August 20, 2015



Dearest Sallie; WOW, Blazing sun and Blazing s☆☆☆ I've never seen Sunflower with this fiery red color before either!!! Thank you SO much for this uplifting my mind post, Dear friend.

Two funerals,Typhoon, skin trouble... Haha, I'm surviving with sweet husband mental support♪

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Laura Hegfield

Hmmm, I tried to go in and change it so your gorgeous flower would show up Sallie, but when I go to click an image from your page, they all have ? and no photo. I wonder if it is a typad vs blogger thing. I'm so sorry about that.

Laura Hegfield

Magnificent radiance in each photo Sallie. Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro :-)

Jenn Jilks

I love your colours. Summer is so short....


Wow, gorgeous! I love the colours in these photos.



Cathy Keller

The picture takes my breath away!! Beautiful!


Gorgeous. In Farsi, the flower is actually called "aftob gardoon," which means "to turn to the sun." Never seen a red one like this before, either.

Barb Behmer

Love the Macros and your sunset - blazing indeed. I was wondering if you're near any of the fires or getting any smoke, Sallie? We have haze here in the mountains and the particulates from the smoke are causing itchy eyes and nasal membranes. I imagine your family in Denver can also see/smell some smoke - some days worse than others. We really need rain, too.

Ela S

Wow !! I love these beautiful pictures !!


I need to get out more. I didn't know that there are red sunflowers - doh. The sunset is truly amazing. Is that photoshopped at all Sallie?


Never seen a sunflower this color either. Love that blazing huge sun.

EG CameraGirl

I love how you've linked the sunflower and sunset together in one post!


Wow! The both sunflower and sun set are very beautiful. I enjoyed your post very much. Thanks for sharing.

kissed by an angel

So beautiful, Sallie!!! I've also seen such a beautiful red variation of sunflowers for the first time in the garden of a neighbor this year...I love how they smile to the sun! Sunflowers always make me happy, just like your lovely words :)
Enjoy a wonderful Sunday!
Katrin :)


Beautiful ! I love sunflowers, they are my favorite flowers !


What a wonderfull color. I have a few sunflowers in my garden, but small and yellow ones ! They grew from the seads we gave to the birds during winter, and when they dry, birds come to eat the seeds on the flowers too during the end of summer.


I need to get some of those color sunflowers.... Love them..


That's an awesome sunflower - I've never seen one like it.


Wow, how beautiful and special !!


Beautiful shots. I love that unique to me sunflower and that sunset is spectacular!


I have never seen a red sunflower. Thanks for sharing the beautiful shots. Glad you stopped by and checked out HWY 127.


I am quite taken with the variety of new sunflowers. Your neighbor has discipline if she planted only one kind.


I've never seen a blazing red sunflower like that! Beautiful!


Love that red sun!


Oh yes! Love the comparison! Wonderful photos.


I have never seen a blazing sunflower – what an outstanding sight! Both of your pictures show the brilliance of summer.


The red sunflowers are my favorite. Great light streaming through the petals here.


A beautiful sunflower, and one like no other that I have seen.

Lay Hoon

Beautiful sunset..such awesome


Oh, gosh, Sallie, this is breathtaking. I have not seen a red sunflower and know I would be watching from my kitchen window as well. Thank you for my morning joy!


your sun comes in many forms. :) All beautiful :)


Hello Sallie, I love the beautiful sunflowers. And the Florida Keys sunset is gorgeous. Lovley shots, enjoy your weekend!

jesh stg

Magnificent, Sallie! The sunflower as well as the sun. They are radiant and full of life:) Enjoy your weekend!


Beautiful photos and the macro, love 'em all.


such a lovely read, not alot of that here at the moment...

Lady Fi

Wow - how fabulous!


Oh my gosh your sunflower is an incredible sight as is your sunset. I love the comparison between the two. Great photos Sallie.


Those sunflowers are so beautiful. I have a friend that will definitely be looking for seeds to plant! of course the sky photo is beautiful as well.


Such a beautiful sunset. And yes, the flower does remind me of the blazing sky!


great shots!!!
happy weekend


Beautiful set of images. I like the shot of flower.


Great photos. That is the brightest sunflower I have ever seen. That sunset from the Keys is wonderful.


I dig all 3 photos! Nicely done, Sallie!
Your neighbor has a green thumb!
Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)


It is gorgeous and so is the sunset!


Superb captures, Sallie!! Beautiful flowers, terrific captures and an awesome sunset!! Thanks for sharing the beauty!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Valerie, Australia

Striking images Sallie - wonderful comparisons. Happy weekend.

Mama Zen

Gorgeous flower! And, you can't beat that sunset.


fabulous and accurate comparison!

Photo Cache

How wonderful is that red sunflower. I can't remember if I've seen one before.

artmusedog and carol

Fantastic sunset shot and macro shots of the divine flowers ~

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol

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