July 28, 2015



<3 grebes. They CAN be tricky to capture. Your shot of the wetlands is spectacular.


Nice shots of the Grebes. Beautiful area!


the sky over the wetland is great. The,a bit grey, light is beautiful.

Jenn Jilks

Such a beautiful spot! Love your travels!!!

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

To have such a wonderful, peaceful looking, area like this to walk around early in the morning, I'd look forward to getting out and about!!

Love how you made the images into a collage like that of the grebes!!

Thanks for sharing your post link today at I'd Rather B Birdin'!!


I saw the same problem when I went to Coachline Lake the other day here in Tucson! Half the lake was gone! Beautiful photos.


such a peaceful and beautiful spot to enjoy birds watching.


still looks like a beautiful area. hope you get some rain before they dry up completely.


scary weather out there. i hope there is rain soon.


Dearest Sallie; I DO wish we have waterland near my house♪ I couldn't agree more with your words "they really don't love to pose for me". That IS exactly I feel I try to take pictures of birds and especially dragonflies now p:-)
Our rainy season is over and scorching sun is nagging us. Today my husband has band stage outside in the afternoon; haha, I'm worrying a bit now.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


I love that landscape shot of the wetlands. Sallie, I thought you were a Grebe whisperer! I've heard that you're so dry there. Luckily, we've gotten plenty of rain - so far. That can change in a few days and everything becomes too dry. I hope our weather pattern holds!

Maya Harrison

Beautiful photos of lovely scenes. :-)

bettyl - NZ

They should appreciate your attention and pose better!! I don't notice the amount of rain until I get outside of our Taranaki area. It seems that the mountain keeps the whole area green, even in summer, while the rest of the country turns brown.

Lay Hoon

Such lovely scenery !!



That looks like a wonderful place for getting pictures of ducks.

Lady Fi

Lovely scenery and nice shots of the birds.


Wonderful habitat these wetlands. I hope you get the rain you need, but this summer seems to be another of extremes... Michelle


Beautiful shots of the place.


Hi Sallie,
Even without the rain, the majesty of nature speaks for itself.
Sending positive vibes for rain, if that's what y'all need.

Jenn Jilks

You have the best trips!


Love the Grebes! Hope you're dealing with our heat better than I am!! I feel like I've been moved back to Texas!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Sallie!! Enjoy!!

Photo Cache

Does it not rain during summer in Oregon?

Peter B

Sounds like you are dry up there too, although probably not as bad as here in S CA! Pretty shots.


loved to see your grebes. They are beautiful birds. :)

ellen b

Beautiful views Sallie! Our great northwest really needs some good rain...

Marylin Warner

You've taken some lovely pictures. I enjoyed this calm adventure!

a spirit of simplicity

Here in Massachusetts we have been having issues with erosion along the coast line. I hope that the waters will come back up your way again. It's very frightening what we are doing to this earth.


Thanks for taking me on your morning walk. A real treat


wow...you must have a fantastic camera and you sure know how to use it..


Love what you did with the birds and the background, Sallie.
I do hope you get that rain. We had so much rain here in July, I'm afraid we took some of yours.


I hope that you get some rain soon.

This year we have had lots of rain and it is nice to see the ponds, marshes, and lakes of the area full. The mosquitoes are liking it also.

Reader Wil

This is so much like where I live in my part of the Netherlands.
Wil, ABCW Team


That's a very pretty wetland. Hopefully you'll get enough rain to keep it in good shape!


You did well to capture those hiding grebes in the weeds that are sadly growing where water ought to be.

jesh stg

Stunning waterscapes, Sallie! In your posts below: How lucky your grand children are to have great grandparents:)


so cool to see the pied-bills there! they used to winter here, but since the whistlers began staying, none have done so (too crowded, i guess.)

Lavender Dreams

I love framing a photo with the limb of a tree at the top...it looks so professional! And I love seeing these birds. I'm still learning to identify everything we see here. Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane


Your photos are outstanding!



We seem to be having lots those days. Grey,cloud and often rain before the sun shines for half a day. I prefer it the other way around so that I can some birding in before too many people are up and about. Those damn birds can be very uncooperative sometimes (most times).

artmusedog and carol

Climate Change is effecting us all ~ Wonderful photos and presentation ~

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol


I see one wood duck mixed in there for good measure, love the water, it looks great!


Hello Sallie, I love the cute Grebes! And the scenic shots of the wetlands are pretty. I love the middle photo, great shot! Enjoy your day!

Gemma Wiseman

Wow. The wetlands may be drying, but they are quite large and hopefully have a chance of surviving the dry spell. Grand views.


Wonderfully scenic shots Sallie. Your first first shot showing where the water birds should be was great.

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