November 17, 2015



You find the best signs

pat tillett

You are always good at find things like these.
I LOVE the last photo!


WOW! You outdid yourself this week with this group of unusual signs. They were quite entertaining.


Definitely an interesting mix of signs. I really like the ghost sign and the step into poetry (even if you didn't find out where the poetry was!).


I love ghost signs as well, Sallie. We see them mostly in Chicago. Off I go to get put my spuds under cover.

Tony McGurk

Ha Ha!!! I love the Undercover Spuds sign Sallie. Very creative

Lady Fi

Such fun signs - and I really like that last photo.

Karen, Pixel Posts

A great variety! I love the "Don't believe everything you think" sign, and I am in total agreement!

akika yamaha

eye opening imagery.
lovely street sign.

EG CameraGirl

You have found a fun collection of signs. I get the one about not believing everything you think. ;))


I love collecting signage! These are fun!!!!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com

Sallie, interesting signs! Must visit Eugene one day -- it rather intrigues me.


I thought it was just the British who used the word "spud". Obviously not. I wonder if you use it as a nickname too like we did. I never hear it now so maybe it's out of fashion.

As to the way to the poetry, perhaps it's a way to the shopping mall. My wife sees shopping as a form of art

She'll kill me for saying that!!


I think the second one is very serious. The mind is not as flawless as we think. Nice one!


That third photo looks like what remains on the wall is somewhat retro/vintage, something of a passion of mine, nice to see :-)


Very interesting post! Funny signs!

Jo Ann Bayne

Terrific signs - I always like a good ghost sign - or one that makes me smile - or even an unexplained sign.


Great sign


Love that second sign :)


This is a wonderful collection, Sallie! Don't believe everything you think! I would hope that's the case. Whew, some of my thoughts are kinda wild. Never mind, I'm not going to explain that any further.

Go on, step into poetry
and then go on a lark
Fly up to the moon
build yourself an ark
Float off to the sea
on words and melody
You'll learn just what it means
to step into poetry...


It's always fun to find these unexplainable signs.
Love Spudly!

Taken For Granted

The ghost sign is great. Also, "don't believe every…" sign. There are many politicians who should follow this advice.

ellen b

So do you Yoga first or chiro first...LOL!
Love the signs. The ghost sign is cool.

tom the backroads traveller

Cool stuff Sallie!


I love Mr Potato agent man! A nice assortment, Sallie.


I LOVE those signs! You are really good at finding them!

┊  ★

Mama Zen

I want that random poetry sign!

Linda Walcroft

Love the colors in the last two!


Lovely collection of signs today. The spud one made me smile.

Nancy Chan

Cute spuds guy undercover.


All cool signs!!...well since spuds come from down under the sod makes sense they like the dark...here today its quite dark we had a red sky this morning so you know what that means!


Hello Sallie, great collection of signs. I like the spud and the ghost sign. Enjoy your day!


Hee hee you need chiropractors for all the yoga students. Fun signs, I love the last one.


Dearest Sallie; Oh, Great post of signs with 4 different categories♡♡♡ Such fun it must be to find these interesting signs, the last one has seasonal color of leaves in front of it and kind of fit for long-gone dry cleaners but I wondered why the new owner keeping it :-)

Thank you SO much for your sweet and thoughtful comment, dear friend. I felt a bit down delivering oranges and especially thinking my 3 late family is no longer in the parents' house and grave(^^;)
Well, hoping to have regular paces like before the eye surgery p:-)

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

jandi @ohmydearests

these are all very interesting... agent Spudley? and step into poetry?


Eugene looks to be a healthy and intellectual place by these signs.


Sallie, I love this post and so nice to see the signs! I live in Montreal and here the majority of signs are in French. My mother tongue is English and I am fluent in French. It is a nice change for me to see some signs, stores, restaurants, etc., in other parts of the world. Thank you so much for sharing.


the spud guy is too funny. :)

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