earth do you motivate yourself to do any work or indeed move away from those scenes!


What a beautiful place to live ! I suppose you live there in one of the cottages ?


Dearest Sallie; Wow,I just amazed with the fantastic picture of the quiet canal with gorgeous reflection♡♡♡ Looks really soothing and relaxing as well♪  SO happy that your husband finished rebuilding the boat dock. (guess that must have been a big job) I smiled with what you said 'the dummy end of the tape measure' Yes, I AM,too p:-)

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


As long as it doesn't too hot and sticky it would be nice to enjoy the quiet time after most have headed north. Glad you're not going to fall in the canal now. Love the sign.

Lady Fi

It does look so peaceful and lovely!

Karen, Pixel Posts

What a pretty place to live! Great reflections in the last shot.


That last shot is really peaceful. Is it time already to head back? Seems like you just got there.


Haha, Sallie - I'm pretty good at the dummy end of the tape measure, too. I really love that last shot. Thanks, Sallie - the best way to end my day.


What a lovely place to wake up to. Good job on the dock rebuild - the way the weather is this spring, we'll be building one soon...


love! what gorgeous scenery :-)


you live in a beautiful part of the world,

Gill in Southern Ontario.

Photo Cache

The calmness of the canal is so beautiful. Does this mean, just like the birds, you'll soon head westward?


The photos of water are exquisite - well done!
Have a Beautiful Day!!
Peace :)

Laura Hegfield

Beautiful reflections Sallie!

artmusedog and carol

Oh it looks so inviting ~ love the canals and glad you have a new dock ~ Gorgeous photos!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol


oh, that still water is beautiful! glad you got the dock fixed!


Love that smooth water and what wonderful reflections!! The boat looks great!! Hope you have beautiful week, Sallie!! Enjoy!!


I'd like to make a big splash there!


Beautiful photos of the canal and the reflections. I would find it very hard to get any extra projects done with that right outside my door!


Sallie, I am glad you never fell into the canal. The repair sounds like it was necessary. The water looks so smooth, pretty reflections. As with most home improvements, I know you are happy it is completed. Have a happy day and week ahead!

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