August 08, 2015



Gorgeous flowers! So ellegant and delicate.


I love Queen Anne's Lace! This time of year is great for the yield of wild beauties that blossom everywhere.

Laurie Kazmierczak

It is a rather regal weed...love your shots♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/manipulations/

kissed by an angel

Wonderful post and beautiful picture of this white, wild beauty, Sallie!!! For me, they are all plants which only want to grow!!!

Gemma Wiseman

Such a pretty flower that lends to a focus in macro. Gorgeous


very pretty


They are lovely in bouquets also!



We've got a lot of it at the golf course. I know it's a "wildflower", but I like it!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

I have a love for QAL and collected seeds a couple of years ago so I could scatter them throughout my butterfly garden. Their lacy flowers sure add some daintiness above the heads of my perennials.
Great capture of the flowers Sallie, thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.




Gorgeous! Love Queen Anne's Lace. Isn't Mother Nature wonderful?! Happy Monday.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

I agree...nature's bouquet just for us to sit and swoon over!

Lavender Dreams

How pretty! And you're right...there's always something beautiful to see in nature! Enjoy your day! It's hot and humid here...but you know I love it! Hugs, Diane


Hello Sallie, the Queen Ann's Lace is a favorite of mine. It is pretty to see along the trails. Your images and mosaic are lovely! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


I always loved Queen Anne's Lace when we lived in Maryland when I was a child. It was one of the first wildflowers I really paid attention to. Always beautiful!


so so beautiful !!!


As you may already know, Queen Anne's Lace is a favorite of mine, and you, dear Sallie, capture her perfectly here, especially her backside. :) Love this.

Liz Needle

Queen Anne's Lace is a beautiful flower. I grow it in my garden where it self seeds easily - too easily sometimes. I would love to see it growing wild.


this flower has a good name. It really looks like lace :)

your images are beautifully rendered. ) love them.


It is delicate like lace. A weed is a plant growing in the wrong place.


You are a wise person Sallie ! Yes, there is always somethig lovely to see... Away from my computers during a few days, I just read your posts today . I like the rabbits and more of all your family gathering under the chestnut tree ; Your great-grand -sons are so big boys now : they are beautiful ! I like too your moon shots. On my birthday night we go to see the stars. We can saw many of them in our mountains: we saw too the space international station (with three american people two russians and one japonese inside)... f course we saw just the station not the people !! It was a magic moment. Have a nice time in Oregon. Amitiés. Annie


It really looks like laces ! what a beautiful flower !


Queen Anne's lace is such a beauty. Can't understand why it would be considered a weed.

Stewart M

These are wonderfully complex flowers - I like them. We used to have very similar plants as wildflowers in the UK as kid.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


They are pretty and we have them here too


One of my favorites, always a pleasure to see them along the roadsides...lovely shots!!!


Hi Sallie,
I like your mosaics of the Queen Anne.
Very beautiful!
Walking is not just a great exercise, but is also a mood enhancer, at least to me :)
Have a Lovely Day!
Peace :)

a spirit of simplicity

I love them as well.


Hello Sallie, I love seeing the Queen Anne's lace on my walks. It is a pretty plant! Your photos are lovely. Enjoy your weekend!


These are great photos Sallie. I especially love the little 'crown' in the center of that third shot.

ellen b

Morning walks are the best. I am always confused on if a weed is a weed...


so very pretty. i think weeds are as pretty as flowers, myself. :)

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