February 12, 2016



Big Heron or little Heron, they all look grouchy.
Nice pics Sallie!

Michelle RW

I love seeing the wildlife habitat being kept for the wildlife .. even the smiling alligator.. Michelle


Calling by from the Signs Meme, definitely one to ignore.

Stewart M

Nice birds - but that alligator caught my eye. I hope to get some croc shots later in the year.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Kranky Granny

Afraid, that is one sign I would have to obey. Reminds me of the ones out west listing the number of miles to the next fill-up. Miscalculate and you could be stranded with a very long wait for rescue. I love your photos. You have always had a good eye for photography.


Great shots


Love the "Last chance turn around" And am so glad you didn't.
The egret and heron together = priceless

Photo Cache

Good sign.


Linda aka Crafty Gardener

Lovely bird sightings, but I'll pass on the crocodile.


lovely birds- love them, but the alligator...not so much. too scary




The Everglades are such a wonderful plea, Sallie! Great pics!

Gemma Wiseman

I think I would be a little shivery if I saw this smiling alligator in the wild. Interesting views of life in the Everglades.


I like the alligators! A great variety of birds and flora here. There's always lots of beauty for the eyes in Florida. :)

Taken For Granted

With lots of gators in the swamp, I would have turned around before seeing this sign. Lovely photos, and I assume you survived to post these.

Adam Jones

I like the look of the Blue Heron. Lovely looking bird. Not so keen on that alligator though. Scary stuff.

Mary Howell Cromer

Oh My that is a big Alligator and those Herons better be careful when they go fishing~


Like you say Sallie. A Florida blog wouldn't be complete without an alligator or two or a number of egrets and herons.
I guess the balance is OK because the egrets and herons must be a source of food for the alligators since the big guys don't grab too many humans?


Had been there long ago! I could see some huge alligators! Nice post, rekindled my memories!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

That alligator looks very well fed, Sallie! wow! The egrets are so beautiful. I'd love to take a ride through the everglades one day in the future.

Eden Hills

Beautiful bird images! I'm pretty sure I would like not to meet an alligator on his home turf.


Lovely shots of the birds! I'm used to seeing alligators, so they don't bother me. Just no pythons please!


It looks to me that you have found a good road. The alligators really are so prehistoric looking.


Beautiful preserve. Love the birds and the alligator shot is great.

To answer your question about the colorful piece on my recent post, I don't know what it's made of. It's new enough not to be on the online site that has descriptions of the installations and artists. I forgot to photograph the plaque beside it which I sometimes do at museums.

David Gascoigne

I really hope the Everglades can be protected even more robustly. This are is one of the natural treasures of the continent - the patrimony of all mankind, not just those who live nearby.


One of my human neighbor has the same smile ! At least you can go on excursions ! I am again locked in, it rains and rains, next time I come back on earth as a frog !


It does look like he's smiling. Alligators are fascinating critters.


Really lovely indeed, thanks for sharing.

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

I've returned to send along my appreciation...Thanks for sharing this terrific post for the weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin'.


I'm not sure I'll be happy to see an alligator so close ! But sure they are fascinating .


The first photo is brilliant - you have done an awesome job!
The Alligator - okay, I will try to be friendly :)
Happy Valentine's Day!
Peace :)


It's a nice off-the-way place. Great egrets and alligator sightings!


Hi again, Sallie! I meant to tell you I enjoyed your bird photos! And that the lizard in question was fooling around on our kitchen window to the great amusement and frustration of our kitties!


I think I've mentioned that we used to go to Shark Valley, which, as you know, is a national park in the Everglades with a 15-mile paved loop which goes out into the "wilderness" and then returns. On one of those trips, the alligators were out in force. We had to ride around them on the trail! We counted 150 gators on that particular adventure. Great fun.

The other thing about the Everglades, especially at the far end (Flamingo?) is the mosquitos. I've lived in Minnesota where the mosquito is the state bird but I've never seen so many mosquitos as there were in that place. We were covered head to foot! Scary!


The Everglades has its own special kind of beauty. But that's as close to a wild alligator as I ever need to get!


Your Snowy Egret is just gorgeous - how lovely to be able to capture him at close quarters.

artmusedog and carol

That alligator is something else ~wonderful bird photography ~

Happy Valentine's Day ~ ^_^


a beautiful place, but I could do without the crock :)


the snowy egret...i always called them yellow goulashes!!! nice capture of the gator!!!


so very cool!


The Snowy Egret with the "yellow slippers" is beautiful! I'm sorry I can't say the same for the alligator - even if it is part of the same environment. Stay safe!!


I'll pass on the alligator thanks


Seeing the birds is great but the alligators are cool too. Great sign.

ellen b

Oh boy...now that is an ominous sign! You got some great shots of those creatures!


You certainly find the best signs, Sallie! The photos are fascinating-I just watched a short YouTube video about the Preserve after reading your Blog.


Sallie, I love your description of the Snowy Egret. Love it!
Good for you for ignoring the sign - and fortunate for we who get to see the photo opportunities you encounter by following the road less traveled.

Jeanne Marie

I love those little yellow feet!!! So much more than the green feet of your gator! I do not like to see them at all, but often run across them here in the Tampa area.


Great post and I love your birds and even the alligator. I find them fascinating and so wonderfully prehistoric looking. I couldn't get enough photos when we went to the Everglades a couple of years back.

phyllis oller

I love how you caught the herons in the trees, don`t see that much,thanks for sharing,phyllis


I like photos of Alligators, but not sure about seeing real live ones!


I went down that same road, and ignored the sign too,,,,it was Monroe Station Rd right? Love your upstairs neighbor shot!!

Penelope Postcards

You are more of a rebel than I am. The “last chance” sign gave me a bit of a shiver … but the idea of so many acres left mostly untouched by humankind is a hopeful sign. The alligators always do seem to wear a little grin, as if they know something we do not. :)


What a beautiful photo of the Snowy Egret! Their feet look like they just accidentally stepped into a pan of yellow paint.


Hello, Sallie! That is a funny sign. I love the Little Blues and Egret. The gators are great from distance. Wonderful post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

nancy chan

Love the birds but not the alligator. I will stay far, far away from one. Lol!

Hootin' Anni

...sorry that should be 'quite' instead of quit a showing.

Hootin' Anni

Two of my favorite water birds!!! And the alligator...wow. Just yesterday when out birding, the two resident alligators at Leonabelle gave us quit a showing....bellowing and all. Close by!!

Enjoyed your post today.

I too like to take the 'road less traveled'!!!

Daniela L.

How amazed I feel after having watched such wonderful photographs, thank you for sharing such views of a pristine Nature !
May your weekend be filled with so much love
sending hugs to you


Love the snowy egret with his yellow slippers. The alligator looks ferocious, I wouldn't be going near them if they are anything like our crocodiles. Although I believe the fresh water ones are more docile than the salties.


He does look as though he is smiling.... I won't see any of them on the pond... I sent an email to you about the Mac migration... Michelle


Such wonderful wildlife photos, Sallie. I like the sign. There is one near me that says "End of the Road" - I ignore it, too.

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