November 23, 2015



Dearest Sallie; Oh, it must be OK to say that I'm happy for your new chapter in your lives. Although I can guess the huge great memories with your Fifth-Wheel RV♡♡♡
BEAUTIFUL pictures you selected, Dear friend. Love the first beautiful orange (sun rise or sunset scene) with birds♪ The last picture reminds me of Fuji Mt. I've never get close to it; my same age friend and I were talking about going there this year(not climbing, haha) celebrating 60 year old. The plan is postponed for next year due to my health condition. We are really looking forward to it.
Have a great rest of the week; Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Adam Jones

Lovely flight shots against the orange sky.

Sharon Wagner

I had some good times with my parents in their R.V. I'm thankful for hotels now!

Michelle Ramblingwoods

Lovely post and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Sallie.. Hugs... Michelle


Happy Thanksgiving.
And my legs are my camper van, it brings me many adventures.


Sad and exciting both as we move from one phase of life to the next, but life goes on even changed.

Lisa Lewicki Hermanson

Sallie, wonderful to hear about all your travels - Happy Thanksgiving !

Lady Fi

Wow - you had so many glorious views! Here's to many more...


Our neighbors just got a new camper van and I am envious. Hope your Thanksgiving is great!


LOVE that first photo of yours! Congrats on the sale of your RV and wishing you well in this new season of life. May you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Hildred Finch

Beautiful photos, Sallie. I am sure you will miss that wonderful life-style, travelling the country and so many acventures. Life brings changes and I'm sure you will go into the next part of your lives with the same enthusiasm and generosity.


The first photo is breathtaking, Sallie!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Peace :)

Joe Todd

Happy Thanksgiving Sallie and may you have many many more memories.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


oh the first photo - what a catch! I love road trips, nothing better than exploring new places :-)


Congrats on your sale, and many the fine trips and beautiful pics. Happy Thanksgiving!


Anhappy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Sallie !
I'm grateful to have you as a friend !

David Gascoigne

That first shot of the geese in flight is absolutely stunning. It's about as good as it gets in my opinion.

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines

Oh, I am jealous---I bet you have seen some beautiful country! I hope the change to a permanent place is a smooth transition, and congrats on selling the rv.
Happy Thanksgiving!


I love how you manged the transition. Good luck on this new phase!


We have a lot to b thankful for, Sallie! Glad you're settled in your new condo. Your photo memories of past travels are beautiful - keep making memories! Happy Thanksgiving.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

I thhnk tat first host Sallie is stunning


Wishing you continuing happy adventures and loads more views to share with us.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Beautiful memory shots Sallie! Love the first one. I'm sure you will capture many more from the windows of your little camper van!


This is a beautiful post.
I recall my 95-year-old client, in long-term care, sharing a room with her husband who had Alzheimer's Disease. They had a farm, and had to move out.
She was losing her eye sight, was unable to eat, and was having trouble.
She told me that this is just one stage in her life, and that it isn't the whole of her life. She said she learned a lot about herself going into long-term care.
You have been wise to downsize.


This is a wonderful collection of photographs. The first one with the birds is just stunning!

You would make a great salesperson for RV travel! But I understand about getting out from under the responsibility...I'm at the point in my life when I want to simplify everything and uncomplicate everything!

Our neighbors have a small, camper type trailer and they go some 4-6000 miles every summer. But they're younger than we are!


The bird shot makes me feel unsettled. They sort of signal the season change but I can't tell if they're coming or going, sort of like me sometimes. I admire the life you've been leading.


Good news for you that's wonderful...I know you're happy to have found a new home for the 5th wheel.


You all have been living the life that I have wished for for so long but have never been able to pull it off. Whenever we drive by an RV sales place, I want to stop. My dream would be one of the little tiny ones. Neither of us do well with anything large but these newer small and compact ones would do just fine. I want to see my country and I can no longer fly or take trains because of my back. You have lived my little dream. Am so happy you have enjoyed it so, and are now ready to begin part 2 of your life. My best wishes to you. Keep those pictures coming and allowing us to be a part of your extended family.


It must be so exciting to be on road trip. Gorgeous views :)

Stewart M

Nice picture for WBW - and I hope that the new van takes you off on all kinds of good adventures!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Nancy Chan

I admired those who travel in their camper van or bigger ones. It seems so convenient, comfortable and there is no need to book hotels, etc. Your window views are lovely ones. Have a lovely day!


Some of my happiest memories are of camping in tents and a small camper van all over the UK with our young family. It gave us all an appreciation of the great outdoors and the wildlife to be found not far from home. Travel does definitely broaden the mind. That's why we still like to travel as a couple even though we now prefer a nice hotel.

Good luck with your new camper van Sallie. Even if it's small I'm sure it's cosy and comfy.


so many great views. That´s a great way to spend your life. But it is also good to know when to stop. :)


The gypsy life is over a new chapter starts ! there is still a lot to see in the world.


Happy memories and lovely photos. Alaska seemed a great success in your camper van, so best wishes for many more lovely trips in her!!!


I have enjoyed all your photos but that first one with the geese is spectacular. Friends of my in-laws lived in their RV for a decade, and enjoyed all the traveling they did. Like you they saw incredible sights but finally sold it for something more permanent. Maybe we will get a camper van one of these days. We always seem to be talking about it.


Congrats on the sale. Although I love my 5er home and big Imax windows I also appreciate traveling in the smaller truck camper. I look forward to your continued sharing in this next chapter. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

pat tillett

Beautiful photos! Lots of great memories for you.
Congrats on the sale, kind of bitter sweet, I'm sure.


Wondrous views through your personal "view master", Sallie. Good news at the selling of your RV - and good wishes in your next chapter of discovery. I am thankful for our blogging friendship, Sallie, and all I have learned and seen from your viewpoint. Happy Thanksgiving.


What gorgeous and dramatic views! Thank you so much for sharing!


Great traveling views. I could enjoy exploring the country in an RV.


My Mom and her husband had a 5th-wheel. They took short trips and enjoyed staying in parks with others who loved to travel. I wouldn't like driving such a big rig. Driving my car especially in busy cities is scary enough. Enjoy this new chapter in your life. - Margy

Photo Cache

Aww, must also be sad to see your loyal companions go. Happy Thanksgiving.


congratulations! and continued, unencumbered, simpler(?) travels ahead to you. :)

ellen b

Oh you did have some great views! So wise to have a smaller camper van that you can maneuver better! Enjoy...


That first photo with the birds in flight against that beautiful sky is just perfect! Thanks for sharing!
I wonder if there might be plans for even longer trips?? Maybe even out here to Australia???


You must have so many memories from those treasured trips.

Penelope Puddlisms

What a fabulous moody first photo. There is something carefree and joyful about traveling the open road in a big RV. But when maneuvering those petite corners that come along, they do pose a challenge. My sister, who since passed away, and her husband beautifully renovated a bus and had many magical moments traveling in their rather elegant “home” throughout North America.


Hello Sallie, I am always amazed at people who can drive those big RV's. I love to drive, but a smaller car is more my speed. I love your gorgeous window views, you have some wonderful memories of all your travels. Have a great week ahead and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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