October 19, 2015


Ramblingwoods R

Oh...love the photos Sallie....


How big (and energic !) boys the are now and always so beautiful !


Dearest Sallie; Wow, what GREAT photographs of your great-grands and sure they are defining energy for you, aren't they(^_^)彡☆ How amazing you could take clear pictures of the 'what you say' sports action☆☆☆ They ARE handsome young men♪ And Yes, I was amazed at the equipment I've never seen :-)

My father's memorial service was today and husband is inviting 3 calligraphy group lady this weekend, serving soba(^^;) But I wish to try hard visit thoughtful friends; Really thankful for your sweet visit♬♬♬

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


I agree play equipment is much more fun than in our days at the park. Your great grandsons are bigger than my grandsons but my daughter was 36 and 38 when she had them. Better late than never. You did well with the sport setting.


How wonderful to be close to family.


pictures, which give energy!
Herzlich Pippa

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I'm finding out what you said is true, Sally, as I babysit our two and a half year old grand daughter almost every day. It is fun but exhausting! Your great grandsons look full of energy!


What good looking young men - and, in spite of being too old to swing, they look like they were having some fun, while you were getting some good "camera practice" in. I'll have to remember that, Sallie.


Wow - great-grandchildren. It will be a while for us!


Been a while since I spent any time near swings...Looks like a fun spot to hang out!


Children just know HOW to meet life in full swing!!!



Well, our Jack would have jumped from the high up swing just to make it a little more exciting and dangerous! Really, if Sam had come along any later (he's 3 now), I don't know how we would have done it! He was always a big boy, and Bob has to do most of the heavy lifting. We get pretty tired when we have them for a few days! Snow due here overnight!


Sometimes the younger ones need to take over Sallie. Lovely kids.

Reader Wil

Great shots Sallie! Time flies! The older I get the more I think of the past!
Enjoy your being with the family.
Wil, ABCW Team


I haven't got any grandchildren....yet but I sometimes wish my 3 were little again, the years go by too fast.


Makes me wish I had the energy of the young ones:):)
Blessings, Aimee

Lady Fi

Boundless energy and joy!


Good to see these kids playing and having good time.


Nice seeing energetic active kids on a playground.

I'll say playgrounds are safer. Lots safer.


great action shots.


Wouldn't you love to have some of their energy?


great shots

Photo Cache

Boys have too much energy to burn.

Worth a Thousand Words


so fun to watch them play...i always wish i had their energy!!!!


I think your great-grandkids are a wee bit older than ours...but not by much! I'm with you - it's wonderful our kids are now grandparents. I couldn't do it again!

Penelope Puddlisms

I like these action shots … not easy to photograph moving targets. I have noticed some creative playground equipment in my neck-of-the-woods too. What a perfect world when things can become unique, interesting and more diverse … yet at the same time safer.

Jenn Jilks

That's so cute! I agree, not strength. My newest client in 92!


boys being boys!

artmusedog and carol

Energy plus! Great action shots of the grand kids!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol


Hi Sallie, your great-grandson's are handsome young men! It is fun to be able to go out and have fun with them now. I assume they live close by? Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


Delightful captures for the day!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!! Hope you have a great new week!!


Great photos and so much energy! I am rather glad I don't have to keep up! - even though it looks like a lot of fun.

jesh stg

It must be great to see your great-grands grow up! Is it different from being a grand parent? Am curious in case it happens to me. Awesome pics:)

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