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June 12, 2015



Dearest Sallie; First of all, I'm so happy that you got the name of the beautiful 'Plumeria'♡♡♡ Isn't it wonderful we have helping hands with blog friends♪ Plants from your place is facilitating, LOVE the first one (with wonderful effect) I'd never get to see and the last pink one is gorgeous with wonderful collage! Showsing us the real close close-up beauty of the flower(*^_^*) Wish I could stroll with you in your neighborhood, Dear friend.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Beautiful flowers in your neighborhood.

Michelle RamblingWoods

This is a lovely post Sallie. Your photos and the treatments really enhance the beauty of the flowers..I guess I need to be more creative with mine...Michelle


Beautiful post with the collages and photo techniques. Thanks for sharing :)

Latane Barton

I was about to identify your plumeria but then saw that several already had. I had several over the years. You posted some beautiful pictures.

jesh stg

Interesting that the plumeria has little dainty flowers while the leaves are so big! Beautiful captures of all of the flowers, Sally!

Laurie Kazmierczak

Lovely presentation....love how you included close ups of the flowers within the photos♪

Andrea @ From The Sol

I would guess that the people are inside with the air conditioning on ... but you are out enjoying the beauty in their yards which is probably why they plant all of these lovely plants. I love the first palm ... very interesting and unique looking. Great pictures all the way around, Sallie ... enjoyed taking this walk with you :)

Andrea @ From The Sol


I wanted to ask about the top picture, but then I read that you don't know anything about the palm.
Lovely pictures.
Have a nice day.


Frank (UK)

Lovely selection of blooms.


the first tree looks like plastic. I wonder what it would look like if I saw it first hand.

Love the flowers :)

Karen, Pixel Posts

Lovely blooms! I think it might be hotter here than in Florida, it's 91 today.

Laura Hegfield

They are gorgeous Sallie!!! Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥


Lovely palm and flowers, The same types grow here in the subtropics too. We call the white and yellow flower a frangipani.

Gemma Wiseman

The palm shape is exquiste. Like some exotic fan. Love it. And the flowers are so beautiful.


...thanks for coming by today...
Love all your gorgeous photos of the beautiful flowers and trees...


The Plumeria, used to be called frangipani in Malaysia and South East Asia, still called this. People are planting them a lot. I don't know why they became popular. Used to be called graveyard flower.

Re: The boats, it was the sole means of transport. But when it was free, it really was silly of the kids to make use of it. The teachers scolded them.

My daughter is going to the Solomons Island as a VSA or peace corp in the USA. Some businessmen brought the boats over there.


Beautiful flowers.
It doesn't matter if you can't ID each one - they are so pretty!
Have a Wonderful Day!
Peace :)


Really lovely photos!


That is a pretty neighborhood, I love all the greenery. And that could on my blog just formed near us - like in Florida, we frequently get thunderstorms form right over us.

EG CameraGirl

LOVE all that colour!


Well as long as you are just taking a picture. My late mum (bless her) stocked her own garden by surreptitiously taking tiny cuttings (with her fingers) from any plants she fancied on her walks here in the UK. She had such green fingers that many of them took root and thrived.

Swallows and martins are very closely related with over 80 different species in all continents of the world. Only Antarctica does not have a species of swallow or martin.


Your pictures are just lovely ! The little special effects are great !


Talk about making art! You do it very well! Florida (land of flowers) can brighten up any day!


Wonderfull tree and Flowers ! I like a lot the "magolia". So simple, so beautiful.

Peter B

Yup, I think Theresa is correct... Plumeria. Beautiful shots!

Stewart M

The flowers are nice whatever they are called - I think I saw some similar ones in Jakarta.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


You have many photo opportunities, and you have grabbed them successfully.
Glad to see these, look so fresh.


Beautiful post with the collages and photo techniques...


There are so many varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers its impossible to know them all! Sure are pretty tho!

ellen b

I was wondering if the white bloom is a plumeria...
Looks like you have pretty things to see on your walks. It already feels like summer here in the Seattle area instead of Spring!


beautiful variety of flowering bushes and trees.


The trees and flowers are beautiful. I don't know the palm varieties either and agree that the white flower looks like a magnolia but am not sure about what kind.


No matter what they are, gorgeous fits the bill. Nice to walk a quiet neighborhood.


These are very lovely, Sallie, and I particularly like how you arranged the last one. Gorgeous.
I'm always walking about, taking photos, sometimes from out of the car window. One of these days, says dear husband, the police are going to pull you in for questioning/ :)


I am glad to see that I am not the only one that can appreciate a plant, flower, shrub, or tree and feel free to post a photo of it without knowing all about it.

Hildred Finch

Lovely pictures, - we don't always have to know everything to enjoy beauty! Sometimes mystery is an added enticement.... It seemed like mid summer here, too, until we got caught in a cool, rainy sweep - roses are happy but it is too late for them, - they were all so horrified by the heat they dropped their petals and ran....


plumeria - i think that's it!


that palm looks like it was sprayed with that fake snow they put on evergreens! :)

oh, i love that sweet white bloom! i know i've seen it on blogs before, but can't remember the name.

Jenn Jilks

They are so different down there with warmth!!!!


Hello Sallie, I love the palm trees and the pretty flowers. Lovely post and images. Happy weekend!


Very cool looking palm tree--love it! We're definitely in the summer mode here. No rain anywhere in the forecast. Good thing I bought some sunscreen--now if I can just remember where I put it:)
Blessings, Aimee


It's so hot here at the jersey shore, and it's still spring according to the calendar!! The blooms are beautiful, I am surprised you have so much blooming this time of year, in floridas heat. I am always partial to pinks and purples, but I do love the pure look of a white flower!!

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