May 17, 2015



Is your place part of something like a condominium? Do people own or rent? Are their restrictions? I love the mockingbird - a bird I've seen very, very seldom in my life.

Carola Bartz

We have many mockingbirds here, too, and like you I love to see and hear them. I also saw them chasing crows away from their nests, and the crows, in turn, chased away the hawks. But my favorites are the scrub jays. They nest in our garden every year.


♪♪...listen to the mockingbird....listen to the mockingbird....
an old old song.
Love your photos..

Lavender Dreams

We have such a huge variety of birds in this state. Great photos my friend. Enjoy your week! It got HOT, didn't it? Hugs!


Love those clever Blue Jays. I like the shot of the bird on the sign.

Ida P. Krause

What a different BlueJay - Not as brightly colored as some but still a pretty birds. The shots of the birds the fences were great. I thinking Mockingbirds sound pretty too.
It took me a minute or two but I figured out what (CYA) meant finally. Yeah, that's probably the reason for the sign.


your birds are all so pretty. i like the one sitting on the sign, cute capture.


We have some Jays around here, but there used to be more. They amuse me when they get into squabbles with squirrels.


I think it's always good to be cautious, but good to be reminded.

Photo Cache

Great timing on shooting at the signage.



Good shots

Gemma Wiseman

The blue jays are such cute little characters. And the sign seems more like a token gesture than a reality.


Knowing us, we would walk right on by also!



I just saw my first Mockingbird of the spring this afternoon! A lot of the Blu Jays stay here all winter but there are more around now.

Tom The Backroads Traveller

Well then they need a warning sign to inform you of the danger of getting out of bed! Tom The Backroads Traveller


I always have trouble getting a jay to stay still long enough for a clear picture!


Your blue jay is quite different from ours here in the Pacific NW! Love his markings--beautiful!
Blessings, Aimee


The bird on the sign must be the one in charge! Great series of shots


Blue jays are very cheeky around here. But they are such a pretty color that I don't mind. We only see them out in the woods, not in town.


So glad you saw your bluejay! And love the other bird as well. Some cute shots.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers

Beautiful photos. We have lots of Jays here in Oregon. Mostly Scrub Jays and Stellers Jays. I love watching them.

Yael from Home a Garden Diggers

Yael from Home Zgarden Diggers

Beautiful photos. We have lots of Jays here in Oregon. Mostly Scrub Jays and Stellers Jays. I love watching them.

Yael from Home a Garden Diggers

Hootin' Anni

Love the mockingbird on the signage....cute.

And blue jays...I always drool at y'all who share such a beautiful bird since we don't see them in my part of USA.

Adam Jones

Nice shots.


I love both jays and mockingbirds. We have the mockers here, but our jays are different (Western Scrub Jays). Nice to see one of the other types - such great color and markings.

EG CameraGirl

Both Blue Jays and Mockingbirds are smart birds and loads of fun to watch!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

The blue jay also looks like it's contemplating you with your camera Sallie. I agree, the sign is undoubtedly a CYA tactic.
Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.


I love your feisty spirit, and the birds. Stellar Jays are common here and I love their brilliant blue mohawk.


Great pics of the blue jay and mockingbird! We had a mockingbird that staked out his territory in our yard, especially around the suet feeder. He was effectively keeping the starlings at bay until one day last week, a gang of starlings bullied the mockingbird, so now the starlings are noisily fighting and taking over. Grrrrrr

Donna@Gardens Eye View

We do occasionally see Blue Jays, I never see mockingbirds...how funny!


Beautiful early morning shots of the birds.


I've not seen a bluejay here for some time. Maybe they all went down your way. They can be quite aggressive, though. Like crows. I love the way our mockingbirds take after the crows...fearless they are!


lovely photos of the blue jay, very handsome bird

Lady Fi

What delightful shots of the blue jays!


Great photos! We also have some Blue Jays around, which come and get the nuts. Lovely little mockingbirds.


I love the one stopping at the sign.
It is there to remind us.
It is a reminder by itself.

cranberry morning

I don't think we have mockingbirds up here in the northwoods, but lots of pretty bluejays. I love the shot of the bird on the sign!!


We have lots of Jays in and out of your yard here and seeing the young mockingbirds always brings a smile to my face!! Live dangerously, throw caution to the wind!

Mary Howell Cromer

Blue Jays are really misread by so many and I am happy you shared them as well, so beautiful, very intelligent for their size to. All a matter of beauty and making their way~


I miss the birds of North America. There are TONS of sparrows that live outside my house as well as a few blue tits. I sometimes see a pair of Eurasian jays out of the kitchen window. We also have blackbirds (their song is lovely) and nightengales... all in all I guess I don't have it too bad! But the birds here aren't as colorful as back home.


Yes you have some great captures with your camera. I love the warning sign with the little watchman sitting at the top.


lol, love the little bird keeping guard for pedestrians :) Excellent shot!


Hello Sallie, I love the both the Blue jay and the Mockingbird. I have more Jays around here than Mockers. I love to listen to the Mockingbird though, they are fun birds to hear.. Great post, enjoy your day!


dearest Sallie; Oh, Blue Jays are a typical bird for many in the US; I'm happy you could take pics of them in Oregon as well♪ And they were 'contemplating'; thanks because I thought the word is used for humans using their brains p:-) Great collage and mosaic and I also LOVE to see the way you are good at finding them on these different places, on the sign♡♡♡
I wish I could hear mockingbirds sing :-)
Wishing you will have a wonderful new week.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Hi Sallie, enjoyed your photos. I am very familiar with the Blue Jays as they are frequent visitors. I remember yours out west and they are different. Are you talking about the Scrub Jays or am I confused? The Mockingbirds are in this state but for some reason I only see those rarely. I see what you mean by the sign. Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. You made my day Have a great week :)

Michelle Ramblingwoods

I have never seen a mockingbird...


The blue jay population is finally starting to come back here, Sallie. They were devastated by the West Nile Virus and for quite a few years we saw none. There raucous caw, caw, caw is welcome these days for it means they are starting to regain their population. Your photos are great and I enjoyed seeing the mockingbirds.


I do like it when the birds return in the Spring. Winter is sooooo quiet. - Margy

ann nz

we get the same birds, I used to feed the birds until my landlady stopped me.


Our jays are enormous compared to these. The Gray Jays seem so very smart. They sometimes accompany me on a hike, flitting along from branch to branch for awhile (possibly hopeful of a handout). Be careful crossing that line Sallie - you've been warned!

Jenn Jilks

I love the one on the sign!!!


PS I think you have capturde the oddball Cyanocitta here.


Although members of the same genus, The Western Jay (Aphelocomo California) is a different species. Both Western and Eastern Jays are members of the Crow family and just as clever as crows. A pair lives in the thicket behind our house. They come to feed here and obtain water. Although a few stragglers pass through Oregon and Washington state on their winter migration, the Eastern Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) is generally not found in the west as you note. I love them. Thanks for sharing the photos. And the mockers are swell too!


definitely a cya. :) i bought a jumprope this spring and the instructions said 'always wear protective eyewear when using it' yet the photos of folks using it were without 'safety goggles.' sheesh...

we take jays for granted a lot of the time, but they are SO beautiful. love the mockers, too.

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