January 06, 2016



I love the poisonous snake pic. Here in Oklahoma I just assume they could be anywhere and I am often proven right.

Lady Fi

Rainbow, flowers and baby frogs - it's fabulous!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Flowers,critters and rainbow are gorgeous


Love the frog and the rainbow


I miss our froggy in the plant! Lovely photos.

Gayle atMuldoon

Nice post. I love the frog nestled in the corner.


Love the cute frogs! And great sky and rainbow! Those snake signs are a little un-nerving aren't they but we saw them also when we were moving here. I have yet to see a snake, and we've lived here four 1/2 years! On the other hand, my daughter's house seems to attract scorpions! :-)

artmusedog and carol

Love the montage of photos of the little toad ~ sweet!

Wishing you a fun weekend, ^_^


Good morning, the award sign is funny, a little out of date! Cute frog. The rainbow shot is just gorgeous. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your weekend!


I like posts like this with such a great variety of beauty! The little frog is too cute. It's a shame the award didn't inspire any upkeep.


Love the frog and can always use a rainbow, Sallie. Your florals are, as always, breathtaking.


beautiful rainbow and a very cool frog :)

Lady Fi

Such lovely shots! I like random... ;-)


such a beautiful sky!!
happy new year :-)

Eden Hills

Wonderful collection! That rainbow is stunning!


What pretty flowers, and of course a rainbow is always welcome. To get the angle on the tree shot I use an ultra-wide lens (10-20mm zoom) and crouch down - the hardest part is finding a formation of trees with some interest.


pretty rainbow. I like the frog too.


Hello Sallie! some great photo's of the froggie on the window and I love the rainbow....terrific shot! The poisonous snakes sign is in my head everytime I step outside my back door here where I live but I haven't seen one yet! Fingers crossed but I know the day will come!

artmusedog and carol

Rainbows are always delightful to see! Wonderful sky shot!

Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

JM Illinois

Happy New Year from our house to your house. Amazing shots.
JM, Illinois

Peter B

What a beautiful skywatch shot!!


Great assortment of shots, Sallie!


Terrific captures as always !! I love them all -- yes, as always!! I do hope your new year is off to a great start!!! Enjoy!!


What an awesome image to end this entry with, gorgeous!!! I enjoyed the beautiful flowers and the frog wasn't bad either!!


I like the rainbow. The frogs are nice also. Happy New Year!


We have our "playground".
So we do whatever we want, we change the world.
We edit them.

nancy chan

My favourite is the rainbow in the sky shot.


Love the frog shots . The flower is amazing and the rainbow lovely.


You always have such a nice variety of things to show. I am very curious as what makes a rest stop "award winning" and, of course, I love the rainbow!

PS: Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and all the best in the New Year!


What a gorgeous rainbow, Sallie - did you make a wish? I hope you don't like eating frog legs...


Hi Sallie,
The mosaic is brilliant! Super cool.
The rest of the photos are great too, but I am going to be bad and maintain and remain partial towards the mosaic :)
Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)


I love this series of photos, and the toad and rainbow and magnificent!


Fun photos! I love seeing the frog.


I agree, 24 years is a long time to be hanging on to that sign. But, I would want to know what was so award winning about this rest area?!

tom the backroads traveller

Now what does a rest area do to be award winning?

ellen b

An award winning rest area? What was it like? :)
That sky shot is amazing!

Taken For Granted

Nice signs. Did not know there are awards for rest areas. Interesting.


Some really wonderful shots...I love the froggie, so cute! An Award wining rest area now that is something to be proud of!



I have you in Feedly now!


Gemma Wiseman

The sign for the award winning rest area does look sad - outdated and a little worn. And love the edited blue image. So romantic.


adorable frog. i chuckled at the 1992 award sign, too. :)

Ken Schneider

Lately here in soggy southeast Florida we seem to have all the ingredients for a rainbow except the sun! Very pretty capture!


Those burgundy with light veining flowers are stunning! Pretty sad when AZ has to claim award winning rest areas. Hope it lived up to the sign. ;) I guess as the landlady you get to evict squatters. Your rainbow SWF is superb. Such a wonderful gift.


Lovely sights and that is one handsome toad.


I love the sign warning of poisonous reptiles. In Arizona (and Oklaoma) you best be on the watch sign or not.

The 1992 award winning sign is kind of sad. They need to take it down and put up another sign warning of snakes.

Love the Skywatch pic.


You did a great job of putting this post together. Like how you played with the flower photo. And that rainbow.....gorgeous.


Love the little critter, it looks so funny ! The rainbow is so beautiful ! I have seen one on our way to Amsterdam. It's rather seldom.


The sky shot is especially a winner. I like the frog shadow shot. You could link that to Shadow Shot Sunday.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Random, fun, beautiful and scary ... hmmm. Seems you have been busy :) This is a wonderful post, Sallie ...

Andrea @ From The Sol


It's amazing what you find tripping around the country...and then come home to that rainbow! Very nice!

Pippa Koenig

beginning friday, older linky still working!

Pippa Koenig

somewhere over the rainow!!!!!!!
...are you interested to take part in http://pippavier.blogspot.de/2015/12/ab-8.html
herzlich Pippa

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