March 28, 2016



this was the first time i had ever seen the green....and you taught me to look for it!! your close up of the face is great!!!


If play the moss-covered trees in the dark, the scene must be eerie and full of mysteries.

While the ozwls are calling.


What a wonderful place for nature! Your photos are great, as always.


Hello Sally..... Soooo scenic and sunshine sooo nice too... Love the birds... Michelle

Ida P. Krause

Wow you did see a lot of wonderful birds there. The Gallinules fascinated me with that bright red beak.


I learn so much about birds and bird identification from you, Sallie. This is my first "sighting), via your post, of course, of the Common Gallinules. What an interesting and colorful bill. It is good to walk, just for the sake of walking. I've been trying to do more of that. :)

Hootin' Anni

Absolutely gorgeous. From the spanish moss on the trees to the wonderful bird life!!


I always see such a variety of colourful and spectacular egrets and herons on Florida blogs. I realise you have lots of waterways as well as the coast but I still get quite jealous. The only two common ones here are Grey Heron and Little Egret, neither of them especially colourful.

Gemma Wiseman

Wonderful variety of colourful birds. The egret's green face and the tri-coloured heron are really beautiful


this is the reason why I envy you guys. We have no egrets what so ever. A very beautiful walk for you. :)


That green spot on the egret is an amazing chartreuse! Lovely shot of the Moorehen, I been wanting to come back to FL just to go see those Smooth Billed Ani still hanging around...but its a bit too far of a drive...I am making some plans for a short trip.


It's so lovely there. Here we are still in the throws of late winter...although the moisture will help things green up!



Great series I have not seen a Glossy Ibis in a long time.


i don't think i have ever seen the egret in breeding colors, how beautiful and a special treat for me!! very pretty shading trees....

and for the purpose of birding, i think i should move to florida. you guys have much better "stuff"!!!


Great shots. Those ducks may be common in FL but there are none around here I think.


Pretty birds! The moss covered trees are amazing.

Chris Rohrer

Beautiful park!!! The green on the Great Egret is always a treat but I especially love your shot of the Tricolored Heron. Cool stuff!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Love the moss covered trees as well asall the birds you saw at Circle B.


Wonderful birdlife! Have a great week!

Andrea @ From The Sol

I know I am here to see the moss hung trees, but I love the birds as much. Such a selection you were able to photograph on one walk. I don't think I have ever been so lucky. Great post, Sallie ...

Andrea @ From The Sol


The long necked birds are so elegant. I just saw a video of a flock of flamingo just walking on the beach. I think I'd faint!


How beautiful ! At least you c an go out and enjoy nature, I am locked in, now we had a storm ! It's time that I go to the South of France !


Beautiful water birds, the Glossy Ibis is my favourite.


The birds are beautiful with their long snake like necks and the hens with their red masks

nancy chan

Lovely moss covered trees. Great mosaics of beautiful birds. Have a wonderful day!

Stewart M

Nice post - I was thinking what a fine collection of neck there is in that first mosaic.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Lots and lots of interesting birds where you are!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Beautiful herons and egrets, Sallie, but the Common Gallinules are really special to see! They are so colorful!


Lovely - the moss makes everything look so different from where I live.

Photo Cache

I love the moss covered trees; I make an annual pilgrimmage to the backroads of Napa Valley where the California oak trees are covered in moss. So beautiful and eerie on a misty foggy California winter's day.


The first photo is like an Oil Painting - I love it!
Have a Happy Week, Sallie!!
Peace :)

artmusedog and carol

Magnificent wildlife photography and creative presentation ~

Wishing you peace in each day ~ ^_^


Such a variety of wildlife, it's no wonder you enjoy walking there.


My goodness, look at all those beautiful birds! Great place for such things and gorgeous scenery too. Have a great week Sallie :)

Jesh StG

The Gallinules make me smile - it is like the Creator with a paintbrush in his hand, dropped some paint and forgot to wipe it off the bird's face:) These things just inspire my imagination:)
Many thanks for linking up your trip close to Lakeland to SEASONS (was there in 2008 for a conference, but no time to see nature). Have a joyful week, Sally!


This looks like such a serene place for a walk. Lovely greens in contrast to my red rock country.


How lovely-I read your Blog whilst it was trying to snow and a gale was blowing :).

ellen b

Good morning Sallie! Beautiful photos. I remember the first time I saw a spanish moss covered tree in South Carolina way back in 2010. So cool looking. Hope you have a wonderful week!


Hello, Sallie! Wonderful variety of birds and photos from Circle B. It was one of our favorite parks to visit while in Florida. I love the moss covered tree too. Gorgeous photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

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