May 13, 2015



Hello! My name is Diane and I'm the 1st mate on the solar boat Archimedes pictured above. Every so often I do an internet search on our boat to see what's out there and I stumbled on this post. Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments. I always like to respond when I see folks have some questions regarding the boat so if you don't mind, I'll respond to a few of the comments.

Regarding looking top heavy. The hull is 20 tons of concrete so there's a lot of boat under the panels to offset their weight. We built the boat to be "a never ending gas tank" to complete the Great Loop which is mostly inside the Intra-Coastal Waterway and the Mississippi River. We have been in open water as we crossed the Gulf of Mexico, Florida Bay and most of Hawks Channel (the Atlantic side of the Keys).

Our Flap Tracker System - The panels are mounted on linear actuators giving the advantage of tracking the sun. We can move them to face the starboard (right side), port (left side), canopy (flat) or hunker down (t-pee, which is the most stable position in high winds). We have been in gale force winds with no problems with the panels. We do the same as everyone else, find a nice hidey-hole to drop anchor and wait out the storm. And yes, the panels will act as sails with a following wind and we can get additional speed.

Solar boats probably will look very different as technology advances and that is great. Our goal is to get people thinking that it can be done and we feel that we are accomplishing that!

Thanks again for the nice comments!


You have SO much fun. I've just spent the past few minutes trying to catch up on your posts and have enjoyed myself immensely. Did you ever read The Jolly Mon by Jimmy Buffett and his daughter, Savannah Jane? It was a favorite of my kids when they were little.

Alexa T

It's so much joy in this post... in pictures! Energy, too, for sure... Love the mix of colors (in the last photo)... and the water it must be sooooo good to have a walk in... A good start in week!


I think my feet would love to walk in sand and water there...not here on the irrigation ditch. Tee Hee



That last photo is beautifully captured -- well done!!

it seems a great idea to use solar but those panels seem awfully large for that boat - just thinking out loud..wink!


Wonderful shots of sky. Interesting to see the solar-powered boat!


Solar panels on a boat..I wonder how heavy they make the boat..


What a neat idea! You must have so much fun on the boat. I'd love to try the lifestyle. :)


I like the solar boat!

EG CameraGirl

A walk on the beach sounds very appealing to me!


What a lovely way to get away. I'm glad you had a paddle. I like walking in the water but TOH doesn't. Love the names of the boats.

Peter B

Beautiful boating shots! Looks like a lot of fun, too.


Blue sky and blue water - not a snow flake in sight! I do love the catchy boat name, too. Looks like a fun trip, Sallie. Have most of the snow birds flown north?

Patty Hartley

Beat photos Sallie they make me feel I was there!


That's a lot of surface area for all those panels. Great for capturing sunlight, but I wonder what happens in a strong wind. Maybe they have a way to fold them down when they are underway. - Margy

Hildred Finch

Hi Sallie - I am always delighted with the blues in your photos - and the boats are a plus - especially the solar powered one. Headed in the right direction power-wise!

Mickie Brown

Sallie, You make me "yearn" for the ocean and beach. I may just have to schedule a trip to Florida !!! Interesting info on the solar powered boat. I love all the creative boat names. Have a great weekend, my friend. Mickie :)


It's weekend and I am for all the beautiful sceneries.


Never been a boat or water person. Do not know why as I have never had an accident. This looks like a very nice place.


That is one very neat bridge! I can see why you like it:)
Blessings, Aimee


Good shot.

Lady Fi

Wonderful shots of sky, sea and I love that solar-powered boat!


Great shots of the beach. The bridge looks grand.


It does look like a great place to be - I'd love to take a boat trip!

Photo Cache

Oh I really like the Goin Coastal name, must be owned by a former postal employee?

Worth a Thousand Words


Beautiful captures!


what a beautiful sky with boats shot :-)


Beautiful captures and a what wonderful place!! I do love the bridge!! Does look as though you had a great time!! Thanks as always for sharing!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend, too!!


Love that elegant line of aqua blue on the bridge.
the solar boat looks odd - but maybe it won't in a few years time!


What a fun time. We've driven that bridge many times in past years...and I love the solar boat. We do need to rethink Florida but it ain't gonna happen with the current governor. Did you see that St. Augustine is rapidly crumbling from rising waters? Water is coming up from under the bricks in streets and buildings. Parts of downtown Miami have 3-4 inches of water at high tide. Nothing is being done. All members of the current administration are forbidden to use the words "global warming," or "climate change." And they're still building high rises in southeast Florida. Aargh!


The last shot is fabulous. Reminds me of the German Impressionist painting, 'Keelwasser.'
Solar is great, and we use it to run our attic fan and power outdoor lights.


Dearest Sallie; Such Bright full of cheerful blue color post♡♡♡ Fort Myers Beach bridge is amazingly long or expanded :-) How interesting to see the solar panels with boat and the great signs. I LOVE your collages and happy for your GREAT trip. Wish I were with you to stick my toes in the Gulf too♪♪♪
Wishing you will have a wonderful rest of the week, Dear friend.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


I love the boat and it's boast about the world's largest concrete solar powered boat. It is probably also the world's smallest. The engineer in me thinks that with a little modification the big solar panel might be used as a sail also to provide a little bit more power. And I'm thinking "is this a daytime thing only or do they have batteries." And then I'm thinking that they should add a windmill for even a little more power but that would provide drag so I don't know if it would be a net gain or not.
You got me all tied up in knots and the day hasn't even started.


That is a great idea and a great sign "ReThinkEnergy" People won't miss it and it posts a strong suggestion to think about energy consumption.


Solar panels are great, and besides the installation producing electricity costs nothing. I wonder why not more solar panels are installed everywhere, probably because the petrol companies would go bankrupt ! Your photos are beautiful !


These are great! I always love to see boats on the water and all the activity at the marina. Love that shot of the bridge.


Great shots.


I've been over that bridge! Nice shots. Looks like you had a great time.

Coloring Outside the Lines

What fun! Oh how anxious I am for a stretch of more than one or two sunny days! These stormy weeks are starting to wear on my nerves.


Looks like a great time! Love the boat names.


Very interesting, Sallie. I comment ReThinkFloridaEnergy for these early steps. Thanks for the photo, which provided the link.


Obviously more needs to be done on making solar power "smaller" Im sure at some point we will look back as these panels as dinosaurs like the BIG clunk radios, TV's and computer screens. In fact I think the solution is Fractals! Consider this a pole Upright solar discs that are shaped like triangles each one is stacked around the pole increasing in size...like a Christmas tree! It would work :o)

Penelope Postcards

I love the “ship of imagination” even though it looks top heavy. Rigged with solar panels, the vessel is a traveling pioneer that gives us a sign of what is to come.


ah, this is so wonderful. I wish I had a boat too.

Last image, can´t be better :)


Loved your photos and the commentary.
The last beach I was on, I wasn't planning on getting my feet wet (too lazy, perhaps), but nature took care of it.
I am glad you 'got your feet wet' :)
The bridge reminds me of the causeway in South Padre, Texas.
Thanks for visiting my site today.
Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

Taken For Granted

Love the boat name signs you found. They are great. Got a real laugh out of "Knot Normal".

Tom The Backroads Traveller

I love boat signs. Tom The Backroads Traveller


really neat bridge expanse in the first shot! glad you got your toes in the water at least. :) love the clever boat names. :)


Hello Sallie, what a fun trip to the beach. It seems odd to to have a solar powered boat. I am sorry I missed the Lover's Key State Park when I was there.. The boat names are cute. Great photos, enjoy the rest of your week!


I've never thought of a solar powered boat - it makes sense though!


I've never seen a boat with solar panels?!? maybe I should get out more, I'm sure there's some out there here in NZ.


That must have been a wonderful trip! I like the mix of blue colours in the last photo.

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