May 11, 2016



They're adorable! You got some great photos of them.

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers

Oh yes! I've looked at both you owl posts and they are very definitely cute! I had never heard of burrowing owls. It's very fortunate that the impact of the development on the owls' natural habitat was noticed, and that measures were put in place to protect them.


goodness, they are adorable. i enjoy discovering new wildlife and then researching their story, it's amazing the joy it brings!! lucky you, to have had such a wonderful visit and experience. and lucky them to have volunteers protecting them!!!

i hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!!


Interesting info about Cape Coral! I love the burrowing owls! Great shots! I am so glad their area is protected.


Wonderful shots of those owls, Sallie.


Hello Sallie, the babe is so sweet and vulnerable. It's surprising how they carry on family life in such public view. This bird is new to me...thanks for sharing their story....Have a wonderful week!

nancy chan

Awww...Sallie, the owls are so cute. Have a wonderful Sunday!


Before reading your post I knew nothing about this city ! The baby owl is so cute with his large eyes. It's strange (for me !) to see owls during the day : here they are nocturnal, but I dont'know too much about them. I hope for you and your neighbors that the woodpecker has found a "fiancée" !


Too cute for words


Wow! So cute! Min is a handsome brute, too!


Hello Sallie, I just love these adorable owls! Great post. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

Hawk aka BrownDog

Hi Y'all!

Owls are very interesting birds. Great photos.

Y'all come on by,
Hawk aka BrownDog


Absolutely gorgeous, Sallie, and I am so glad they are protected.


Love these photos!



With all the population growth in FL, to continue for some time, I am happy someone had the decency and common sense to provide for some of the little owls. Truly a heartwarming tale.


Sallie, I love the cute eyes of the fist one!


such cute owls, it seems they're well looked after too....

David Gascoigne

Burrowing Owl is a wonderful little bird and I hope that we can do more to protect its habitat and and remove some of its predatory threats like domestic cats. I have seen this species in numerous places; in Florida it was on the campus of Florida Atlantic University.

Eden Hills

Wonderful images, and thank for all the great information.


this owl is really cute :) Great images.


So cool and great that these birds are protected. They are so curious looking.


Looked at your last post too Sallie. They are cute little gals and fellas. What a joy it must be to watch them.


If having the area roped off is not enough to deter vandals, Dad should do the trick!

artmusedog and carol

Gorgeous colors in that first owl photo ~ love shots!

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

Ida P. Krause

How wonderful that they have such a protected area. They are great looking birds and it's fun to see them perched on those fence posts.

Andrea @ From The Sol

That first picture is printable, frameable and hangable ... you could make a few bucks selling them to visitors of the area :) I love your owls. I used to come to Florida every year when my parents were alive and lived in Sun City Center. Never made it down to see the owls though ... that was before I had time to pursue my interest in raptors. I love this series on the Burrowing Owls :)

Andrea @ From the Sol


she is too cute. so glad volunteers help protect them!


They are beautiful birds. The info was interesting too.


Hello Sallie!:)An amazing area, and great to know it's protected, but I still find it difficult to get my head around birds living underground. A unique species for sure, and it's once more a pleasure to see these beautiful little owls here on your blog. Wonderful captures,... those posts are a good idea.


Oh my goodness! Those owlies are cute!!! How lucky to see them in person. :D

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Wonderful photos, Sallie! I'm glad concerned citizens prevented over development and saved their nesting sites. I have a good friend and her husand that retired to Cape Coral--I'll have to see if she sees these owls near where she lives.


Too cute.


I agree - they are very beautiful and your photos are really nicely done!
Have a Happy Week ahead, Sallie!
Peace :)


what a great idea- protecting the owls! I love looking at owls- their faces seem full of expression.


We have the same, good laws. People can be so stupid with wildlife...


I could look at these owls all day. They are fascinating! I also enjoyed reading about the history of the area. Thanks!


That is wonderful. I didn't know this was such a large city!

Photo Cache

Great sign.



Don't they have the most adorable faces? Great shots Sallie!

ellen b

Fabulous...love every view of the owls!

tom the backroads traveller

great shots Sallie!

Lavender Dreams

You got such wonderful photos! Oh, I hope I get to see one one of these days! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

Penelope Puddlisms

I wonder if folks in Cape Coral value being a little less known and, therefore, less congested. Wow … this is cuteness overload with the burrowing owls. It is strange to think of a bird nesting in a hole in the ground rather than a tree. I imagine mice and such would be sparser in neighborhoods where these creatures exist!


Oh they are so cute! We lived in Midland, TX for 2 years and there were several colonies of burrowing owls there.

Taken For Granted

What great looking owl photos. These are such interesting birds and are great at getting rid of mice.


For some reason, even though we often spent vacations in the Ft. Myers, Naples, Sanibel areas, I thought Cape Coral was merely a bump in the road. Nice to see that the burrowing owls are going to be protected in the future. They are nice little critters.


OH My sooo very cute...Glad they are protected!


Hello Sallie, thanks for sharing the info on Cape Coral. I did not realize it was such a large city. The burrowing owls are so cute. Great photos and post. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

Mama Zen

So cute!

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