January 03, 2016



What a beautiful shopping-trip ! Here no more flowers. Snow fell two days ago and went away with the following rain. Sky is grey, earth is black ! But I like the white clouds among our heads !


Wow..this warmed my heart...Lovely male monarch (spots) on the wings.. and all the critters...Michelle

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

What a treat to see butterflies in January! Hope they're still around when we come down for February again. I'm looking forward to getting out to more places for photography now that I had knee surgery in the spring and can walk without a limp.


Making me long for spring! :-) Beautiful butterflies and birds. I bet you're dying to see the manatees again though. Maybe soon.


Water fowl are my favorite winter birds
Have a great day!


loved to see the beautiful butterflies for a change. And, close to home, perfect!


The butterfly shot is fabulous. I like the tufted duck too.Looks nice weather there.

Cynthia Potterf

your photo's are wonderful- here we have humming birds greedily sucking down the liquid from the feeder which we have to take down nightly to refill, and wait till mid morning to put back up so it doesn't freeze to slush. Hundreds of birds around the walnut tree and walkway where we are throwing seed out twice each day. Everyone who comes over ends up watching them as we sit inside warm from the wood stove.


Yes being up a bit earlier before the butterflies fly around might be easier but these shots are great. I am home now from my trip to Malawi but thanks for leaving me all the comments when I was away.


These are such lovely photos, Sallie, and make me feel warm on such a cold night. I never, ever tire of Monarchs, as you may know, and I love seeing them here on your post. Beautiful.


I'll have to wait for spring to see any butterflies. When the snow flies, they don't. The Monarchs will be the first to arrive though. - Margy


Beautiful pictures of the butterflies! It has been quite warm up here in north Florida too, but we are finally getting a cold snap. I hope it lasts a little while.

Jo Ann Bayne

Fabulous photos - I love the variety of ducks, and the butterfly is wonderful.

Cherop Joy

Me again (you will see my name from G+ but I go by Joyful on my blog at www.snapthatpenny.blogspot.com). Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog recently ♥

Cherop Joy

Hi Sallie, this is about my 8th time to try and leave a comment.

I hope it gets through. Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and say how lovely your butterfly and blossoms pics are.


What beautiful butterflies and photos - I've never taken a successful butterfly photo. Have a wonderful 2016!


Nice series of photos.


Is that the famous Monarch butterfly Sallie? Your tufted duck is not like the Tufted Duck I know but then you are a few thousand miles way from here. Have Fun in the Sun.

Findlay Wilde

Tose butterfly pictures are just stunning.

Lady Fi

Thank you for sharing the warmth and beauty!


The seasons are all over the place here. We have had no winter as it is unseasonably warm even the birds have been checking out the nesting box. You have such a fabulous range of flora and fauna to admire. I like Florida very much and am hoping to be out there at the end of April.


Nice shots, Sallie! That is a great park when you can walk about and get such good photos of such interesting critters. Those "Mucky" ducks are all over SE Florida. I've seen a couple here. They're really messy. You would love the Butterfly Garden at the Univ. of Florida in Gainesville!


makes me want to visit florida!!!! sooooo very nice to see flowers and butterflies during the winter although winter really just arrived!!!! great captures, i buy those fold-out plastic i.d. guides, you can get them in most book stores and a lot of souviener shops!!!!


What a beautiful butterfly ! Here too it is unusually warm and no snow at all ! I don't miss it. Besides the rain, the temperatures suit me very well !

Valerie, Australia

Lovely butterflies Sallie - thanks for sharing and Happy 2016!


It's amazing how you juxtaposed from one corner of the country to the other, sort of like driving through time with the change of the seasons. The only thing winging around here right now are snow flurries.


I'm ready for Florida!! It was cold here today and so I was drifting off looking at your pics of flowers and butterflies. Sign me up, I'm ready, I hate being cold.


I'm so behind. I thought you were in Oregon??? maybe...you just moved, now you're in Florida. Can't keep up with you Sallie. LOL.

beautiful butterfly.


You live in butterfly and bird paradise!


What nice wonderful photos...sure breaks up my bleak white and grey world here.


Laura Hegfield

Beautiful Sallie! Wishing you a wonder-filled, healthy, joyful New Year :)

Jesh StG

Starting out this year with his beautiful butterfly - perfect!
Thinking about that your in sunny FL - never thought I would see snow with Thanksgiving and Christmas! (that was 3 decades ago in Holland!). Love the ducks too - have a wonderful week, Sallie!

artmusedog and carol

Exquisite nature shots ~ love the butterflies and ducks ~ so lovely!

Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^


Oh, such beautiful captures of everything you point you camera at, Sallie, as always!! I'm SO glad you share them with us!! And I hope you're enjoying your return to Florida!! Got to be better than the weather we're having in the northwest this year!! Rain, snow, ice and lots of it!! Have a great new season in the sunshine!!

Alexa T

Gorgeous colors, amazing scenes, gorgeous blooms!! So lovely to see them, (now is winter in here)...And wonderful resolution for the new year!
Warm greetings and a great start in 2016!

Martha Z

You caught a great image of that butterfly. They usually fly off before I get them in focus.

Donna@Gardens Eye View

Fabulous birds and butterflies all happy in sunny, warm FL. Happy New Year!


Beautiful blooms and the butterflies are spectacular. Fun to see the ducks. Happy New Year!


A great collection of ducks and the butterflies and flowers are very beautiful. It is great that you can add on such enjoyable walks to your shopping trips. Thanks for sharing.

nancy chan

A beautiful place you have there. Love all the beautiful flowers and butterflies. The ducks are enjoying themselves in the water.

Wendy at September Violets

Beautiful photos of nature in your area. Winter has stopped by here this week, so back to cold!


When mushrooms can be found in the galaxy, I wonder are there mushrooms in the winter.

By the way, those mushrooms from the galaxy wish you a very successful and beautiful 2016.


Your photos are gorgeous, Sallie! Wow!

ellen b

Looks lovely way down south where you are. We got a bit of snow yesterday here in the Seattle area so things look a lot different here. Enjoy your time!


How nice to see all these butterflies and flowers. I am jealous, as I await the next week of snow. Definitely in the wrong state this winter.


Nice to see flowers and butterflies...how's the weather overall down in S. Fl right now...I really want to visit the Everglades!


How fabulous is that first butterfly shot! Oh, how I have tried to get a moderately good butterfly pic but I never meet any that like to sit still for a few seconds!

David Gascoigne

Manatee is a creatures I have never been able to see despite a concerted effort on a couple of occasions.


So colorful and beautiful! Happy New Year!

Gayle atMuldoon

A few inches of snow here overnight so your photos are a welcome reminder of things to come for our area.


Hello Sallie, the butterflies and birds are beautiful. You are lucky to see the butterflies in the winter months. I really need to move to a warmer climate. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


A great series of photos Sallie. I have always enjoyed Florida and my visits there.

Thank you for visiting me when I was on vacation. I am back now and hope to catch up over the following week. My first post on our trip is here:


Happy New Year!


thanks for the dose of color and fluff. :)

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