November 15, 2015


image-in-ing: weekly photo linkup

Nice images of the pretty countryside.
Hope to see you at this week's Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday):

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

Despite the weather you were still able to share some great shots in the mountains.


I am sorry that the weather turned but you got some beautiful photos Sallie... Michelle


Wonderful photos of the beautiful river and the fall colours.

pat tillett

LOVE these groupings of beautiful photos Sallie!


A colorful landscape and autumn photos.

Wen Sylvestre

A stunningly beautiful place and your photos of it are so beautiful, Sallie! A pity you didn't get to hiking, that would have been even more wonderful. Wishing you a happy day!


Wow, what a rugged, beautiful area--love it! And a covered bridge too...I don't recall ever traveling up there but, from your photos, I KNOW I'd love it! Thanks for this lovely post:)


Getting away is such a nice thing to do, even with nothing in particular in mind. Simple scenery has its own beauty.

Mary Howell Cromer

Great set and the second mosaic has such a lovely feel to it~


a beautiful country. And now you can enjoy it all year round. Must be very pretty when the new snow comes :)

Jutta K.Deutschland

Brilliant and impressive photos and mosaics !
This is my post
Greetings from Germany


I really enjoyed the late Fall views! Beautiful day with the rain drizzle and I bet crisp air.


Wow! Fall colors! I miss them so much!


Ah! beautiful, beautiful Pacific Northwest. :)
Lovely pictures, Sallie. :)


Beautiful photos. I'm confused, but don't you head toward FL at this time of year? Seems like you just arrived in the NW.


Lovely images, Sallie! You're fortunate to live within a 2-hour drive of gorgeous nature.


Hello Sallie, I enjoy going on your daytrip. Gorgeous views of the covered bridge, river and the Autumn colors. I hope things have calmed down for you since the move. Enjoy your week ahead!


It's so refreshing to get away from the city to the country, but I guess you are from the country and now getting used to the city! That's a lovely photo at the top of what appears to be a covered bridge possibly?

jesh stg

Love the water views! I makes perfect sense to me that when you're in the city you want to relax outside of it (we did that for many years). You are selling your RV - so are you settling for good? Good luck with finding an apartment!


What a beautiful covered bridge.

EG CameraGirl

Very lovely! And you have many happy memories of this area too.


It looks beautiful whatever the weather. Must go back and read your news.


Many great and beautiful photos here!


The rainy west coast is beautiful in sunshine or wet. Your photos showcase that very well. There's more rain in the forecast, I hear. We just came in from our evening walk - no raindrops, but my hair frizzled in the damp air. I always sleep better after a walk. Enjoy settling into your new digs.

Jo Ann Bayne

Glorious photos - even a rainy day can be beautiful.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

The creeks wer erunning high in your area. I did spy a little bit of lingering autumn in your photos, Sallie. We are gettings snow tonight!


lovely images. It's always nice to be out in nature whether its raining or not.

Lavender Dreams

It really does look beautiful. You will always be drawn to nature even if you aren't camping. Lovely photos...so different than any other part of the country. We visited there several years ago and it was the first time I had seen Shamrocks growing in the forest. Sweet hugs Diane

ellen b

That really is a nice place to be...close to the coast and the mountains! Beautiful scenery...


A beautiful area! Wonderful photos!


Both spectacular rivers to explore. You are living in a dream place.

cranberry morning

What a beautiful trip to the mountains, and so wonderful that either mountains or the ocean are so close!


Sallie, I absolutely love your photos, just gorgeous! And you showcase them so well, too!


Sallie...I an so tickled you noted my cute little bag lady. I thought she was one of my favorite pictures. She was all bundled up in that heavy layered blue dress and around and around she went. Nothing phased her. She never looked at any of the MANY runners all over the place. Thanks for the note. My legs are still killing me from running behind Buddy as he finished. Sometimes I forget how old I am and how bad the old back is. Still it was such fun.

artmusedog and carol

You are living well! Gorgeous nature photography!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol


Whether it's wet or dry, it's a beautiful area.


Lovely! It must have been very nice to go for a ride with all this gorgeous scenery around you. Your photos are wonderful! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know how much you enjoyed my noodle recipe from last Monday. That makes me so happy :)


That looks like a nice outing to me. Too bad you couldn't do any hiking but what do you do.

I'm trying to be less busy. Busy is boring is my new motto.


Brilliant photos Sallie.


An exciting future ahead having the time to explore your new surroundings.

Photo Cache

What remained on the trees are still worth visiting. The fall colors used to get me to take road trips and I intend to continue in the coming years.


The drive along the river looks especially beautiful and I imagine it would have been great camping somewhere along there. Too bad about all that rain! The first photo of the dam and the covered bridge is perfect!


Your color is still beautiful. Enjoyed the mosaics. I have not made one is so long I have forgotten how to do it. Beautiful images today.


Terrific captures of a beautiful place!! Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty!! Hope you have a wonderful new week!! Enjoy!!


I can certainly see why you "retired" to that area in the summer! But we'll welcome you back to Florida, anyway. Thanks for all your nice comments today - wishing you a great week!

Donna@Gardens Eye View

Even with the leaves gone the scenes are stunning.....

Lady Fi

Wow - so gorgeous!


Beautiful shots of country side. Very scenic.

Latane Barton

You certainly had a beautiful little get-away. It won't be long until Winter sets in so best take advantage of it while you can.


Such a wonderful day trip, Sallie. So glad you got to get away - if even for a day.

Nancy Chan

It is a colourful and beautiful day trip to the mountains. Your pictures all turned out great in spite of the rain.


Beautiful even in the rain!! I didn't know there were covered bridges in Oregon. Glad you enjoyed your day away from the city.


still a lot of color, even through the dampness. :)

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