November 29, 2015



Isn't it fun to shuffle through fallen leaves :-). Love doing that. Your frozen leaves picture really awesome -- so nicely captured and in details. Have fun in Florida.


Love the first photo!
Good luck with settling in the new digs, Sallie!
Eugene, OR has one of the best bicycle makers in the world - Co-Motion Cycles.
If you ever get a chance...:)
Peace :)


We had frost, and then it left. It's sad, since we need the snow to protect. Found a tick on Dorah, too. sigh. They should be sleeping!
Thank you for your kind wishes, still not great, but better!


Your collages of plant are stunning. I also looked at all your back posts and admired the many lovely photos you showed us – great landscapes and sunsets. You do take beautiful photos.


Frosty photos are so petty. Looks like hyou are getting some cold weather.


I love when frost gives plants a silvery look . :)

David Gascoigne

Great montage of autumn colours. I think that if your blood is thinner you actually stay warmer because it circulates better.


I thought I had left a message when I read this post earlier this week. I miss you when you are airborn, which I suppose you are by now. Happy travels, if a bit late. It's sunny in the South now!

Sharon Wagner

We are having such a warm streak. It's all leaves and no snow. For now. Oh, and I see some rotting pumpkins out back. That says Merry Christmas. Not!


It looks to me that you all are settling in site nicely. What a lovely place to move to..and in Oregon. I love that state. When I go to see my son on Baimbridge Island, he usually takes me into Oregon and we drive down the Pacific. I think I like Oregon better than WA....but I won’t tell my son that.


I love to see winter in pictures.
It is fun too to hear every year from you that you are migrating again.


Very beautiful. I haven't seen that happen in a long time.

Martha Z

It is pretty but sure does look cold.


Greetings, Sallie! I hope you've arrived safely in south Florida and that all is well. Thanks for your too kind comments on Ocala!


Hi Sallie.I think that I too would be heading south to Florida at those warning signs. Into December we have yet to see a frost in coastal Lancashire, and even in Scotland there's not been much snow. It has been a strange old year of mixed up weather and I'm longing for a clear, frosty, sunny morning like you show.


Beautiful shots. I love the sugar frosting on the leaves. That type of frost looks like sugar to me.

Laura Hegfield

Oh how beautiful Sallie!


Your photos are gorgeous but I can certainly understand the snowbird instinct. Happy travels!


It looks wonderful! I know you'll be happy where ever you lay your head!

Mary Howell Cromer

those fall colours are wonderful to begin with and then add in the heavy frost, magical. Say hi to Oregon for me and look toward the oceans when you do ;)

Hildred Finch

Oh Sallie, you are on the move once more! We have just come through a cold spell, and it hardly stopped raining today, so I am a little envious of your flight to warmer weather, but there, what would we do without a 'white' Christmas!


Hey stop by Tulsa and pick me up on your to Florida!! I don't like the cold either.

Su-sieee! Mac

Happy flying and safe landing. :-)
The View from the Top of the Ladder


Flying South for the winter sounds so right.


I love the sound the crunchy leaves make as you walk through them. It looks like it is time to fly south.


LOL at you warm-clime folk - we had 15 inches of snow well before Thanksgiving, and didn't get above freezing that whole weekend! Pretty pictures.

Penelope Puddlisms

Those crunchy leaves and frosty fringes really are so pretty. It must be comforting to know everything is snug in your apartment as you take a little trip south. :)


Nice collages! Love both of them - the leaves and the frosty plants. And I like very much the apartment building. Hurry back. Florida is waiting with warm arms! And thanks much, Sallie, for your comments on Ocala!


Adorei seu blog.
Visite o meu, vai!
Feliz Natal para todos.


Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Beautiful photos! It does look cold though.


Pretty fall photos... My Dad is heading south this week... Michelle


Beautiful photos, Sallie, and I love the frost! I know some people will moan at my comment, but I love the cold weather! :) I am so glad you found a place to live! I hope you will be happy there.

Jesh StG

Happy you found a place to live (but you sound a little ambivalent...is this THE one, or...?) Beautiful frost on the leaves.
Yeah I know what you mean - am proud to say, it looks like our bodies have gotten used more to the enormous dip in the winter months than last year (our first winter).

Kenneth Cole Schneider

Love the pastel colors of your leaves. Don't hurry to Florida, at least here at the south end-- Summer has refused to depart, and we are having daily rain and lots of heat and humidity. Well, the weatherman keeps promising a break in the pattern but none has lasted more than a day at a time.


We were just in Eugene for the USC vs OU football game. It was pretty cold on the shady side of the stadium, but once in the sunshine it was quite pleasant. - Margy

artmusedog and carol

Lovely photos of the frost ~ I would head south too if I had a place ~ but don't want 2 houses ~ so this year am staying put ~ Enjoy!

Wishing you a magical week,
artmusedog and carol


Wow, I sure like that architecture. Safe travels....

Donna@Living From Happiness

We are both thinking of frozen times


Love that play on words!

Hootin' Anni

Exceptional images today Sallie.


Dearest Sallie; What magnificent collages of autumn leaves and frosty leaf photos♡♡♡ And I DO hope you are having wonderful trip to Florida♬♬♬

It is Dec.and still having some family things to deal with(^^;)
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

EG CameraGirl

The frost is quite lovely!


Beautiful leaves and delightful frost patterns - but - I would rather look at your photos than endure temperatures low enough to make frost like that! i DO know that there are lots of places that get colder but my "blood has thinned down" since living in this part of the world!

Photo Cache

Frosty delights. Love the shots.

Worth a Thousand Words


I love those beautiful soft pastels of nature!


As pretty as it is, it's a definite sign to head to a warmer clime. Safe travels.

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life

What lovely frosted photos. They're all exquisite, but I must admit I'm especially partial to the green one.

Coming to you from Mosaic Monday ... and wishing you a beautiful week ahead.



Oh, have a safe and wonderful trip and enjoy the warm weather!! And, of course, have a great holiday season, Sallie!!


Bon voyage-and a happy "winter" in Florida :).

Latane Barton

Have a safe journey south... I don't blame you one bit. Reckon you could come by and pick me up. hehe,.


Well, you won't get away from snow and cold as you travel through the western states, Sallie! The frost is just a teasing. Here it is snowing and blowing - and I believe it's frigid in Denver, too. Love all your fall and frost photos.


Your photos are lovely. Frost is such a good subject. Stay and enjoy our wonderful mild winter.

Lady Fi

Love the autumn flowers. Enjoy the warmth!

ellen b

Enjoy your trip and some warmth. It is cold up here in the Seattle area...brrrr....


Beautiful set of images of autumn.


I'm sure you will be "oreganized" in good time, Sallie. :) I'm midwestern born and bred and still my blood seems thin as the cold settles in. Safe travels.


Wonderful frosty shots... glad to hear you're heading to FL...be safe Enjoy the trip!


'oregonized' ha! safe travels to you, then!


I love the frosty leaf photos! This is the time of year that I forget the heat and mosquitoes and remember how glad I am to live on the Texas Gulf Coast. I'm in awe of people who cope with freezing temperatures but I'm too thin blooded. Safe travels back to Florida.


Hello Sallie, pretty frosty images. It is wonderful you are loving the city life. Wishing you safe travels back to Florida and those warm temps. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


glad you like your new living. And it seems to give you many new photo opportunities. I like the leafs and the frost images :)


I am enjoying following and reading your blog. It is fun to see Eugene through your eyes.

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