July 14, 2016



Beautiful horses. It is great to see that they are thriving.

Patrick Tillett

Very interesting! Your photos are fantastic and I appreciate the research you did (for this and other posts).


They look so beautiful ! I know that in the UK there are still wild horses, but not here.


how awesome. i could see them today. :)


These are lovely, strong horses. Your photos make me think of the wild horses of Shackleford Island, North Carolina.


I am at times dubious at the way our government handles wildlife in the US, but it seems that these horses are being looked after. It must be amazing to be a wild horse with no constraints and just be able to run free...Michelle


i enjoyed the information on the BLM, i have never heard of this organization and i had not idea anyone was tending to their needs!!

they are beautiful creatures, it lifts my spirits up to see them running wild...free!!!


What beautiful animals. May they stay free! Not all animals have to be in service to us...


They are so beautiful. And yes, the BLM is controversial.


Wow!!! Such magnificent animals. Get rid of the cattle and the herd should maintain a natural population according to the available forage. At least BLM doesn't shoot them.


Beautiful animals! It's kind of sad that they have to capture some of the wild horses.


beautiful horses

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Such beautiful mustangs! We've seen wild horses in the Outer banks of North Carolina and in the south western edge of Wyoming. I neve rknew about this group.


These are beautiful horses in a beautiful places. Thanks for taking us there.


They are still so many, and look so healthy and beautiful. I love horses too as when we were kids we have one female that produced a colt. I still remember their sad-looking expressions.

Alexa T

How wonderful to see wild horses in nature, in their habitat!! Incredible pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us! Have a great week!

Jesh StG

Just realized these horses were already here when the settlers came? So beautiful and being able to watch them - I love the white brown spotted ones!Thanks you so much Sallie for sharing your adventure with SEASONS! Have a great week, dear Sallie!

Sally in WA

Beautiful pics, Sallie. Thanks for sharing the info on them.


What a beautiful sample of the splendor of Mother Nature, Sally! Thank you so much for the lovely photos and the possibly not very well known information about the involvement of the BLM in this matter. Thinning of the herd? I wonder if that is an intervention planned by the BLM or an an event with an unknown probability from Mama Nature...
Have a Happy Week!
Peace :)


Stunning creatures!

Stewart M

Great looking horse - we do need to protect these 'old breeds' - when the oil runs out we may need them again.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


I never saw wild horses and these ones seems so quiet ! I hope they'll found good new owners ! Animal are often so badly treated !


Beautiful animals and impressive shots from the car. Is this OR or Washington State?

Villroses hage

A beautiful sight!


They are wonderful shots. I want to see the wild horses in VA-much closer to me than the Steen mountains.


my connection is so bad, i can't get the photos to load. i can imagine how beautiful they are, though.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh gosh, lovely photos of these magnificent creatures!


yes we have those happening here in the South Island too every once in a while. Kinda feel sorry for the horses, must be quite stressful.


Lovely animals.

I don't think the BLM should be culling them.

Lavender Dreams

That is truly amazing! A real wildlife encounter. They are such beautiful animals and it's a pleasure to get to see them in the wild. It makes you so thankful for a good camera, doesn't it? Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Diane


Informative! Beautiful horses!


They are beautiful creatures - I've never heard of them before.


I have always liked this multicolored horse. Glad they are still around :)

Penelope Puddlisms

Lovely creatures and so great to see them roam freely. It sometimes can seem as if the greed of mankind is more responsible for thinning of horses than the heartwarming spins some organizations give. Yet balance is the key in all such worldly matters.

artmusedog and carol

Beautiful Sally ~ what lovely shots and love the Mom and baby horse ~

Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^


Horses are always such beautiful creatures. Makes me want to run wild with them. To see the world as they see the world.


David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: I have seen wild horses in several different places and they always seem to evoke more of a sense of wilderness than "traditional" wild creatures. Perhaps that's because we are so used to seeing them only as domesticated animals and the very fact of their freedom imparts a sense of wildness and energy to us too.


They are beautiful, aren't they? Nicely shot, too. As always!


It is lovely to see horses in their wild state, their natural state.


Great shots of the horses.


I start imagining the lightning speed of a mustang, so strong and beautiful.

Great posts and pictures.


That is such an interesting story Sallie. It would be very sad if these "surplus" animals are simply sold for slaughter. I imagined that they would be bought by horse breeders to vary the stock of their own horses? Perhaps it's not that simple, but then I know nothing about horses.

As usual with this type of story there are opposing views and opinions and who is to know which is right?


Wonderful to see and learn about these wild horses! Beautiful photos! Karen


Hello Sallie, I love these beautiful horses. They remind me of Chincoteague ponies. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!


Sallie, the photo of the horse and pony could be a painting. Magnificent.
Our daughter and son-in-law worked a summer at Teddy Roosevelt National Forest, living there, and often saw wild horses. I will share this with them.


My granddaughter will love this post, Sallie. She is wild about horses.


You have captured the pictures nicely. I also saw many wild horses in our south-west trip but could not take any pictures as they were quite far away.

I also do not support ranches. Too many cattles and too many meat and thus too many cancers and other diseases. Public land should not be used for cattle grazing as there are many public like us who do not support them.

Rather they should introduce native predators like mountain lion, wolves who will kill and eat some of the horses and will maintain the natural balance naturally.


I had not heard of these horses before so really appreciate this post. They look like very sturdy horses. I think the culling is too bad. Let the ranchers cut back on their cattle! They think they own the whole damn west anyway. Enough's enough!

Re that last shot: frame it and hang it! That's just superb!


Gorgeous animals, Sallie! I rarely get to see scenes like this in a big city like Montreal. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

ellen b

How great to see these wild herds grazing. Your photos are lovely. I've learned a lot reading your post.


Beautiful animals!!! Your photos are wonderful.....What they are not telling you is: most of those 100 will end up on a slaughter truck bound for Canada or Mexico!! Slaughter buyers come to those auctions and they know what they will get per lb of these fat beautiful animals!! So sad...COWS grazing the plains is to satisfy wealthy ranchers in the area who would SHOOT you if you accidentally got onto their land...I guess you can tell I have a tainted view of "ranching" and Ranchers, they kill the Coyote, the Wolf, the Wild horses, ride rough shot over our public lands (like having cattle over run a campground) all for their own private gain! NOT right!


Hello, I love seeing the wild horses. They are beautiful animals. I hope they remain on their land and stay healthy. Wonderful post and photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


Beautiful animals.


Great photos and beautiful animals. That would be a really great way to end your day's sightseeing. I am sure that nothing the BLM did would ever please everyone!

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