October 21, 2015



The sign is so wretched in a really awful way. That there is a need to place such a sign in prominent view says too much about the current world we live in.

As Gattina says, we in Europe can not understand why the majority of American people allow this to happen time and time again.


Such a good posting, Sallie. I love the way you see things, and express your feelings. Just beautiful

Hildred Finch

Sallie, your post reminded me of a small exerpt from Goethe - "If the whole world I once could see/ on free soil stand, with the people free / then to that moment would I say / linger awhile, so fair thou art" and to that I would add 'at Peace'..... (I hope the quote is correct - writing from memory)


Dearest Sallie; Oh,I thought "we might live in far better world if we don't have to think about the sign" Hope I'm making myself clear :-)
And meaningful post, Dear friend.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


The haters dominate politics here in Oklahoma where the legislature thinks the answer to gun violence is more guns.

Something has to give.


I just don't understand the hate. Might be time for the US to change that Second Amendment for civilians "The right to keep and bear arms"

Lady Fi

Those signs are a great reminder though...

Peter B

John Lennon said it so well...


It is so sad and you know just how much I do agree with you!! Perhaps someday I can tell you why this sort of thing is so very personal to me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Unfortunately hate is everywhere - people must be sick to demonstrate at an occasion like that one. And I agree fully with your assessment of Branson and the surrounding area on my blog!

Jo Ann Bayne

I agree with all that you have said - I like to think of what the world could be if there were not haters. I always say that if we could all sit down with a cup of tea and some cookies that there would be no more wars - we'd all get to know each other and find out we are so much alike. Lovely photos.


The media often blows things out of proportion and gives a voice to those who don't deserve it. Great sign, Sallie.


it seems we're going backwards these days.


A sign that really makes you start thinking.. Though I agree that it shouldn't be necessary, but maybe somehow it will make a difference.


A very touching post Sallie. Some people get way too much air time in situations such as these.


It seems the media thrives on hate rather than reporting love. I'm hopeful that there is more love than its opposite. I'd like a sign that says "love promoting zone!"

artmusedog and carol

Hmm ~ tis sad what is happening ~ but great post for Signs ~ Love airplane shot and it depicts freedom to me ~ juxtaposed with the 'hate free' sign ~ creative!

Happy Weekend coming your way,
artmusedog and carol


Call me a cynic, but I don't think these signs accomplish much except annoying innocent people. They are like the old " no spitting" and other signs posted in a more "genteel' period. Next thing we no they will bring back the Comstock Laws that were finally abandoned in the 1950s. 😜


i forgot to say, i adore the sign. perhaps it will just remind people, as they enter and there thoughts will shift in that direction!!!!


i will focus on the last image with lots of love in my heart, love for everyone!!!!

Jenn Jilks

It's all true. But if we don't speak up, who will?
I have quit following some negative people. I just need to keep the positives around me.


Hello Sallie, I like that sign. I wish the world was "hate" free. Wonderful sky shots. Happy Thursday, enjoy your weekend ahead!

Latane Barton

A very thought-provoking post. The world is getting mighty scary, is it not?


The media today, especially one outlet, is not about "news" at all, but entertainment. Thus, many very important things are not mentioned in our daily dose of "news," but we get what the media thinks is most scandalous or terrorizing or whatever to get our attention. Do you remember the days of the "investigative" reporter? Whatever happened to those people?


It is a sad world we live in.
The last photo is lovely!

Penelope Puddlisms

Incredibly easy access to weaponry capable of killing dozens in seconds is chilling, especially when anyone (not just the mentally ill) can get angry and surprise even themselves at how irrational they can get in that instant. Just recently, a little girl was shot in a road rage incident.

The sign is a reminder to me that hate and resentment is impossible to root out with more hate and resentment. It is not easy being optimistic about a world that has great difficulty resolving serious issues peacefully and intelligently. But I think someday people will not dismiss John Lennon as being naïve or Jules Verne as merely euphemistic when he said, “Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real,” Where we focus our attention matters.

Gemma Wiseman

Hate is such a waste of energy. We need all the energy we can muster to make this world a better place. If only...


Hate is such a waste.


The sign is a good idea, but as long as hatred exists even in between families it will only be a nice intention. We here in Europe simply can't understand why weapons are still allowed in the States and that in some it is easier for a youngster to buy a gun than a beer !


I needed a bit time to understand this and i sympathize with you. Yes we get to much hate in the world lately.


A beautiful sign but it would be even better if it could be true!

Photo cache

Love the sign. It's sad that there seems to be a need for that sign.


What a meaningful post!
Thank you for this post, Sallie.
May Peace Reign!


So sad there should be a need for a sign like this, anywhere.

tom the backroads traveller

I hate all of this hate and all the haters!

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