May 27, 2015


Life in the Carolina Mts

Love how you caught the light in the clouds.


Beautiful dramatic skies!


Unbelievably beautiful! Those colors!

artmusedog and carol

What a sky! Great and creative shots! Love them all!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol

Mary Howell Cromer

You beautiful, beautiful are your skyscapes shares!


I like a lot the splendid Florida's skies ! I hope the storm was not a too dangerous one !


that looks really dramatic!
great shots!!


Those clouds are gorgeous. But scary. Usually, skies like this are followed by torrential rains! Glad you got safely inside before your camera was blown to Ocala!

Sara D.B.

Wonderful photos! The colours (and their combinations) of the clouds are really beautiful.
Have a nice weekend!


Very dramatic and pretty.... Sallie... We will be seeing the baby in June...till then, there are photos... Michelle

Tom The Backroads Traveller

Even the lead up to a storm can be beautiful. Tom The Backroads Traveller


gorgeous sky images!! we had so much thunder yesterday and never got one drop of rain, and boy do we need rain!! have a wonderful weekend, i loved all your six word phrases on my blog today ;)

Hootin' Anni

Exceptional beauty!!


I hope the beauty was worth the storm :)


The reflected water in the center panel is awesome!

Heather L

That fiery sky caught my attention -- wow!

Latane Barton

Oh my goodness... at the shades of color in that sky. Great pics.


Gorgeous dramatic skies!




Beautiful skies! I have lived in Florida all my life and I still get scared when those big thunderstorms roll in.


Dearest Sallie; We don't have much thunderstorm here and I remember I was so scared when kid (my late bro teased me sometimes to enhance my fear. p;-) Wonderful collage of the sky in 10 minutes; and have beautiful color range which can be a great painting out of them♡♡♡
Wishing you are having a wonderful week, Dear friend♪

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Dramatic sky shots. Pretty colors too.


We had some of these dramas here as well yesterday, Sallie. They seem to hake on biblical proportions. Your photos are so dramatic and have so much energy.

Valerie, Australia

Wow! Who needs to look elsewhere for entertainment?! Great shots Sallie.


I love the sky! The woodpeckers were great also...thunder and lightening here...scary!


Gemma Wiseman

The beautiful array of sky colours is enchanting. The collage highlights them so beautifully.


Very dramatic sky!


Awesome, dramatic skies and terrific captures!! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty!!


Terrific array of colours bursting out of the sky


Wish our stormy skies had such pink beauty! Layers of gorgeousness.

Traveling Rockhopper

nice colours!


the beauty and power of nature ... pretty splendid....


I like it when the sky play some dramatic show. I feel it's alive. You've captured it on a very beautiful moment.

Jenn Jilks

They are amazing, the thunder clouds!

Lady Fi

I love the drama of storm clouds! Superb shots.


Me again. I just looked over your London stay. You lived my dream; although I have been to England twice on literary tours with univeristy students who were English majors studying to be become high school teachers. Our trips were adventures on a bus exploring the homes and landscapes where the great British writers lived and worked. So of course we toured the Globe. The first trip we say Macbeth. The second trip a lesser known play Titus Androticaus. We visited poet John Keats ' home in Hamstead. Some walked to the walking trails. Our favorite place was Yorkshire where we met the Bronte sisters in Haworth. Loved that village. Another favorite was Grasemere where we visited the homes of William Wordsworwth. Hated the tube. Loved the trains. Loved reading about your trip.


Look at those gorgeous clouds. I am a cloud watcher too. Thanks for coming by the Garden Spot. We are not too far from Boulder to the north almost to Wyoming. Easst of Ft. Collins.


You know summer is here when we have so many thunderstorms. beautiful sky captures, Sallie. Have a happy day and weekend!


Absolutely spectacular skies.


Some great skies, we usually just get an odd flash of lightning and a few thunder claps!

The Finishing Touch

It definitely is beauty before the beast! What great images :)


Those skies shots are amazing!Sky is my favorite motive too:)


Such beautiful skies....and they can be so scary once the storms start.


awesome! love moments like this, perfect for grabbing the camera :-)


Like an oil painting - so beautiful!
Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

Coloring Outside the Lines

Storm clouds make awesome paintings in the sky, but I am beginning to wish the rains they produce would go away.


Marvelous! Remind me of our monsoon sunsets.


Great sky pics!! We had some rain today so glad of that we need it.

Penelope Puddlisms

Great shots! The sky is never dull or boring when clouds and wind are at play. How quickly the sky mood can change from harmless fluffy white to brooding and threatening. Sometimes you really need to run for cover!


love the layers and color ranges!

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