May 22, 2015



I can hardly believe such a flower exists. Wonderful pictures.

Laura Hegfield

Gorgeous abundance of flowers Sallie! Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥

bettyl - NZ

These are all wonderful flowers! All of your photos are really awesome to see. Each has its own beauty and color.

Jenn Jilks

Glorious, glorious time of year!


I love the fiery red/orange color!

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers

What gorgeous flowers. Your photos of the night blooming cactus is lovely.


oh yes they are in bloom here in Trinidad also, they are so vibrant

have a nice week

much love...

Stephanie Volkert

I can see why you'd blog about them each year. They are very beautiful.
Visiting from I Heart Macro. Feel free to link up to the Macro Monday Mixer as well.


Oh that red is so lovely - love it. The night-blooming cactus is very pretty too and I love your mosaic.
Say, won't those dried seeds in the pod make good noise-makers for percussion? I wonder...
Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!
Peace :)


It looks like Flame of the Forest.

Stewart M

What a great looking tree - I can see why you would blog about it more than once!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Dearest Sallie; Wow, your Night-Blooming Cactus picture is such a magnificent macro of this GORGEOUS flower♡♡♡ And yes,love your 'Royal Poinciana' and wonderful collage♪ I was happy that the word "Flamboyant" is in my memory p:-)
Hope your coming new week is a wonderful one, Dear friend.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


I do like that tree and that night cactus flower is spectacular. I too miss some of the cooler weather flowers such as daffodils, crocus, and lilacs. I am in coastal /G/A/.

Lady Fi

That tree has every right to be flamboyant! It's lovely.


beautiful Sallie. love the night blooming cactus, its lovely.


The Poinciana tree is such a lovely color, I love sunset colors, and red-oranges.


That is such a beautiful, and tropical-looking, tree. And I love those blue skies!




What amazing seed pods! Soooo long:) Definitely a tropical paradise Florida is!


those are very "tropical" looking trees with those beautiful flowers. You are so lucky to have them everywhere.


I think the flowers, trees and the birds (maybe the bees) are the most unusual and outstanding there!



The night blooming cactus flower is especially frame worthy!


Quite an impressive tree. But I must say I do love the daffodils. At least here is BC they are a welcome sight in early spring. I know what you mean about the lack of snow being scary. We live on the water. If the lake drops too much many of the cabins will go aground, not a good thing for the cedar log floats. We are fortunate to be in about 80 feet of water. All we would have to do is extend our anchor cables a bit to keep away from the granite cliff where we are. - Margy

Traveling Rockhopper

Beautiful flowers!

jesh stg

Wow, these flowers are brilliant and big!
Thanks for your comment - don't worry where to put it - the nice thing about wordpress is, I can see immediately where a comment is placed, on top right, or in "About" or on the bottom comment form! Have a great weekend, my friend:)

Michelle RamblingWoods

How do you make your wonderful collages...I love them as they are so different Sallie...


The cactus blossom is stunning and the trees are gorgeous as well.


Isn't spring wonderful ! All these flowers blooming and the air smells so good !


that cactus bloom is a real beauty. Thanks for sharing it :)


I've not heard of a night-blooming cactus before! Amazing!
Have a wonderful summer-I expect you will head West if you can?


Wow, that tree is beautiful, I have never heard of them. So I learned something today because of you.

Penelope Postcards

It must seem a bit like Christmas in Florida when the red flowers are in bloom amid the green of the leaves. The coloring of the Poinciana makes me think of Poinsettias and Holly Trees while the single white flower coming out of the Night-Blooming Cactus is like a shooting star.


I love poinciana trees/bushes. We had several lining our pool at our first house in Ocala. Unfortunately, it gets too cold here, and one year the various freezes killed them off.

Mel's Diner...that sounds so familiar and we used to spend a lot of time in your area - I think we have patronized one of those! :)


Oh my gosh, how gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these amazing flowers Sallie, and have a wonderful weekend.


Hello Sally, I love the gorgeous Poinciana blooms. It is a beautiful tree. The Night blooming Cactus is lovely. Happy Memorial Day weekend!


That Poinciana certainly is flamboyant. I could look at it every spring. Especially with snow on the ground here. I like seeing flowers from around the world, so please keep sharing them.


Oh, the poinciana is splendid! Great photos of it as the Night Blooming Cactus. You can do re-runs forever, Sallie, and I won't tire of them.


What a gorgeous poinciana tree...never heard of them nor seen them..just beautiful


who could get tired of seeing these beauties? gorgeous!

Dina Johnston

Very pretty! I haven't seen any of the poinciana trees here.

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